East Asian cuisine in Russia

Here you can find the meals of Tatar, Uzbek,  Tajikistan and Korean cuisines.

  1. Appetizers
  2. Salads
  3. Pastries
  4. First course
  5. Second course
  6. Sauces
  7. Desserts
  8. Drinks



  • Гульбахор (Рулетики из баклажан, фаршированные грецкими орехами, зеленью) / Gulbakhor( Fried eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts, greens andnutsinsour-sweetsauce)
  • Казы (кази) вареные (Вареная конская колбаса)/ Boiled kazy (Homemade horse sausage)
  • Сыр «Курт» (Домашний сыр шариками) / Cheese “Curt” (Homemade cheese balls) To the top


  • kystybysamsa
    • Кыстыбый/ Kystyby (hot cakes of unleavened dough, folded in half, stuffed with potatoes or wheat or onions, etc)
    • Самса/ Somsa (Baked from laminated dough, filled with chopped mutton)

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      • Капуста со свеклой / Cabbage with beetroot, carrots, vegetables (carrot, pepper, cabbage) – a little bit spicy
      • Кимчхи или чимчи (острый салат из квашеной капусты, редиса и пряностей)/ Kimchi or chimchi (spicy salad of pickled cabbage, radish and spices).
      • Корейская морковка/ Korean carrot salad (carrots, onions, sugar, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil)To the top

        First course 

      • chuchvara-recept

      • Окрошка на айране (Кислое молоко, телятина, овощи) / Hash on airan (Sour-milk soup with veal and vegetables)
      • Чучвара-шурва (Узбекские пельмени в бульоне с поджаркой)/ Chuchvara Soup (Uzbek dumplings in bouillon with fried dish).

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Second Course


    • Шашлыки/ Shish kebabs (mutton, pork and beef)
    • Манты  (Крупные паровые пельмени)/ Manti (Traditional Central Asian dish. Big steamed dumplings with chopped meat (usually muttons) (can beserved fried)
    • Узбекский плов с бараниной (Традиционное узбекское блюдо из баранины и риса с восточными специями и приправами; подается с овощным салатом)/ Uzbek lamb plov  (Traditional Uzbek dish made from lamb and rice with oriental spices; served with vegetable salad)
    • Чучвара / Chuchvara (Tiny home-made dumplings deep boiled or fried with sour cream).

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    • Айвовый (Кисло-сладкий) / Quince (sour-sweet)
    • Анорли (гранатовый )/Anorly (pomegranate)
    • Бахор (Кисло-сладкий томатный)/ Bakhor (Sweet-sourtomato)
    • Лози (Жгучий) / Lozy (Hotsauce)

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    • Пахлава с орехами / Pakhlava with nuts
    • Сарма/ Sarma(Sarma-subtle delicacy, really rich taste for true aesthetes: the traditional basis of dough soaked in honey,with the addition of selected large walnut halves noble)
    • Чак-чак (Восточная медовая выпечка) / Chack-chack (Oriental honey pastry)To the top


      • Айран / ayran
      • Чай/ tea (they have a culture of tea drinking)
      • Шербет / Sherbet (a traditional drink in the East, prepared from wild rose or licorice and various spices. Currently chefs call sorbet special kinds of soft drinks and fruit juices with added sugar and spice icecream).

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