Dear travelers and connoisseurs of life adventures and opportunities! I am glad and proud to be able to offer you the chances to win great prizes that can stay in your memories for a long time.

Welcome to the contests!
Welcome to the contests!

Here is a current giveaway:

1. St. Petersburg (Russia). 1 winner=2 Hermitage tickets.The prize is available till the 30th of December 2015. The rules of the giveaway are easy, you can read them there.

Here are the past contests:
  1. St. Petersburg (Russia). 1 winner=2 Petersburg Cards (great city-passes for exploring the city). The prize is available till the 30th of December 2015. Read the rules there.
  2. St. Petersburg (Russia). 1 winner. The prize is a free cake (1 kg) from my St. Petersburg friend-partner Katya, who makes delicious cakes! Rules and detailed information are mentioned in my vk group (you can click on the banner on the right). Enjoy the prize! конкурс

Click on the contests and enjoy winning the prizes!

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