Matches of the Confederations Cup 2017, World Cup 2018 and the European Championship in 2020

According to the project schedule of FIFA World Cup St. Petersburg will host matches of the group stage, 1/8, 1/2 finals and the match for the 3rd place of World Cup 2018. Also St. Petersburg is going to host matches of the Confederations Cup 2017, World Cup 2018 and the European Championship in 2020.  In order to get relevant information, please, visit the official website http://россиясанкт-петербург/fifa-russia

Also the list of cities participating in the 2018 World Cup includes Moscow, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Saransk.

Changes in the transport and pedestrian infrastructure of St. Petersburg for the World Cup 2018

City authorities are planning to implement several new transport projects for the World Cup 2018.

  • City authorities plan to ensure the transportation of organized groups of fans from Pulkovo Airport to the stadium “Zenit Arena” will take 24 minutes.
  • City authorities plan to reconstruct Admiral Lazarev and Pesochnaya embankments with access to the Leontievskiy Mys and Vasilevsky Island.
  • City authorities are planning to continue construction of the quay Makarova with a bridge over the river Smolenka (section from the transport link across the island Sernyy to Admiralteyskiy Proezd. It is planned to create a cable-stayed bridge across the island Sernyy which will be the only transportation link from Vasilyevsky Island available 24/7. It will become a part of a traffic-lights-free route from the “Pulkovo” airport to the new stadium on Krestovsky island.
  • City authorities are planning construction of the central section of the Western High Speed ​​Diameter for connecting the southern and northern part of the city bypassing the center.
  • City authorities are planning construction of exit from the Western High Speed ​​Diameter to Vasilevsky Island,
  • City authorities are planning to create a pedestrian bridge (“Bridge of the Champions”) at the site of Yachtennaya street (near “Piterland” mall), which will connect Krestovsky island to the Northern part of the city. It is planned to be situated under the Western High Speed Diameter, connecting Park of 300th anniversary and Primorskiy Victory Park.

The bridge will be pedestrian, but for the matches of the football world championship it will be also used for players’ transportation. For the participating in the 2018 World Cup teams which will choose the base in Zelenogorsk and Sestroretsk, this will be the most direct route to the stadium.

The capacity of the bridge is planned to be 30 thousand people per hour. It will also have the fan zone, shops, representatives of sports organizations, cafes and restaurants. According to the technical documentation, the length of the bridge, designed for two lanes of traffic – 491.9 m, width – 16-17 m sidewalks and bikeways.

  • City authorities are planning to make a multilevel interchange intersection of Pulkovo Highway and Dynaiskiy Avenue. This project will provide faster and more convenient access to the airport Pulkovo.
  • City authorities are planning to add the cable car road which will go through Krestovsky Island and connect Vasileostrovskiy and Primorsky districts. Cableway will consist of two lines of different directions. 18 special booths will accommodate 35 people.
  • Also preparation for the World Cup 2018 includes reconstruction of Tuchkov Bridge.
Seven new subway stations will appear in St. Petersburg by 2020

The website “RIA Novosti” published the St. Petersburg subway scheme from 2020. Subway construction plan for the period up to 2020 suggests working on four subway lines, three of which already exist (3, 4, 5 lines) and will be extended, the fourth line is being projected.

“Novokrestovskaya” station will provide easy access to the new stadium “Zenith Arena” on Krestovsky island. In 2017 the stadium will host the games of Confederations Cup, in 2018 there will be global football tournament.

In addition, the second exit will be built out of the “Baltiyskaya” station, where the city authorities are planning to create transport hub. It will include parking lots and areas for public transport.

Aeroexpress (light rail tram) will link Pulkovo airport and subway station “Kupchino” for the 2018 World Cup

According to the project, light rail tram will pass through the following stations: Pulkovkoe highway, Sheremetevskaya street, 5th Predportovy proezd, subway station “Zvezdnaya” and prospect Cosmonavtov. The final destination will be the subway station “Kupchino”.

The length of the line will be about 11 km. Average speed of the tram, consisting of two cars will reach 50 km / h, and the route will take about 20 minutes.

Akvabuses may bring fans to the World Cup 2018

Melik Sarkisyan, General Director of the only St. Petersburg’s river carrier LLC “MBS”, presented the new akvabus to the journalists and shared his plans to participate in transportation of the football fans. The akvabus-catamaran has 30 seats, is equipped with bio toilet system and Wi-Fi.

According to the director, new akvabuses will relieve the intense flow of the fans from city center to the stadium during the World Cup matches. However, the project is still under discussion and a final decision on it yet.


During the days of World Cup 2018 matches in St. Petersburg the city authorities plan to organize special buses for the fans. These bus routes will connect subway stations “Petrogradskaya”, “Vasileostrovskaya” and “Chkalovskaya” with the new stadium “Zenit Arena’ on Krestovsky island. These buses will run every two minutes.

Reconstruction of transport facilities

For the World Cup 2018 city authorities plan to reconstruct the Baltiyskiy, Vitebskiy, Ladozhskiy, Moscovskiy, Finlyandskiy railway stations and passenger port “Morskoi facade”.

Decorating the city

For the World Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg city authorities will make decorative improvements of the city

It is reported that for the world football tournament to the existing amount of flowers, which is about 8 million, St. Petersburg is planning to cultivate 350 thousand extra flowers, to establish 1830 flower boxes and lighting poles structures, 80 mobile constructions for the vertical planting gardening and 500 vases. Flowers will appear on the main routes of movement of participants and spectators of the FIFA Confederations Cup and the World Cup.

Also, local authorities will work on improvement of 30 objects of common use of green space and street landscaping. These activities are scheduled to take place on the territory of the Petrogradskiy, Pushkinskiy, Petrodvortsovskiy and Primorsky districts of St. Petersburg. In particular the landscaping shall be improved at Udelniy park (training base of FC “Zenit”), Petrovskiy Park (stadium “Petrovskiy”), Primorsky Victory Park (stadium “Zenit Arena”), Mariental park (Stadium “Olympiets”) and Alexandrovskiy Park (stadium “Raketa”).

Floating fountain may appear near the “Zenit Arena” in St. Petersburg for World Cup 2018

It is noted that this will be a fountain, which has already been installed from 2006 to 2009 in the area of ​​the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. The reason of its dismantling was financial crisis.

Football stadiums

Stadium “Zenit Arena” on Krestovsky island will have a capacity of 68,000 spectators. “Zenit Arena” will have withdrawable field and will serve at least 50 years. Withdrawable field, which is planned for the “Zenith Arena”, exists only at four stadiums in the world (withdrawable field – a kind of box with the engineering content of 120 to 80 m and weighing 9000 tonnes, which with the use of hydraulic machines can be moved to the arena of the stadium and back into the technical room).

New stadium in St. Petersburg will host matches of the Confederations Cup 2017, the 2018 World Cup and the European Championship in 2020.

Stadium “Petrovskiy”, “Smena”, “Dinamo” and “Kirovets” are being prepared to be used as training grounds intended for precontest trainings.

National teams, which will choose St. Petersburg as place of dislocation for the duration of the  World Cup 2018 will be also coached in the suburbs. Lists of 64 hosting bases and 113 training centers throughout the territory of the Russian Federation will be transferred to the football federations of states, which will get into the final of the World Cup. Only after that the teams will be able to choose their places of dislocation.

Saint Petersburg for fans

Development of transport plan for 2018

There is a competition for the development of the transport plan In St. Petersburg. The winner will have to assess the capacity of all types of urban transport, to develop primary and backup routes of official delegations, determine the routes of the shuttle and prepare the layout of parking.

In addition, the contractor will suggest ways to improve the management of urban passenger transport. Also, the winner will have to develop a system of information for local residents, foreign and non-resident visitors on the routes to the stadium on Krestovsky Islands and other objects of the FIFA World Cup, and participants of traffic about temporary changes during the tournament.

The whole public transport system of St. Petersburg will be equipped with PayPass for the World Cup 2018

In preparation of the transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the entire urban public transport, including private, will be equipped with a cashless payment system PayPass. This was announced by the head of the Committee on Transport, Alexander Vorobyov.

The system MasterCard PayPass is a contactless payment technology which allows MasterCard PayPass and Maestro PayPass card holders possibility of paying by a close holding or touching the card or phone to the payment terminal reader instead of swiping or inserting it into the terminal.

At the moment the readers of Master Card Pay Pass are installed on one wicket in each of the 72 stations of Petersburg subway. the number of turnstiles with PayPass may be increased with the positive result of the first cashless payments experiment. Implementing the system on land routes in Pulkovo is also in the plans of the city authorities.

St. Petersburg starts to prepare volunteers for the 2018 World Cup

In St. Petersburg under the city program “10 Steps of good”, which was developed by the Committee of Youth Policy, it’s members presented the project “#NaStarte”. The project is supported by the “Volunteer Corps 2018″ which is recruiting volunteers to work for the upcoming sport events, including the World Hockey Championship 2016, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, FIFA World Cup 2018 and the European Football Championship in 2020.

Fans’ Camping could be held near St. Petersburg for the 2018 World Cup

Camping for the fans who will attend the FIFA World Cup in 2018 is being discussed in St. Petersburg. According to officials, many guests and fans of the 2018 World Cup will arrive in St. Petersburg on their own car, especially from Scandinavia. In this regard, it would be inadmissible to allow the passage of vehicles to the stadium. “It would be nice to provide some campsites at the entrance to the city, which would include a function to store a car and affordable accommodation” – said Nikolay Asaul, deputy of minister of transport.

These camps could be arranged next to the federal highway “Scandinavia” and “Narva”. They would be designed for 1000-1500 cars and would be able to provide accommodation for motorhomes, tents, as well as to provide affordable housing. One of these zones could appear in Sestroretsk.

Modular hotels may appear in St. Petersburg in 2018

At a meeting with representatives of the City Tourism Committee and the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg Polish company Unibep representative announced that modular hotels are in great demand among volunteers and fans of World Cup. It takes six months to build them, they can be built for the period of the championship, and then could be moved to another location. Their quality does not usually differ from four-star hotels, the rooms are equipped in the same way.

Yet there is no decision on the construction of modular accommodations for the world football championship in St. Petersburg.


In addition, during the World Cup the city will set up the fan zone, which will host the festival fans. As suggested earlier, this event can be held on the Palace Square.

The questions of providing necessary safety levels, monitoring environmental conditions at the facilities, attracting volunteer movement will be also worked out for the period of Mundial.

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