Boston case. Petersburg Card contest

Boston case. The first, I hope, not the last city-pass use.

I am not very sure that Boston was a city to explore with a city pass, but I’ve got that card as a present to my birthday and couldn’t refuse visiting the set of activities. In comparison with St. Petersburg which offers a lot of places to see with a Petersburg Card the range of activities was kind of small, but visiting all those places took the whole day.

Through 4-5 places I managed to visit just 3: those were New EnglandNew-England-Aquarium-bostoncitypass Aquarium, Museum of Science, Skywalk Observatory. New England aquarium was full of fish and water inhabitants, there was an option to pat the ramps… but, to be honest, I am not a fan of sea life and I wasn’t as excited as the groups of school children.

The next museum on my way was a Museum of Science. Such a great place! Not all the parts of it were interesting, but I really loved the section with optical illusions and different science tricks – I explored them all! I had a very fun time there. In the evening I went to Skywalk Observatorobservatory-bostoncitypassy and looked at the city in the evening lights. It was a good view but nothing especial or extraordinary comparing to skyscrapers in American or European cities.

I know that I saved a lot of money by using that citduck-tour-Bostony pass but I am not very sure that all the museums were for me. I like to have the variety of options to choose the best one for me. During that day I also took Duck Tour separately and would wish that option to be included into the pass – that was so much fun, I liked it even more than some of the attractions mentioned above.

I understand that the contest is about recalling the best use of the best city pass program, but unfortunately that was the only time I explored the city in such a way and I am sure I would take all the advantages of Petersburg city-pass if I win it.

Written by Jane

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