Public ground transport

Buses, trolleybuses and trams work from 6:00 until 24:00.The passengers can buy the ticket for the ride (they buy it in salon from the conductor) or use the transport card with money or rides on it. The travel card can be made for a certain type of transport, or can be made for all means of transport (you can find the information about the cards and their prices here). Public transport stops only at the places designated by special signs and indexes.

Advice –during the rush hours it is better to use the subway as it is quicker and easier.

You can enter the ground transport from any door. If there is no conductor in the vehicle, you should exit from the first door, paying the driver.

If you don’t have the card and you are going to pay with cash, you should pay the conductor for the ride or if there is no conductor, pay the driver of the bus. Save the ticket for the end of the ride. If you have the card for the payment you should enclose it to the special device,  which will withdraw the needed amount of money or rides from your card. When the conductor comes to you give him the card so he can check that you have already paid for the ride.

From time to time you can see the controller (a person who is wearing the uniform of the transport company, they have the logo “Мосгортранс” on the left sleeve of the coat or jacket) in the public ground transport. This person is checking the passengers’ tickets (if you have the card – give the card so he will check it on the device, if you have the ticket – show the ticket). The fine for the conscious ride without the ticket is 1000 rubles.

Advice – Public transport is not a good place to exchange money. If possible give the exact change or give small banknotes.


The fare for a ride in the city by public buses is 25 rubles. If you are going to the suburb by the bus the price of the ride is 35 or higher according to the distance from the city.


The fare for the ride is 25 rubles. There are few routes of this transport. Unfortunately there is no route in the historical center.


The fare for the ride is 25 rubles.