Здравствуйте! Guten Tag! Hello! 您好!Bonjour! ¡Hola! Ciao! Olá! こんにちは!Hei! Merhaba! שלום עליכם! 안녕하세요!

I am glad to meet you and glad to know that you are interested in St. Petersburg!  Welcome!

You can get a brief version of the website in one of the common languages by clicking on the flag : russianGermany;spanish;  frenchchineseportuguese.

Here is a unique website-guide for discovering St. Petersburg from a Petersburger’s eyes but with a multilingual accent run by me, @Yulia_Sip_of_Europe

If you like to travel and you are looking for an exciting place to see astonishing architecture, beautiful sculptures, elegant parks, to participate in cultural  European and Russian events, to try the best food  of Russian and\or European cuisine  and to see a large number of cultural aware people  in one city – welcome to St. Petersburg!

To have an amazing trip is to plan it right.  I can help you do that!

Read my information, open the links of various sections of the website (practical information, including advice on transportation and going out, FAQ pages, virtual tours, learn how to understand Russian without speaking it), learn information, save it. Also you can  check the ratings of places for leisure, plan actions with the help of my tripadvisor profile – my member’s name is Yulia_S_gtmy.

I hope you feel that you are an honored guest of the city and that you will see the heart and the soul of Petersburg. Let me introduce the city to you so that you are charmed by it!

Feel free to use the google translation (you can see the button on the top of the page) – with the help of my friends and the attentive readers I am fixing the incorrect phrases and words in translations, so the text becomes more adaptive to the language that you choose.

In order to get acquainted (to read the information about the author, to understand the reasons of creating such a website) you can visit the page “About the project and me“.

For a super easy off-line translation of any signs and texts use the amazing free app Word Lens, made especially for the travelers!

Video below might be outdated but it still carries the feel and the beauty of the city =)


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