Trying Airbnb for St. Petersburg

Several years ago when Airbnb, the platform for travelers and hosts, just appeared  I was skeptical about the whole idea of moving into random house without any 24 our client service, paying in advance, expecting a tough reality instead of nice and inviting pictures.

Now, after returning from Europe and using mostly this website for housing I do not have any doubts at all: if a flat is rated well and costs less than a hotel (which is situated in the same area and does not have breakfast) I will definitely book a flat.


  • You can use the filters for searching the best deal: you can choose the price for accommodation, the type of  accommodation (flat or house, separate room or shared room), location, wifi, elevator and etc.
  • You can see the ratings and comments of the places right under the main information about apartment.
  • You can ask the landlord all the questions about housing and neighborhood in advance with a help of airbnb platform. It usually takes no more than 24 hours to get the answer. You can track all interactions later.

Here is a list of flats (4stars and higher) which would cost you less than $50 per night. There is usually a fee for cleaning, the information about it is displayed under the main picture of apartment on the left. You can save money by registering through the link of a person who is already registered on the website. If you register through my partner link, you will get welcoming $20 for covering some of the housing expenses.  Later, of course, you could create your own partner link and send to your friends and members of family (I got mine in the same way).

Welcome there, anyway!

1.  airbnbstpetersburg1
2. airbnbstpetersburg2
3. airbnbstpetersburg3
4.  airbnbstpetersburg4
5. airbnbstpetersburg5
6.  airbnbstpetersburg6
7. airbnbstpetersburg7
8. airbnbstpetersburg8
9. airbnbstpetersburg9
10. airbnbstpetersburg10



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