Extra indoor and outdoor activities in St. Petersburg

People differ so while visiting another city or country everyone has a special “bucket list” of desired activities. Not everyone has the crave for visiting museums and churches during vacation, so here is the list of other, extra outdoor and indoor activities.

1. Entertaining center Maza Park,

located in the big Mall «Континент»(“Continent”), 30-32 Bukharestskaya ulitsa (улица Бухарестская), subway «Бухарестская»  (the website is in Russian). It works from 10am to 6am. I have been there for my Birthday, I loved it!

They do not allow bringing food and beverages to the entertaining part of the mall, if you get hungry, you can visit their food-court or try to find one in the mall.

2. Entertaining center Maza Park,

located at 14а Hoshimina street (ул. Хошимина), subway «Проспект Просвещения»  (the website is in Russian). It works from 10am to 6am.

They have the same activities except Laser room, Board games,   Segway, Cinema and  Massage chairs.

3. Mirror MazePikabolo” (“Пикаболо”),

3 Nevsky prospect (Невский пр., 3), website. It works daily from 12pm to 12am. They say about themselves: “Walk the winding pathways of the Mirror Maze to embark on a wondrous journey into the world of new emotions, reversed music, a play of light and shadow”.

4. The maze of fear (Лабиринт страха),

Невский пр., 3, website.  It works daily from 12pm to 12am. They say about themselves: “Scary sounds, shaky lights, unpredictable traps and the atmosphere of Hollywood horror movies – the darkness of Maze of Fear catacombs is broken now and then by the screams of horrified yet happy visitors. Do you have the guts to face your fears?”

5. Gagarin Park (Гагарин Парк),

attractions at Park Pobedy (Парк Победы), 25 Kyznetsovskaya street (ул.Кузнецовская)  (the website is in Russian).

6. Attractions near Theater of Young Spectators (TUZ –  ТЮЗ),

1, Pionerskaya ploshad (Пионерская площадь). During the winter time there is a  skating rink. From time to time there are fairs with interesting international lots.

7. Amusement park “Planeta Leta”(«Планета Лета»),

Uzno – Primorsky Park, the corner of Doblesti street and Petergofskoye road (Южно-Приморский парк, угол улицы Доблести и Петергофского шоссе)  (the website is in Russian).

8. Park Skazok (Парк сказок),

park Imeni Babuchkina (парк им. Бабушкина), prospekt of Obykhovskaya Oborona (проспект Обуховской Обороны), 149, the website is in Russian.

9. Divo Ostrov (Диво-остров)

located on Krestovskiy Island, the website is in Russian

10. Horrors of St Petersburg Interactive Museum,

Marata street (улица Марата), 86, the website is in Russian

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