Petersburg Card. Contest


You can win TWO 2-days city passes for St. Petersburg (Russia). The prizes are provided by Petersburg Card – the operator of a popular tourist service, which includes free entrance to the best attractions and tours, a rechargeable transport pass, cost-saving special offers and discounts (for the detailed information about the card, please, visit the website).

You can get acquainted with this magic city in advance by reading their booklet that is available both online and offline, by checking out  the articles on this website, and, finally, firsthand by  using the Petersburg Card for a dream-trip to Cultural capital of Russia.

Enjoy these opportunities; enjoy your trip to Russia!

  • You will have free entrance to more than 30 museums, so you will save money;
  • You will enjoy for free hop-on hop-off red bus that shows the best attractions of the city, also you would be able to join free guided tours mentioned in Petersburg Card booklet;
  • You will be able to make a present to your nearest and dearest person who is planning a trip to St. Petersburg and impress that person with your generosity;
  • Your family and friends will be amazed at how talented and interesting an author you can be, you will also receive numerous compliments for your story and feel a lot of support and … drive!
  • Also you will learn more about world heritage while reading the stories of your competitors, you will have a chance to ask them the questions and that may result in planning a new trip!

 Aren’t these reasons enough to start recalling one of the best time activities of your life?

All detailed information about the contest is provided below.

You can track the news on this page, on facebook page of the group, on the page of contest, on twitter (Yulia_S_gtmy), on the page of Petersburg Card (Official website,, page of the contest), on page in social network

The winners of Petersburg Card contest

Petersburg Card team and Glad to meet you are happy to announce the winners of the contest – Eva and Ricardo -the couple that desibed their Barcelona Card experience. Our sincere congratulations, we are sure that you will enjoy the cards!

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Boston case. Petersburg Card contest

Boston case. The first, I hope, not the last city-pass use. I am not very sure that Boston was a city to explore with a city pass, but I’ve got that card as a present to my birthday and couldn’t refuse visiting the set of activities. In comparison with St. Petersburg which offers a lot […]

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New York is definitely a city of opportunities. Petersburg Card contest

The story happened several years ago. When my girlfriend and I  first decided to visit New York city, there was such a big number of ideas about what to do and where to go that the most reasonable way for getting to know the city was to buy New York city pass. The planning was […]

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A list of participants

Here are the stories which were sent to participate in Petersburg Card contest. They are absolutely unique, showing the experience of the following travellers: Eva&Ricardo. Unforgettable long weekend in Barcelona. The story was received on the 7th of December at 5.39 pm SL. New York is definitely a city of opportunities. The story was received […]

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Unforgettable long weekend in Barcelona. Petersburg Card contest

Everybody knows that Barcelona is an expensive city, interesting, surprising, amazing… but very expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to visit the museums and good places of the city in a budget way- as in other well-attended cities of the world there is an opportunity to buy“BarcelonaCard”. That is a good helper and it saves […]

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Petersburg Card. Rules of the contest

Here you can find  all the information about the contest: COMPETITION ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS THE FORM OF APPLICATION RULES CHOOSING A WINNER TIMELINE PRIZE DELIVERY DISCLAIMER COMPETITION Petersburg Card in partnership with offer you the chance to win TWO 2-days city passes for St. Petersburg (Russia). The theme of the contest is the most exciting […]

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 Do not forget to share information about the contest with your friends – let the real literary duel start =)

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