The commercial transport

Commercial transport vs public transport

The difference between the public transport and the commercial transport:

  • the appearance –  commercial buses which look in the same way as the regular ones have the “K” letter in front of the number and the minibuses are always the commercial buses;
  • the differences in stops – the public transport stops only at the stops of public transport, the commercial transport – anywhere on the route upon the request (the polite form of request is «остановите, пожалуйста» you can see it on the section «No language barrier»);
  • the speed of driving is faster,
  • the fare is more expensive (35 rubles and more if you are going to the suburbs).
  • The fare is paid directly to the driver. 2 people who sit behind the driver usually pass the money (the cash and the change) to the driver.

The advice-

  •  If you use the commercial transport, say or show the address in advance – the commercial buses can miss the stops, so you will be misleaded when to get out.
  • If you are standing not at the 1st stop of the transport you should hitch-hike it.
  • The buses with the same number but the absence or presence of the “K” letter have different routes, be attentive!