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Hermitage. Giveaway

Dear readers of the website! I hope you remember the passed events of the previous year: an exciting Petersburg Card contest and a tasty competition =) this year is going to offer more entertaining and unbelievable options to you!petersburg-museum-Hermitage-statue

Now you are offered an opportunity to win the Hermitage tickets which also provide the permission for photographing and option of bypassing the line to the museum.  In order to understand the greatness of this offer, you should probably get acquainted with an Hermitage section of the website!

The rules of the Hermitage tickets giveaway are stated there.

While you are waiting for the results of the contest, you can find out the reasons of visiting Russia there,  of St. Petersburg here, know more about the beauty of St. Petersburg.

Keep track of the news, share this information to remember!

*read the main information about St. Petersburg in the language that you prefer!

Petersburg Card. Rules of the contest

Here you can find  all the information about the contest:

  4. RULES

Petersburg Card in partnership with offer you the chance to win TWO 2-days city passes for St. Petersburg (Russia).

The theme of the contest is the most exciting self-made tour that you have ever experienced using the city passes (please, describe only those days that you spent using the passes).

For participation in the competition, please, before the deadline (the 14th of December, 11.59 pm Moscow time, 8.59 pm London time, 3.59 pm New York)  send your story, prepared in accordance with the rules below to the email

On the 17th of December the stories written in accordance with the rules will be available for viewing on the website (the authors will receive the link to their stories for sharing), the voting will begin.

The winner who will get TWO Petersburg Cards will be announced on the 25th of December (Merry Christmas!), he\she will be chosen according to the biggest number of  facebook “likes” under the posts published on the website.

The winner will receive special numbers for two 2-days Petersburg Cards for one-time use till the 30th of December 2015. The winner will have the right to name another recipients of the prize (as a gift) – all the necessary information about receiving the prizes will be discussed later in person.To the top


Any English- speaking person who wants to have a great time in St. Petersburg and who knows how to use Petersburg Card rationally.  The nationality of the person does not matter.To the top


In order to participate in the contest you are asked to send me the text on the subject mentioned above (the most exciting self-made tour that you have ever experienced using the city-passes). The text should be written in English; it should contain no more than 3000 symbols and include 2 photos at least (or more).

Please, specify how would you like to be mentioned as an author (name\ nickname, you can also add a profile link from a social network). Add the title of the text, the text itself (in the letter or attached as Word.doc) and the photos.

The story should be sent with the label “Petersburg Card contest”, otherwise it will be considered as “spam” and will be deleted without viewing.

 The letter should look like that:

  • To:
  • From: Name\nickname
  • Subject: Petersburg Card contest
  • The text part: the title or several if you have a vivid imagination (for instance, “… pass was super!”, “Couldn’t see as many attractions as with….pass”)
  • The photos
  • To the top


By sending me the text you confirm to me that it was especially written by you for the contest, not published anywhere else, the photos were taken by you or your companion of the trip. The text should not contain any unacceptable vocabulary.

You are allowed to promote your story in any of the social networks.

The rules for voting – you and your friends can press the facebook button “like” for as many posts as you want, you are not limited to vote for other candidates, too.

The award will be available until the 30th of December 2015, it will not be compensated by money if unused, it cannot be resold.

Please, note, I will not edit the text, only format it and highlight main words of the text, if applicable.To the top


The works will be accepted by the email till the 15th of December 2014 (Russian time).

On the 17th of December the stories will be available for viewing on the website, before that the participants will receive the links to their stories (the stories may be published earlier but not available for public viewing). The voting will start since publishing the public post with all the stories and the links.

The 25th of December 5.59pm Moscow time- the end of the voting. 6.00pm (Moscow time)- all the results will be print-screened, a winner will be announced.To the top


The winner will be chosen on the 25th of December at 6.00pm (Moscow time) according to the highest number of facebook “likes” below the posts on the webpage I will print screen those results and post them in the group album.

If several participants have the same amounts of “likes”, the participant among them, whose story was sent earlier will be considered to be a winner (the time of receiving the letter will be mentioned as well as the name of the author on the list of works).To the top


After announcing the winner I will send him\her a letter specifying some private information, such as full name, email, phone number and the dates of the trip (the letter will be sent only from the email mentioned above, as an answer for that person’s first message to me).

In response to the letter with personal information the winner will get a code to actual Petersburg Cards and the instructions for better use.

The winner’s name will be written on the website, also in twitter and facebook, if the winner doesn’t receive a response from the email, he\she can write about the issues in social networks under the posts of the contest. To the top


By sending me the story you are allowing me to use your photos (to optimize them for the size of website), to publish your text on my website. You also give me the right to add one advertisement banner to your text.

The personal information (such as emails, names of participants, phone number of the winner) will not be saved for any other purposes except mentioned above.

Petersburg Card approved 2 their cards to be a prize, so – as soon as you win, you get your key to Saint Petersburg for visiting the best attractions!To the top