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Russian honey

Russia is a big country with different delicious and tasty food. Real Russian honey is a tasty and useful gift for guests of Russia.

Bee honey (МЁД) – is a food, actually, a nectar which is partially digested in the jowl of the honey bee. Honey contains 13-20% water, 75-80% of carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sucrose), vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, K, C, carotene, provitamin A, folic acid. A special taste and aroma of honey, along with its usefulness, are the main reasons why many people prefer honey to all other sweeteners.

Color of honey depends on the type of plants from which the bees collected nectar. By color, there are three groups of honey: light, moderately colored and dark. The most valuable are lighter honeys (made of acacia, linden and etc.). The exception is of buckwheat, which is very valuable to the body. At the same time,  dark types of honey are more rich in minerals.

Nutritional and therapeutic properties of honey are reduced when it is heated. The temperature that is above 50 ° C makes the greatest harm to it. Honey thus loses the bactericidal properties and flavor. The more intense and lasting is the influence of heat, the more deteriorated is the quality of honey.

 Polyfloral honey

According to the landscape basis honey can be divided into these groups:  forest, meadow, prairie, taiga, field and mountain.

Field (Полевой) honey has various colors ranging from light amber to brown, it crystallizes quickly. It is usually of high quality, with a strong flavor and good taste. This honey is produced from coriander, sainfoin, lavender, bittercress, sow-thistle, phacelia and cultivated plants – sunflower, colza, buckwheat, alfalfa, mustard.

Meadow (Луговой) honey has many shades from light yellow to light brown, has a very fragrant bouquet and pleasant taste. It is produced from the nectar of meadow flowers: dandelion, thyme, white clover, sow-thistle, wild mallow, hypericum, cow-parsnip, sweet clover, meadow cornflower, sage, chicory, motherwort, thistle and many  other honey plants growing in meadows.

It is characterized by high nutritional and medicinal qualities.

Forest (Лесной) honey also has a lot of different shades, from light yellow to dark brown. Compared with the meadow and field it is always darker. It is not worse the meadow or field honey in taste.

Bees produce it from wild honey plants: wild fruit trees – wild rose, hawthorn, Tatarian maple, viburnum, willow, linden and other plants – raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, fireweed, heather. The most demanded forest honey is produced from spring honey plants (rowan, willow, fruit trees, acacia, raspberry, blueberry).

Prairie (Степной) honey – honey that is collected in the prairie plains of the Altai Territory. This type of honey is considered to be  a classic Russian honey. It is collected by bees from various plants, mostly plants that bloom in the prairie – sage, clover, sweet clover, fireweed, sow thistle, thistle, dandelion, bittercress, motherwort, buckwheat, cornflower and many other honey plants. Has an unusually rich, reddish-amber color. Taste is rich, herbal, there is a little bitterness.

Taiga (Таёжный) honey – honey that is collected from wild honey plants of  taiga-forest zone. Spring honey plants are:  Lungwort, coltsfoot, yellow acacia, etc. Summer honey plants are: oregano, fireweed, sow thistle forest, motherwort, strawberries steppe, etc.

Taiga honey has a specific, distinct taste and strong medicinal properties. This honey is considered to be one of the most high-quality varieties. Has a dark brown color and an amazing rich aroma of taiga expanses.

Mountain (Горный) honey. According to various information sources, mountain honey that is collected in alpine meadows at an altitude of over 1,000 meters is considered to be the most valuable  among  polyfloral types of honey.

 Single-flora honey

Single-flora honey tend to have the smell of the plants from which they are collected and have a refined, subtle, spicy flavors. The pure single-flora honeys actually do not exist, so you can only talk about the prevalence of a specific component.

Acacia (Акациевый) honey. Stands among the best varieties. It is widely popular because of its taste, and it is also widely used in folk medicine. Honey of white acacia is characterized by delicate aroma and pleasant taste. Fresh honey has a light transparent color. It crystallizes very slowly getting milky-white color; honey can remain long as a syrup. It is the most liquid among  all types of honey .

Barberry (Барбарисовый) honey. Has a golden – yellow color, pleasant aroma and delicate sweetness.

Cornflower (Васильковый) honey. Honey bees collect it from blue or field cornflower. This honey has a pleasant taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste, it is of is greenish – yellow color. Its smell can remind you almonds. It has not only good taste, but also healing properties.

Buckwheat (Гречишный) honey. Has a high content of proteins, minerals, very strong specific pleasant aroma and taste. Its color  is light – brown with a reddish tinge. Excellent food and medical product.

Sweet Clover (Донниковый) honey. It possesses high gustatory qualities. Its color is different from light amber to white with a greenish tint. Has a specific taste, sometimes slightly bitter, and specific aroma reminiscent of the smell of vanilla. Crystallizes to a form of grained solid mass .

Chestnut (Каштановый) honey. It is collected by bees from flowers of horse and edible chestnut. Honey that is collected from horse chestnut, is colorless, watery, the one that is collected from edible chestnut  is dark, very liquid. In general, any type of  chestnut honey has a slight scent of chestnut and bitter taste. It crystallizes slowly gaining the look of of oil, after that the crystals  appear. Has valuable antimicrobial properties.

According to its properties belongs to the category of low-grade honey.

Clover (Клеверный) honey. Colorless, almost transparent, with a high gustatory quality, one of the best among light honeys. At crystallization turns into a fine-grained solid white mass. Is characterized by low natural diastaznym number (less than 10 units Gotha).

Linden (Липовый) honey – the most high quality type of honey. It has a pleasant aroma of linden, pale – yellow color. Quickly crystallizes into small crystals, has  white afterwards. Has a high specific taste.

Honey from bee plant burdock (Лопуховый). Has a high pleasant scent, very malleable, fragrant and delicious. He has a light – yellow with a dark – olive hue.

Alfalfa (Люцерновый) honey. Bees collect it from the purple or violet alfalfa flowers. Honey that is freshly pumped out has various shades – from pale light to amber, it crystallizes quickly getting white color and consistency of heavy cream. This honey has a pleasant aroma and specific taste.

Raspberry (Малиновый) honey. This honey is collected from forest clearings, covered with raspberries. Raspberry honey is light in color, has very pleasant aroma, tastes wonderful.

Mint (Мятный) honey. Bees make it from the nectar of flowers of spicy plants – peppermint, so honey has such a pleasant aroma. Peppermint is widely cultivated and gives plentiful gathering of qualitative honey. Mint honey is of amber color, contains large amounts of vitamin C. It crystallizes with fine grains of light – yellow color.

Dandelion (Одуванчиковый) honey. Has a golden – yellow color. It is a very thick, viscous, fast crystallizing honey with a strong smell and strong taste. Bees make it from the nectar of the well-known and widespread dandelion.

Sunflower (Подсолнечниковый) honey. Has a distinctive taste, but a subtle aroma. When has a liquid form its color is light – brown. Crystallizes very quickly, its crystals are large, has a yellow color afterwards.

Honey made of the motherwort flowers (Пустырниковый). Bees collect it from the pale – purple flowers of motherwort, or cardiac herbs grown on wasteland. Honey has a light – golden, straw color, with a light aroma and specific good taste.

Rowanberry (Рябиновый) honey. Rowanberry honey has a reddish color, strong flavor and good taste. Bees make honey from the nectar of the blossoming rowan.

Beeswax – the second most important product of beekeeping. Natural wax which composes honeycombs possesses therapeutic properties on its own. And in combination with honey all these valuable properties are dehiscing even more. Such type of a honey should be eaten by small pieces, with long and carefully chewing  (as chewing gum).

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Purchase of honey

I advise you to buy honey in specialized stores. As for me, I do not buy honey at all (I have no particular desire), but for foreignchain-of-beekeepers-pchelkin-myod friends and acquaintances I buy Medovukha (=mead, a product of honey) in the Beekeepers’ chain shops called “Пчёлкин мёд”. Based on the information of the references you can buy there the most popular and famous  Russian  honey according to honey bee plant species (check the list below):

  • Acacia honey (акациевый)
  • buckwheat honey (гречишный)
  • Sweet Clover honey (донниковый)
  • willow honey (ивовый)
  • chestnut honey (каштановый)
  • fireweed honey (кипрейный)
  • maple honey (клёновый)
  • cranberry honey (клюквенный)
  • coriander honey (кориандровый)
  • linden honey (липовый)
  • burdock honey (лопуховый)
  • alfalfa honey (люцерновый)
  • honey of camel thorn (с верблюжьей колючки)
  • Euphorbiaceae honey (молочайный)
  • carrot honey (морковный)
  • mint honey (мятный)
  • cucumber honey (огуречный)
  • dandelion honey (одуванчиковый)
  • sow-thistle honey (осотовый)
  • honey from valleys  (падевый)
  • Sunflower honey (подсолнечниковый)
  • motherwort honey (пустырниковый)
  • rapeseed honey (рапсовый)
  • Resedaceae honey (резедовый)
  • rowanberry honey (рябиновый)
  • honey of bittercress (сурепковый)

and other types. russian-honey-souvenir

By the way, you can buy a stylized jar of honey (usually the shops offer chkockloma styled jars or made of beresta). Once i bought such a jar as a present, its recipient loved both the package and the honey.

 Advice on buying real honey:
  • The best way to buy honey is to go to a specialised shop. If you are at the trade fair (a usual situation in St. Petersburg), you can follow my advice written below;
  • If you are going to buy specific type of honey, you should read some information about it in advance. Any specific type of honey has its own flavour and color;
  • If honey is very pale, close to white, it may me not natural, made of sugar. If the flavor is not clear enough and you feel a taste of caramel, it is one of the signs of fake honey;
  • Also pay attention to the consistency of honey – it must match the density of the class, at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is enveloped around the spoon, like a ribbon, sweet threads, interrupted at some point;
  • Beware acquiring honey from apiaries located along road routes with heavy traffic. This honey may have an increased amount of lead compounds and other substances that fall on the flowers with car exhaust fumes. With nectar and pollen lead gets into the honey, and it is dangerous to the health of those who eat it.
How can you determine the quality of honey?

 1) By color

  • Each variety of honey has its own certain color. Flower honey is usually of light yellow color, linden – of amber color, Ashenvale – transparent as water, buckwheat has different shades of brown. Pure honey (without impurities) is usually transparent, whatever  the color  may be.
  • Honey, having in its composition additives (sugar, starch, and other impurities), is unclear, and if you look closely, it is possible to find sediment.

2) By flavor

  • Honey is usually characterized by fragrant aroma. Honey with an admixture of sugar has no flavor, and the taste is close to the taste of sugar water.
 How else can you distinguish a fake?
  • Over time, the honey becomes turbid and gets denser (candied) – that is a sure sign of good quality. Some may mistakenly believe that honey is spoiled.
  • Sometimes during storage honey is split into two layers: it gets denser from below and remains liquid from above. This indicates that the honey is verdant and therefore it should be eaten as soon as possible – it may be stored for a few months.

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 Медовуха (Medovukha=Russian mead)

Медовуха – a special drink of honey, water, hops or yeast, which also may have additional ingredients such as spices, berries.

May be as low alcohol beverage (without addition of ethanol. Mead Strength – from 5 to 16%.) as well as strongly alcoholic (with addition of ethanol).

The most famous traditions of making this drink are preserved in Suzdal and Novgorod the Great. Beverage is characterized by an expressing honey flavor and aroma, lightness and sweetness of taste (because of the high content of fructose and glucose in honey and  a large amount of honey in the drink).

 When I want to treat foreign guests with this Russian beverage (with low alcohol amount), I buy Медовуха in the apiculture chain «Пчёлкин мёд». Recently I have tried the beverage in a Russian fast-food chain «Теремке» -the taste was right.

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The best Russian chocolate

As for the author of this article, she is a sweet tooth, loves chocolates, tasty (!) cakes, candies and etc. that is why she knows everything about this theme.

Concerning the topics on the website I can proudly say that Russian chocolate is one of the Russian well-recognized brand, loved not only by the natives but also by the foreigners. Russian sweets are not less popular among travelers, but not very discussed in a non-Russian speaking social community.

That is why I decided to share some information for those who want to have a great gastronomic impression while being in Russia and also to bring a great tasty souvenir and present to their nearest and dearest.

This article contains personal advice, it is your decision what to buy/try.

I do have a lot of foreign friends so while buying them chocolate as a Russian present, I always choose these 3 brands:

• «Фабрика им. Н.К. Крупской» – is the leader of confectionery market in the North-West region. Also it is a famous brand brand-griffon-Krypskaya-russian-chocolate-factoryof St. Petersburg (its logo shows Griffin of St. Petersburg Bank Bridge proudly looking forward). In addition to amazing taste of the merits of these confections you can include a great number of gift packages and exclusive art decorations of the products;

• «Вдохновение» –  famous Russian chocolate brand, which recipe was created in 1976. The new product quickly gained the love and acceptance of millions of consumers not only for its high quality and special taste, but also for the original format – within a 100-gram package there were are ten chocolate sticks, each of which was wrapped in foil;

• “Бабаевский” - the company offers a high-quality dark chocolate made of selected cocoa beans and cocoa butter. The history of the “Babaev” brand began over 200 years ago with a small confectionery shop founded in 1804. The factory received its formal status with a management of Alexei Ivanovich Abrikosov – Moscow merchant of the first guild (a summary of the chocolate is taken from the official site

Russia is well known for its bitter chocolate – well, it is really tasty there! For the bitter chocolate I prefer buying “Бабаевский” brand (attention, the first two chocolates are really bitter, others contain about 50-55% of cocoa – you can read it from the label): the-best-russian-babayevskiy-chocolate

  • Бабаевский горький (Classic dark chocolate)
  • Бабаевский Элитный 75% (Elite sort of dark chocolate, contains 75% cocoa. It received the diploma of the 1st degree and a gold medal “For high quality products”, it was the winner of the contest “The Best 100 Goods of Russia 2011″, also it was a best-seller, as it was mentioned on the official website)
  • Бабаевский фирменный (Branded  dessert chocolate made according to a special recipe with the addition of brandy, grated almonds and tea extract, according to the description on the official site)
  • Бабаевский Люкс (Dark chocolate. Produced according to the original recipe 1939.)
  • Бабаевский с цельным миндалём (Dark chocolate with whole almonds. Was the winner of the “Best 100 Goods of Russia 2011″)
  • Бабаевский с цельным фундуком (Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.)

Concerning chocolate and sweets of «Вдохновение» factory – I like everything they produce. Their classic chocolate bar is called “Классический”, contains crushed roasted hazelnuts. It is produced according to the original recipe since 1976. the-best-russian-chocolate-vdokhnoveniye

You can see the whole variety of flavors on the official website of a holding by clicking on the 5th brand picture of the slide show (it has a blue color). You can translate the page with Google translator or Word Lens app that is mentioned everywhere on my website ;-)

Another favorite brand is “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” – I love practically all their products and buy those for my friends (as you have already read above, in addition to great taste the production has attractive wrapping).
They have the following categories of chocolate:

Вернисаж” – chocolate, decorated with well-known Russian pictures – there you can find bitter chocolate, aerated bitter chocolate and aerated milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and raisins. The wrapping of the bars have different background color with a picture of a person in the middle – you will not miss such a chocolate! I do not include the photos there, because the wrappings of it are always different (to my mind).

Особый” – dark chocolate with salt. The wrapping has brown and red color and a lot of dots. I prefer the chocolate with a wrap of dark brown color (plain chocolate with salt) and of red color (with salt and crushed hazelnuts) russian-best-chocolate-osobiy

Тройка” – they have bitter (горький= gor’kiy) best-russian-chocolate-troykaand milk (молочный=molochniy) chocolate. Everything is very tasty.

Классический” (classic) – I like these three types:

  1. “Горький 70%” – bitter 70% russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Premium_Gorky
  2. “Летний сад” (горький) – also bitter russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Letny-sad
  3. “Санкт-Петербург” –  Dark chocolate with crushed almonds russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Sankt-Peterburgbest-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-mishka-na-severe-ris

Мишка на Севере” – a special type of milk chocolate with air rice, you can try it if it sounds interesting (although it is not a de lux type)

Boxes of Sweets of “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” are absolutely great – you can buy any and get the best quality and taste.

They also offer sweets sold by weightbest-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-Mishka_na_severe –praline sweets stand out among all. I recommend “Мишка на Севере”  and “Сказки Перро”- Конфеты, глазированные шоколадной глазурью, best-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-Skazki_Perroс начинкой между слоями вафель – those are the candies with chocolate coating, that have a filling between the layers of wafers – they are so tasty!

In the brand shops of “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” you can buy the sweets decorated with St. Petersburg best-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-konfety-Leningadskieviews – they are called “Ленинградские”= “Leningradskiye” (of Leningrad)  – Candies with chocolate coating. They have whipped egg-white mass with the addition of milk grated nuts, alcohol and with the scent of punch (if they say the truth on the official website).

If you like chocolate wafer cakes – you chocolate_princeshould definitely try “Шоколадный принц”(“Chocolate prince”) or “Балтийский” (“Baltiyskiy”)chocolate-wafer-cake-baltiyskiy of “ПЕКАРЬ” brand. They are the best in their category.

To my mind Russian aerated chocolate of “Русский шоколад” brand it is not better than the ones mentioned above or the foreign analogues. russian-aerated-chocolate

As far as I know, there is a variety of Russian-stylized chocolates and sweets which seem to be a good present. tasty-russian-stylized-chocolate4 I haven’t tried them all, so I can recommend you to read the wrapping carefully. tasty-russian-stylized-chocolate DO NOT buy the chocolates where you see the phrasestasty-russian-stylized-chocolate3  “пальмовое масло” (it means palm butter, I think you know that it is not very good for your health) or “шоколадная глазурь” instead of “шоколад”(chocolate) “какао-бобов” (cocoa) – it will mean that you get not chocolate but simply chocolate glaze, which has nothing in common with famous Russian chocolate (I haven’t checked any of the chocolates on the 3 photos above).

Enjoy your trip, enjoy your purchases!

Folklore restaurants of St. Petersburg

Entering these restaurants be ready to explore Russian folk-shows, the traditional interiors of different  and, of course, to eat tasty traditional food and try Russian drinks.

Some of the places are considered to be the “tourist ones” due to a big number of tourists sitting there and eating obligatory sets of non-extraordinary food. I would recommend you to look at the ratings of the restaurant- searching engines (including trip advisor and other good websites) and to try visiting the restaurants for enjoying the folk shows and eating a la cart (some restaurants accept exact bank cards and do not have shows on a daily basis, check that information while booking the seats).

This list of restaurants is made according to the Restoclub ratings, some places were verified by me.

 1. Тройка -Troika   (verified by me, I liked it!). Russian and European cuisine. Rating 9,4 out of 10. Located in Central district. Troika

This is the restaurant with the highest rating and… the highest prices, but everything that is inside worth paying for. If you want to see a folk performance, to eat more than starters and canape, to get acquainted with multinational guests and to dance afterwards – that place is ideally suited for you.

I was there once with several foreigners of different ages and preferences and everyone loved the show.

The booking is required in advance.  There is an extra fee for the show (a year ago it was 500r per person). Be sure to check that the show will be performed at the day of your visit.

The restaurant has a confectionery at the side of Razhiezhaya street, it is not expensive at all.

2) Ресторан-кабаре “Нэп” – restaurant-cabaret NEP.  Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 8,9 out of 10.   Located in Central district (not far away from Hermitage). neprestaurant

They have different exciting colorful shows and retro disco of NEP time  and years  later.

3) Хутор Водограй – Bowery Vodogray. Ukrainian cuisine. Rating   8,1 out of 10.  Located in Central district.

They offer a range of food options, the meals are considered to be tasty by people who know how the traditional food should taste. The interior amazes till the moment of receiving tasty food (the oven in the photo is real).

hutorvodograyThey have live music (and singing) on the daily basis, check it on the website or call the restaurant in advance.

2) Советское кафе “Квартирка”- Soviet cafe “Kvartirka” (means a flat) located on Nevsky Prospect (there are two more of the same chain but their rating is a little bit lower, you can check it). Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 8 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Central district.  sovietcafekvartirka

They do not have shows or live singing,but they have well arranged interiors transferring you to Soviet times, tasty meals, good deals and some Soviet table games as dominoes, chess to play.

 Мари Vanna – Mari Vanna (a Russian-styled restaurant of Ginza project).  Russian cuisine. Rating 8 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Petrogradskiy district. marivanna

Rather expensive restaurant. It is decorated stylistically. There are no shows and live music, but the restaurant offers table games to play: such as chess, backgammon, cards, dominoes.

Пузата Хата (no website).  Ukrainian cuisine. Rating   7,7 out of 10.  Located in Central district.   puzatahata

The interior reminds a Ukrainian cottage. There is live singing on Fridays and Saturdays. The place has a lot of good reviews.

3) Советское кафе “Дачники” – Soviet Cafe Dachniki (means cottagers).  Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 7,6 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Central district. cafedachniki

The cafe offers a good variety of options including fish made in the private smokehouse.

The cafe is well decorated in a Soviet way with cuckoo clock, guitar on the wall and the Soviet carpets. Their TV-set is showing soviet comedies, there is Soviet music of  60s-80s, a samovar with cookies, bingo, dominoes, checkers and chess.

2) арт-кафе Сундук – art-cafe Sunduk  (food and interior are verified by me, not the show).  Russian, European and vegetarian cuisine. Rating 7,5 out of 10. artcafesundukLocated in Central district.  If the English page doesn’t open, try translating Russian pages on your own.

The interior is full by rare vintage things, but not overwhelmed artcafesunduk2by that.

They have shows of jazz, blues, Latin, Spanish music on the daily basis, a nice place with a coloring interior.

 Корчма сало – Korchma salo (tavern lard)  (verified by me, I liked it!).  Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Rating 7,5 out of 10. A very folklore Ukrainian place, that has recently got a certificate of excellence. There is a wide number of food and beverages options. korchmasalo

They have evening performances of Ukrainian folk musicians.

На здоровье  (verified by me, I liked the interior but not the business lunch – it had nothing special in taste and was overpriced) Russian, Soviet cuisine. Rating 7,4 out of 10. Located in Petrogradskiy district. nazdorovie

As entertainment they have Russian and Gypsy romances; Russian folk music [balalaika, accordion].

According to the Restoclub reviews some portions can be small and the service slow and sometimes rude but the rating of the places seems to be ok, you can check other search engines if you wish.

Кабачок Одесса-Мама – Tavern Odessa-Mama (verified by me, I liked it!) Russian, Ukrainian, European and Jewish cuisine. Rating 6,9 out of 10. Located in Central district.

odessa-mamaThey have a good interior, tasty meals and live music performance.

A place that is  mentioned by Restoclub with 6,2 rating but has good reviews on that search engine and on tripadvisor is Трын-Трава. That is Fast food place-restaurant with a Russian spirit, offering traditional Russian food. the place is well-decorated.trintrava

There are folk dances on a daily base there. The best food deal for a foreigner is to try their business-lunch – a decorated cart with a good  variety of Russian starters, salads and side dishes – you can have a look at it before making an order.

And here is my favorite cafe from a chain that makes Russian food (especially, pies). They do not have a lot of interior things but offer traditional food. pirogoviydvorikПироговый Дворик – Pirogoviy Dvorik (a yard of Pies)- they are not mentioned in Restoclub, but have the certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor and that means  a lot. They offer kind of low-priced tasty pies with various stuffings  and their interior has elements of folklore. petersburg-viewThere are no shows there, just the tasty food and budgetary and tasty business-lunches. The best location of the cafe is on Griboyedova Canal – the view over Kazan Cathedral is fabulous. On the 1st floor you can make  to-go order, if you wish.

In order to revise in memory all the tasty Russian food, check the article about Russian and Ukrainian food.

Traditional Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasian, East Asian food and drinks available in Russian shops

Here you can see traditional Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasian, East Asian food and drinks that you can buy in St. Petersburg’s shops.

I would highly recommend you using the free Apple app for off-line translation of all the signs. It is very helpful for tourists.



  • salted (солёные/солёный)/ freshly salted (малосольный)/pickles pickled or marinated (маринованные) vegetables
  • zucchini spread – кабачковая икра (икра из кабачков)
  • eggplant spread – баклажанная икра (икра из баклажан)


  • Black rye bread – ржаной хлеб (Бородинский хлеб is borodinskiy the tastiest one among others). It matches cheese, pates, butter and salt (yes, a very plain combination) and goes well on its own!
  • Any types of small pies (пирожок – single, пирожки – plural), big pies – Osetian ones (Осетинские), Russian pies
  • Russian bagels (there are different types of them: Russian-bagel-bublikбублик, баранка),
  • gingerbread, called  пряники,  of various types (they do not always have ginger – the stuffings and ingredients differ)gingerbreads

- for all the mentioned items, please look the manufacturing date – take the freshest items.Samovar-of-tea

  • sukhari-hard-chuckshard chucks- сухари, crackers-сушки, cookies – печенье

2nd course meals

dumplings- пельмени, manti -манты pelmeni(if you forgot the meaning, check the East Asian food article)


  • herring -селёдка, sprats – шпроты ,
  • red caviar – красная икра (recall the information from the shopping article)


Buckwheat, called гречка or гречневая крупа 


Personally, I do not recommend buying the salads in the shops. I do not mean that they will be bad, old or containing something unhealthy, but if you really want to try the salads, it is better to order that in the restaurants – you will be more sure about the quality and freshness (that is about all the salads with mayonaise – most of the salads contain mayo).

You can try sauerkraut, if you wish – it should be ok!


Mustard – горчица, horseradish- хрен – they have very saturated taste there, usually eaten with Russian dumplings

Georgian sauses – to recall them in memory, please, check the article about Caucasian food.


Russian sweets – конфеты, the most famous ones are: toffee, mishkanasevereptichie-molokocandy Pigeon milk- “конфеты птичье молоко“, different types with wafers: I prefer Мишка на Севере.

Russian chocolate- шоколад  (I hope that you know that Russian bitter chocolate is one of the best in the world). I prefer buying it in specialised shops of chocolate factory Krupskaya (the website is stated in a shopping article).

Glazed cheese cake – Сырок глазированный syrok(they can be plain or with different sweet stuffings), use the Word Lens app to understand the ingredients =)

Halva – халва (the most popular types are of sunflower halva-подсолнечная, peanut-  арахисовая or combined). It can be also glazed in the form of sweets, which is also very tasty (the most popular producer of glazed halva sweets is “Рот фронт”, looks like this ).

Dairy Ice cream – сливочное мороженое. As far as I know the brands “Петрохолод” and “Как раньше” make  good icecream in the icecream cones.

Condensed milk – сгущённое молоко or сгущёнка  -sgushchonka a very tasty product, usually used with pancakes, white bread, with coffee and even plain (by the sweet tooth). It can be plain or with cocoa =)

Honey- мёд (I would recommend you buying that product  in a chain of specialised shops, stated in a shopping article). Honey can be solid (in honeycombs) and liquid.

Diary productstvorog

cottage cheese of different fat content – творог

sour cream -сметана (is used as a topping for pancakes, Russian soups)smetana

beverages (see below)


  • kvass-квас,
  • mors, berry-drink (usually made of cranberry) -морс,
  • kefir – кефир, fermented baked milk – ряженка,
  • mead- медовуха (i recommend trying it in a special honey shop),
  • Georgian wine.

You can find detailed information about the beverages in relevant sections: Russian and Ukranian food, Caucasian food.

Food near the Hermitage

As it is not allowed to bring beverages to the Hermitage and to eat food in the museum halls, most likely, after the qualitative long walk around the Hermitage, you will get hungry, very hungry! There is a cafe in the Hermitage, but it does not have a big selection of savory and is quite expensive. If you want to go to the shop, there will be a small one on the right side of Millionnaya street, not very far from the Hermitage.

You can see the links of restaurant search engines below, through which you can find good cafes/restaurants with food matching your preferences.

The following website is ideal for a restaurant search on the map. It is very convenient to see the names of the places, ratings, average check.


 Also you can use the following links:,,

Enjoy your meal!

East Asian cuisine in Russia

Here you can find the meals of Tatar, Uzbek,  Tajikistan and Korean cuisines.

  1. Appetizers
  2. Salads
  3. Pastries
  4. First course
  5. Second course
  6. Sauces
  7. Desserts
  8. Drinks



  • Гульбахор (Рулетики из баклажан, фаршированные грецкими орехами, зеленью) / Gulbakhor( Fried eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts, greens andnutsinsour-sweetsauce)
  • Казы (кази) вареные (Вареная конская колбаса)/ Boiled kazy (Homemade horse sausage)
  • Сыр «Курт» (Домашний сыр шариками) / Cheese “Curt” (Homemade cheese balls) To the top


  • kystybysamsa
    • Кыстыбый/ Kystyby (hot cakes of unleavened dough, folded in half, stuffed with potatoes or wheat or onions, etc)
    • Самса/ Somsa (Baked from laminated dough, filled with chopped mutton)

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      • Капуста со свеклой / Cabbage with beetroot, carrots, vegetables (carrot, pepper, cabbage) – a little bit spicy
      • Кимчхи или чимчи (острый салат из квашеной капусты, редиса и пряностей)/ Kimchi or chimchi (spicy salad of pickled cabbage, radish and spices).
      • Корейская морковка/ Korean carrot salad (carrots, onions, sugar, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil)To the top

        First course 

      • chuchvara-recept

      • Окрошка на айране (Кислое молоко, телятина, овощи) / Hash on airan (Sour-milk soup with veal and vegetables)
      • Чучвара-шурва (Узбекские пельмени в бульоне с поджаркой)/ Chuchvara Soup (Uzbek dumplings in bouillon with fried dish).

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Second Course


    • Шашлыки/ Shish kebabs (mutton, pork and beef)
    • Манты  (Крупные паровые пельмени)/ Manti (Traditional Central Asian dish. Big steamed dumplings with chopped meat (usually muttons) (can beserved fried)
    • Узбекский плов с бараниной (Традиционное узбекское блюдо из баранины и риса с восточными специями и приправами; подается с овощным салатом)/ Uzbek lamb plov  (Traditional Uzbek dish made from lamb and rice with oriental spices; served with vegetable salad)
    • Чучвара / Chuchvara (Tiny home-made dumplings deep boiled or fried with sour cream).

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    • Айвовый (Кисло-сладкий) / Quince (sour-sweet)
    • Анорли (гранатовый )/Anorly (pomegranate)
    • Бахор (Кисло-сладкий томатный)/ Bakhor (Sweet-sourtomato)
    • Лози (Жгучий) / Lozy (Hotsauce)

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    • Пахлава с орехами / Pakhlava with nuts
    • Сарма/ Sarma(Sarma-subtle delicacy, really rich taste for true aesthetes: the traditional basis of dough soaked in honey,with the addition of selected large walnut halves noble)
    • Чак-чак (Восточная медовая выпечка) / Chack-chack (Oriental honey pastry)To the top


      • Айран / ayran
      • Чай/ tea (they have a culture of tea drinking)
      • Шербет / Sherbet (a traditional drink in the East, prepared from wild rose or licorice and various spices. Currently chefs call sorbet special kinds of soft drinks and fruit juices with added sugar and spice icecream).

Caucasian food

Here you can find the meals of Abkhaz, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Ossetian, Chechen cuisine.

  1. Appetizers
  2. First course
  3. Second course
  4. Side dishes and Sauces
  5. Desserts
  6. Soft drinks
  7. Alcohol drinks


basturmalavashlobianilobiophaleyliphali-spinachDCF 1.0ckhachapurickhachapuri

    1. Бастурма/ Basturma (dried beef tenderloin, the classic dish of the cuisines of the countries located in the territory of the former Ottoman Empire).
    2. Лаваш/ lavash (unleavened white loaf in the form of a flat cake made of the wheat flour. Has a spesific round or stretched form,  can be flat).
    3. Лобиани/ Lobiani (pie with beans).
    4. Лобио/ Lobio (beans made in Georgian style)
    5. Мчади/ Mchadi (Georgian lenten corn flour tortillas).
    6. Пхалеули/ Phaleuli – traditional Georgian assorted appetizers (eggplant, peppers,spinach, green beans with walnut paste).
    7. Пхали из шпината/ spinach Pkhali (Appetizer made with spinach and beans with walnut and greens)
    8. Рулеты из обжаренных баклажанов с начинкой из грецких орехов/ Fried rolled eggplants with walnuts Georgian style.
    9. Суджук/ Sudzhuk (a type of sausage)
    10. Сыр: Сулугуни, Чанах, Имеретинский, Адыгейский, Чечил/ Cheese: suluguni, Chanakh, Imeretian,  Adygey, Chechil.
    11. Сулугуни жареный/ Fried Suluguni cheese
    12. Хачапури в ассортименте/ Hachapuri assortment (Georgian national flour product, which is a cake with cheese, meat or steam fish. Different shape and fillings: classic, Adjara style, Mengrelian style)
    13. Эларджи/ Elardzhi (Polenta with cheese Suluguni).

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First course


  1. Харчо/ Traditional Georgian soup with meat (veal  or chicken), rice, herbs and spices.
  2. Хинкал/ Khinkal (National Dagestan dish made from lamb with homemade noodles, potatoes and garlic sour cream sauce,  served with meat broth).
  3. Чанахи/ Chanakhi (lamb soup in the pot).
  4. Чихиртма/ Chikhirtma (chicken soup with egg).

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Second Course


  1. Аджапсандал/ Adzhapsandal (traditional vegetable stew with eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes and sweet pepper, seasoned with spicy greens = Georgian ratatouille).
  2. Ачма/Achma (Homemade cheese pie, prepared by a large number of layers of dough, which was slightly boiled. suluguni cheese can be used as a stuffing, as well as variations of cheese with herbs, meat (e.g. chicken))
  3. Долма/Dolma (herbs and greens, wrapped in soft-salted grape leaves, stewed in own juice. Stuffing meat: pork and beef, or mutton)
  4. Квари/ dumplings with cheese suluguni.
  5. Кубдари/ Kudbari (Spicy pie with minced pork and beef meat with onions and spices).
  6. Курзе/ Kurze (Traditional Dagestan dumplings with beef, chicken).
  7. Кутаб с мясом/ Cutab with meat (flour dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, which is a thin crescent – shaped cake of unleavened dough stuffed.  Meat, greens, pumpkin, pomegranate seeds, cheese, onion can be used as stuffing).
  8. Кучмачи/ Kuch-Machi (Traditional Georgian fragrant dish of giblets fried with onions and spices. Usually is served on a hot ketsi (frying pan)).
  9. Люля-Кебаб/ Lula- Kebab (minced meat, strung on a skewer and roasted on the grill. Made mostly of minced lamb and chicken with onions (without the use of bread and eggs).
  10. mamalugaodjakhuriosetinskie-pirogi
  11. sadjtakhtakhinkalichakapulichebureki
  12. Мамалыга/ Hominy – corn porridge with  Suluguni cheese.
  13. Оджахури/ Ojahuri (fried pork pieces with potatoes, tomatoes, adjika and greens).
  14. Осетинские пироги/ Ossetian pies (cakes with a thin layer of dough and a lot of stuffing).
  15. Садж/Saj is a national Azerbaijan dish for two or three people: chunks of meat are fried in a red-hot frying pan on a live coal. Usually served with eggplant, potato, pepper, tomato with thin lavash (the info is above). Can be made of lamb entrails, chicken, veal
  16. Сациви из курицы/ Satsivi –tender chicken in walnut paste with spices.
  17. Тахта-говурма из баранины/ Lamb takhta-govurma  (Lamb fried with vegetables, dried apricots and plums, baked under a crust of crispy dough with cheese; usually is served on ketsi (frying pan)).
  18. ХинкалиKhinkali (large Georgian dumplings with juicy minced meat. Usually that is pork-and-beef or mutton, it is mentioned on the meny how many items will you get. Usually there is the price for 1 or 4.)
  19. Чакапули/ Veal or lamb stew with herbs, usually tarragon.
  20. Чанахи в горшочке/ Chanakhi in a pot (pot lamb stew with eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, herbs and spices)
  21. Чахохбили/ Chakhokhbili (Pieces of chicken roasted in its own juice with a gravy of ripe tomatoes seasoned with Caucasian spices and fresh cooking herbs)
  22. Чашушули/ tender veal stew with tomatoes and onions
  23. Чвиштари с мацони/ Delicate homemade casse role cooked according to Megrelian recipe, served with matsoni
  24. Чебуреки с бараниной,  с говядиной; co свининой; с картофелем; с курицей/ Pasties with lamb, beef; pork; potatoes; chicken.
  25. Чкмерули/Chicken in cream-garlic sauce.
  26. Чуду/ Chudu (Traditional Dagestan dish: thin flatbread roasted in a dry frying pan with filling of your choice: meat, cheese, greens).
  27. Шашлык из свинины, баранины, телятины, куриной грудки/ Shish kebab of pork, lamb, veal, chicken breast.

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Side dish

Ассорти из зелени (кинза, петрушка, укроп, базилик, тархун)/ Assorted herbs (cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, tarragon).


  1. Аджика/ Adzhika/ Ajika (Traditional red sauce with tomatoes, garlic and oriental spices and herbs).
  2. Баже с грецким орехом/ Bage with walnuts (universal Georgian sauce).
  3. Наршараб/ Narsharab (Traditional Azerbaijan pomegranate sauce).
  4. Сацибели or Сацебе́ли/ Satsibeli-typical Georgian sauce made on the basis of nuts and fruits).
  5. Ткемали/ Tkemali (Georgian sauce is based on sour plum sauce , mostly used with fish, meat, poultry, side dishes of potatoes and pasta. Currently, there are many versions of this sauce, the sour plum is replaced by other acidic fruits, such as gooseberries, red currants).

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  1. Козина́ки or Гозинаки домашние/ Kozinaki or Gozinaki housemade — the Georgian sweet dish made of walnuts and honey.
  2. Домашнее варенье из инжира/ Homemade figjam.
  3. Домашнее варенье из кизила/ Homemade cornel jam.
  4. Пеламуши/ Pelamushi (Traditional Georgian grape dessert).
  5. Чурчхела с грецким орехом/ Churchkhela with walnuts or other nuts (national sweets, made on the base of «pelamushi»).

Soft drinks

  1. Айран/ Airan – a kind of fermented milk-based beverage.
  2. Мацо́ни/ Matzoni- a dairy drink made from fermented milk, traditional element of Armenian and Georgian national cuisine.

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White wines

  • «Кахетинское»- a dry white wine which is made from Rkacitelli and Mtsvane Kakheti grapes. The wine has a golden amber color, high extract and specific fruit aroma.
  • «Эрети» — a dry white wine, made ​​from grapes Rkazitelli and Mzvane, has a  light straw color, it’s flavor is with fruit tones, the taste is fresh and harmonious.
  • «Алазанская долина»— a white semi-sweet wine. Characterized by a straw color, varietal aroma, soft, fresh, harmonious taste.
  • «Цинандали» – a dry white wine. Has a pale straw color, rich fruity bouquet and soft subtle taste.

Red wines

  • «Саперави»—a red wine, made ​​from grapes Saperavi. Extractive wine with varietal aroma, has a unique balanced taste, pleasant tartness, developed bouquet. Has an intense, thick, dark garnet color.
  • «Алазанская долина»— a semi-sweet red wine made from the Saperavi grapes. The wine is of red color with a pleasant fresh bouquet, velvety, harmonious taste.
  • «Киндзмараули»— a semi-sweet red wine. Has the color of ripe cherry, soft, full, velvety taste and typical varietal bouquet. Made from Saperavi grape.

Do not hesitate to write me a letter asking about extra information: more names of wines with descriptions,  the best wine producers or just some general and/ or historical information.
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Also they drink чача- the Georgian strong alcoholic drink belonging to the class of grape brandies. The analogues of Chacha are Italian grappa, South Slavic rakiya, South American pisco.

Russian and Ukrainian cuisine

You chose if you want to know something particular about Russian cuisine or just some main things.

  1. Appetizers
  2. Salads
  3. First course
  4. Second course
  5. Side dishes and Sauces
  6. Desserts
  7. Soft drinks
  8. Alcohol drinks


      1. Буженина (transliteration Buzhenina)/Baked ham – a dish common in Russian cuisine: pork (or lamb, bear meat), baked by a large piece.
      2. Гренки домашние (Grenki domashniye)/ Homemade croutons – salted toasts which are made of any kind of bread  fried with salt and / or pepper. Can be used as a snack (eg, toast with garlic), and as an ingredient in soups, broths and salads.
      3. Грибы маринованные, солёные/ Mushrooms marinaded, salty.
      4. Дра́ники, дра́нки, деруны/ Potato fritters, can have various stuffings: with sour cream, with meat, with cottage cheese.
      5. Домашняя колбаса жареная с луком/ Home-made sausage.
      6. Завиванец из рыбы или мяса (рыбный или мясной рулет) (Zavivanets of fish or meat (fish or meat loaf))/  Jellied fish or a cold meat, bird, tongue, fish or the seafood filled with a transparent jelly concentrated broth with high glutin (natural animal glue released during cooking).
      7. Зразы с капустой (Zrazy with cabbage)/ Potato cutlets with a stuffing from the stewed cabbage, fried, with sour cream.
      8. Икра красная, чёрная/  Red, black caviar.
      9. Икра из баклажан/ Eggplant caviar (common dish which represents salad or puree on the basis of previously prepared eggplants.
      10. Кабачковая икра/ Marrow caviar (a type of vegetable caviar).
      11. Капуста квашеная/ Sauerkraut (a national dish, the food product received from cabbage at its lactic fermentation).
      12. Картопляники/ Kartoplyaniki (Potatocutlets).
      13. (Малосольное) филе сельди с горячим картофелем/ Salted herring fillets with hot potatoes.
      14. Налистники с мясом (Nalistniki with meat)/Pancakes with meat and mushroom sauce);
      15. Паштеты ассорти/ Pate platter (usually made from the liver, most commonly chicken).
      16. Рыба под маринадом/ Fish marinated
      17. Сало (or) шпик (соленое, копченое, с перцем) /Lard or salted pork fat (salty, smoked, with pepper).
      18. Свекольная икра/ Beetroot spread (Beet, stewed or boiled with spices, mayonnaise, fried onions)
      19. Соленья русские в ассортименте: огурцы солёные и малосольные, помидоры солёные и маринованные/ Russian pickles in assortment: salted, fresh-salted and pickled cucumbers, salted and pickled tomatoes.
      20. Холодец (or) студень/ Aspic or jelly (a dish of thickened to a gelatinous mass on cooling beef broth with chunks of meat). Usually served with horseradish and mustard.
      21. Тефтели/ Meatballs.
      22. Язык говяжий с хреном/ Beef tongue with horseradish.

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Mimosaherring-under-the coat

    1. Винегрет/ Vinaigrette (A classical mix from beet, cabbage, potatoes and onions).
    2. Оливье“/ Classic salad “Olivie” (Abroad also known as “Russian salad” or “potato salad.” Classic Ingredients: boiled potatoes, boiled sausage (named “Doctor”), hard boiled eggs, salted (pickled) cucumbers, green peas (canned), mayonnaise, fennel).
    3. Крабовый салат/ Crab salad (classic ingredients: crab  sticks, canned sweet corn, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and salt).
    4. Мимоза/ Mimosa (main ingredients are cheese, eggs, canned fish, onion, butter and mayonnaise).
    5. Сельдь (селёдка) под шубой/ “Herring under a fur coat”(Salad made of fillet of a salted herring, intercalated potatoes, eggs, onions and beetsand mayonnaise).

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First course


    1. Борщ/ Borsch  (main ingredients:  cabbage garden, potatoes, carrots, beet, onion, meat). Usually is served with a sour cream.
    2. Гороховый суп с копченостями      (с копчёным мясом)/ Pea soup with smoked meat.
    3. Окрошка/ Okroshka/ Hash (cold kvass or kefir soup with chopped vegetables, cucumbers, potatoes, spring onion, ham, egg, greens, sour cream).
    4. Рассольник/ Rassolnik   /Cucumber soup
    5. Солянка/ Solyanka (Solyankas are of three types: meat, fish and mushroom]. Basis of solyanka is sour – salty and hot because of addition of such components, as pickles, olives, capers, a lemon, kvass, salty or marinaded mushrooms.  Solyanka unites components of Russian cabbage soup (cabbage, sour cream) and of rassolnik (pickles, a cucumber brine). In meat solyankas there is a fried boiled meat of different types, smoked meat and sausage products.  In fish solyankas — boiled, salty, smoked red fish (sturgeon).  In all solyankas there are a lot of spices:  pepper, parsley and fennel).
    6. Суп с потрохами/ Soup with giblets.
    7. Уха/ Fish soup (Russian national liquid dish, kind of soup. Ingredients: fish, onion, carrots, potatoes).
    8. Щи/ Schi/ Russian cabbage soup (Main ingredients: cabbage, fresh or pickled, vegetable mass (sorrel, nettles, turnips), meat or fish, in rare cases, mushrooms, roots (eg, carrots, parsley), spices (onion, celery, garlic, dill,pepper, bay leaf). The soup is often served with sour cream.

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Second course

vareniki-1 Cherry dumplings with cherry sauce and mintbeef-Stroganoffroastzrazykiev-cutletsPozharskiye-cutletspelmeni

    1. Биточки/Bitochki/ meatballs (small round chopped meat cutlets. Also the dishes of a similar kind prepared of fish.
    2. Вареники/  Vareniki/ Russian dumplings of a special size  (fresh dough is rolled in a thin layer from which they cut round, oblique-angled or square pieces and they wrap  a stuffing in it, which can be a cooked meat, stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, or fresh berries: cherries, blueberries, strawberries.
    3. (Говядина) Бифстроганов or Бефстроганов/ Beef Stroganoff – the popular dish of the Russian cuisine prepared from small cut slices of beef, filled with hot cream sauce. There may also be the name “Beef Stroganoff”, “Boeuf a la Stroganoff”.
    4. Голубцы/ Golubtsy  – a dish of Middle Eastern and European cuisine, which consists of a minced meat with boiled rice and / or buckwheat wrapped in cabbage leaves. There are varieties with various fillings.
    5. Жаркое/ Roast (meat, stewed with potatoes, other vegetables and spices after preliminary roasting or without it.It is served with plenty of broth and without additional side dish (often – in a pot).
    6. Зразы/ Zrazy/ meat cutlets or meatloaf  with various stuffing (can be with mushrooms, potatoes, green onions, eggs, rice and vegetables).
    7. Котлета по-киевски/ Cutlet in a Kiev style (a kind of the cutlet, consisting of the beaten-off chicken fillet with a wrapped cold butter inside. This cutlet has an ellipsoidal form. Baked with pre-breaded egg and daubed. Additional ingredients can be the following: grated cheese, mushrooms, parsley, egg yolk etc.
    8. Котлеты Пожарские/ Pozharskiye’s cutlets (meat dish from forcemeat of a bird and covered with bread).
    9. Пельмени/ Pelmeni  (a dish of boiled products of unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat or fish. Different stuffings: veal, poultry, pork, fish. Usually are served with sour cream).
    10. Fish can be fried, boiled, baked. The most popular fish species are: карп, осетрина, белуга, судак, форель, щука, сёмга/ Carp, sturgeon, white sturgeon, walleye, trout, pike, salmon.

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Side dishes


  1. Вареная кукуруза/ boiled corn
  2. Гречневая каша/ buckwheat
  3. Капуста тушёная/ cabbage stew
  4. Картофель в мундире/ “jacket” potato (with the peel)
  5. Картофель жареный с грибами/ fried potatoes with mushrooms
  6. Картофельное пюре/ mashed potatoes
    1. Сметана/ sour cream
    2. Хрен (свекольный)/ (beet) Horseradish
    3. Горчичный соус/ Mustard sauce

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      1. Блин(ы)/ pancake(s) (can have various suffing)
      2. Вареники/ Vareniki (see above)
      3. Гурьевская каша/ Gurievskaya porridge (porridge prepared from semolina milk with nuts (filberts, walnuts, almonds), dried fruit)
      4. Киевский торт/ Kiev cake (consists of two air-nut meringue cakes with layers of cream. Surface of the cake is decorated with various creams, lateral surface is sprinkled with walnut crumbs of hazelnuts)
      5. Оладьи/ small pancakes=fritters (culinary product, fried cakes of batter that is mixed with water or milk, based on flour and eggs. They differ from pancakes by the use of soda or yeast in the dough, making pancakes more fluffy)
      6. Пирожное/ small cake. The most popular are the following: СЕВЕР (Sever),  Буше (Buche), Картошка (Kartoshka)
      7. Плюшка/ Bun (the sweet bun twisted by a bow. Usually stuffed by sugar, has cinnamon covering)
      8. Самовар чая с вареньем, пряниками, сухарями, сушками, бубликами*/Tea samovar with jam, gingerbreads (the flour confectionery baked of special gingerbread dough; for a rich taste the additional ingredients can be the following: honey, nuts, candied fruits, raisins, fruit or berry jam. Usually  gingerbreadis a slightly convex plate in the middle of a rectangular, round or oval form. On the top part you can usually find the inscription or simple drawing or the layer of confectionery sugar glaze), cookies, sykhari ((bakery, sliced ​​and dried)) and sushka, bagels (culinary product, wheat dough ring, boiled in water (or treated with hot steam) and then baked) * listed sweets can be easily found and bought in stores
      9. Сметанник/Smetannik (confectionery flour product. Could be a cake based on sour  or cottage cheese made ​​of thin dough stuffed with sour cream. Traditional recipe involves the use of fresh sour cream as toppings. In addition to the main ingredients the cake can include raisins, almonds, sweet spices, jam, condensed milk, lemon peel)
      10. Сырники/ Russian small cheesecakes (curd fritters which can be made with raisins and served with sour cream)
      11. Творожная запеканка/ Cottage cheese baked pudding
      12. Торт «Наполеон»/ Cake “Napoleon” (layer cake or a cream cake. Prepared from puff pastry with cream lining)
      13. Хворост/ Khvorost/ Brushwood (confection, thin and brittle cookies. Named for its similarity to the brushwood because of shape – fallen tree branches)

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Soft drinks
      1. Квас/ Kvass (Traditional Slavic sour drink that is prepared on the basis of fermentation of malt and flour (wheat, barley) or dry rye bread, sometimes with the addition of herbs, honey, honeycomb, and is made from beets, fruits and berries).
      2. Кефир/ Kefir (unique sour-milk product of the mixed fermentation).
      3. Компот/ Compote in assortment: from prunes; from dried apples and etc.
      4. Морс/ Morse (non-carbonated soft drink. Mors is prepared from native raw materials, mainly from lingonberry and cranberry).
      5. Сбитень/ Sbiten (Old East Slavic drink made of water, honey and spices, medicated herbals can be also added to the beverage).
      6. Узвар/ Uzvar-drink from pears, apples, cherries and plums
      7. Чай из самовара/ Tea from a samovar

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