General information about St. Petersburg

          St. Petersburg (the historical order of the names was the following: St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-St. Petersburg) – the federal city in northwestern Russia, the second major (after Moscow) economic, industrial, scientific and cultural center, a major transport hub; the administrative center of Leningrad region and the North-West Federal District, the center of Saint-Petersburg metropolitan area. The city has the status of a Hero.
St. Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The historical downtown and the related complexes of monuments are included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Geography of the city

        St. Petersburg – is the most northern from among the largest cities of the world. Its geographical coordinates – 59 °57′ north latitude and 30 °19′ east longitude.

        The well-known Petersburg’s white nights (the phenomenon at which the sun goes down by no more than 9 ° and evening twilight practically merges with morning- the light time of the day lasts for about 14-18 hours) can be explained due to location at high latitudes.

          The tourists who visit St Petersburg during the white nights (from the middle of May to the middle of July) will see the silhouettes of the drawn Petersburg bridges.


        There are moderately cold winters and warm summers -in summer the average temperature is about 18 °C, in winter — −10°C). The weather is often cloudy, windy. There are just about 60 sunny days (or less) during the whole year, at other time it is raining or snowing or about to rain or snow!!!  Anyway, be ready for any weather!


        St-Petersburg is a Russian-speaking city. People on the streets are ready to help, even if it is not noticeable before you ask. If they can’t explain the needed information in your language, they can indicate the direction (if you show a map or name the address is a correct way). The fact is that Petersburgers usually know one or two  foreign languages, so that they can answer your questions, give you advice, wish a good trip and even go with you a reasonable distance.

        In the center of the city the names of streets, avenues are duplicated into English. Nevertheless, the announcements of public transportation are made only in Russian. The drivers of commercial routes can understand the names of the destinations only if they are written or spoken in Russian.

          I would advise you to get acquainted with the Russian alphabet before traveling. With the help of the subsection “no language barrier” you will understand that the language is not as complicated and difficult to pronounce as you may think. Moreover, you will be more adapted for  stay in the city.

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