Unforgettable long weekend in Barcelona. Petersburg Card contest

Everybody knows that Barcelona is an expensive city, interesting, surprising, amazing… but very expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to visit the museums and good places of the city in a budget way- as in other well-attended cities of the world there is an opportunity to buy“BarcelonaCard”. That is a good helper and it saves a lot of money. Depending on the stay in the city you can choose from 2 to 5 days card, the only difference is the price, but as well as other things are very expensive there, this card isn´t so costly. We decided to buy the cards in advance by internet, even having the option to buy it in hotels, libraries and kiosks.barcelonacard

We began our weekend using the card by taking the train from the airport to the city centre, great deal included in our “BarcelonaCard”; nothing could be better that taking advance of these kind of offers, and we decided begin the day at “moritz factory” where we received 2×1 tipical local breakfast

 Of course we had all public transport included, but this wonderful sunny morning we decided to walk to “Sagrada Familia” where we had a discount for our ticket and a preference entrance, stopping at “casa Batlló” and “La Pedrera” -barcelonacard two fantastic works of Gaudí where the entrance was free with the card; from here we went by bus to “Parc Well” which “Cripta“ also was included in the card. barcelonacard

To lunch we had many restaurants to choose with many discounts with the card, and with new forces after eating our destination was the most visited museum of Barcelona “The FC Barcelona football museum” inside the Camp Nou stadium. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this team? And obviously with discount in the ticket we were thanksful to our “BarcelonaCard”, as the place was crowded…barcelonacard

 From the stadium as the sun was beginning to descent we took a bus to “Montjuit Mountain” where we enjoyed a wonderful view of the city with its thousands of lights.

 And the best way to finish the day was going to dinner using the discount of the card and enjoying a typical spectacle of flamenco.

Here you´ve an example of our day with “Barcelonacard”. We were there for 3 days so we´re proud for saving more than hundred euros per person with discounts and free entrances.

Now we´re fans of this kind of tourist cards and we search them every countries,where would we be next?

  The story is written by Eva&Ricardo

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