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Boston case. Petersburg Card contest

Boston case. The first, I hope, not the last city-pass use.

I am not very sure that Boston was a city to explore with a city pass, but I’ve got that card as a present to my birthday and couldn’t refuse visiting the set of activities. In comparison with St. Petersburg which offers a lot of places to see with a Petersburg Card the range of activities was kind of small, but visiting all those places took the whole day.

Through 4-5 places I managed to visit just 3: those were New EnglandNew-England-Aquarium-bostoncitypass Aquarium, Museum of Science, Skywalk Observatory. New England aquarium was full of fish and water inhabitants, there was an option to pat the ramps… but, to be honest, I am not a fan of sea life and I wasn’t as excited as the groups of school children.

The next museum on my way was a Museum of Science. Such a great place! Not all the parts of it were interesting, but I really loved the section with optical illusions and different science tricks – I explored them all! I had a very fun time there. In the evening I went to Skywalk Observatorobservatory-bostoncitypassy and looked at the city in the evening lights. It was a good view but nothing especial or extraordinary comparing to skyscrapers in American or European cities.

I know that I saved a lot of money by using that citduck-tour-Bostony pass but I am not very sure that all the museums were for me. I like to have the variety of options to choose the best one for me. During that day I also took Duck Tour separately and would wish that option to be included into the pass – that was so much fun, I liked it even more than some of the attractions mentioned above.

I understand that the contest is about recalling the best use of the best city pass program, but unfortunately that was the only time I explored the city in such a way and I am sure I would take all the advantages of Petersburg city-pass if I win it.

Written by Jane

New York is definitely a city of opportunities. Petersburg Card contest

The story happened several years ago. When my girlfriend and I  first decided to visit New York city,statueofliberty-newyorkpass there was such a big number of ideas about what to do and where to go that the most reasonable way for getting to know the city was to buy New York city pass. The planning was very tight as there were numerous things to see and to visit. Honestly, we received even more impressions and things that we expected to get.

During 2 days my girlfriend and I used the water-options (hop on hop off water-taxi around Manhattan during the day time, romantic cruise around the city in the evening), cruise-newyorkpass went to the observing points of the highest buildings – Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, visited the filming studio NBC, the submarine and a ship with the desk full of helicopters (ship-newyorkpassIntrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum), enjoyed Madam Tussauds.  We liked the national museum (American Museum of Natural History) which was in Ben Stiller movie – lots of information, which wasn’t tiring or boring.

We also enjoyed the phone game with the hints, exploring restaurant-newyorkpassChinese district (although got tired very quickly and kept on walking on our own), went to the Hollywood restaurant and used a discount there (that visit was the first and the last- too expensive, not very tasty…hm).

The biggest surprise was the custom service which turned out to be very friendly and nice- there were two problems with city pass use: the first one was the city exploring game- there was no person in the office to start it, we had to call the customer services several times and got the chance to play that game for free  even after the use of city pass! The same story was with museum of Madam TussaudsmadamTussauds-newyorkpass- we came to the entrance by the time the museum was still open, but the entrance doors were  already closed as they weren’t selling the tickets anymore and there was no way to get inside. That evening customer service employee  listened to our story, sent the email to someone and we were able to enter that museum on the following day (our time of city pass was already used by the morning), we were very thankful.

If we ever want to visit such a number of places in New York on our own or invite friends to explore those with us, we would definitely use those cards again, may be for an extended time (3-7 days).

Written by SL

Unforgettable long weekend in Barcelona. Petersburg Card contest

Everybody knows that Barcelona is an expensive city, interesting, surprising, amazing… but very expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to visit the museums and good places of the city in a budget way- as in other well-attended cities of the world there is an opportunity to buy“BarcelonaCard”. That is a good helper and it saves a lot of money. Depending on the stay in the city you can choose from 2 to 5 days card, the only difference is the price, but as well as other things are very expensive there, this card isn´t so costly. We decided to buy the cards in advance by internet, even having the option to buy it in hotels, libraries and kiosks.barcelonacard

We began our weekend using the card by taking the train from the airport to the city centre, great deal included in our “BarcelonaCard”; nothing could be better that taking advance of these kind of offers, and we decided begin the day at “moritz factory” where we received 2×1 tipical local breakfast

 Of course we had all public transport included, but this wonderful sunny morning we decided to walk to “Sagrada Familia” where we had a discount for our ticket and a preference entrance, stopping at “casa Batlló” and “La Pedrera” -barcelonacard two fantastic works of Gaudí where the entrance was free with the card; from here we went by bus to “Parc Well” which “Cripta“ also was included in the card. barcelonacard

To lunch we had many restaurants to choose with many discounts with the card, and with new forces after eating our destination was the most visited museum of Barcelona “The FC Barcelona football museum” inside the Camp Nou stadium. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this team? And obviously with discount in the ticket we were thanksful to our “BarcelonaCard”, as the place was crowded…barcelonacard

 From the stadium as the sun was beginning to descent we took a bus to “Montjuit Mountain” where we enjoyed a wonderful view of the city with its thousands of lights.

 And the best way to finish the day was going to dinner using the discount of the card and enjoying a typical spectacle of flamenco.

Here you´ve an example of our day with “Barcelonacard”. We were there for 3 days so we´re proud for saving more than hundred euros per person with discounts and free entrances.

Now we´re fans of this kind of tourist cards and we search them every countries,where would we be next?

  The story is written by Eva&Ricardo