Hermitage through my eyes

After viewing the photos, you can find my most favorite places of the Hermitage, hopefully they interest you, too.

Photos of Hermitage halls

Photos of Hermitage pictures

The rest artworks of the Hermitage

Interiors in conjunction with exhibits on the premises:

Halls (in my list there are only 31) are listed in an increasing order of numbering (you can download the plans of the Hermitage to mark the rooms you are interested in). I advise you to start viewing exhibits from the second floor, and then move to the others.

In order to see the 3d panoramic views on the official webpage of the Hermitage, you should type the Russian names to the search field (among the options you will see something like Зал B20_F2_H204_Павильонный_зал), and click on the link and after that choose the 2nd button “ПОКАЗАТЬ В 3D”. Otherwise, you will not even see such an option on the English version of the website.

  1. 100 Hall of Ancient Egypt Зал древнего Египта 
  2. 107 Hall of Jupiter. Art of Rome I – IV centuries. Зал Юпитера. Искусство Рима I – IV вв.
  3. 128 Hall of the Big vase. Art of Rome era emperors Trajan and Hadrian, the end of I – II cc. Зал Большой вазы. Искусство Рима эпохи императоров Траяна и Адриана, конец I – II в.
  4. 153 Portrait Gallery of the Romanov family Портретная галерея дома Романовых
  5. 178 Library of Nicholas II Библиотека Николая II
  6. 189 Malachite Room Малахитовая гостиная 
  7. 194 Peter’s Hall (Small Throne Room) Петровский (Малый тронный) зал 
  8. 195 Armorial Hall Гербовый зал 
  9. 198 Georgievsky Hall (Big Throne Room) Георгиевский (Большой тронный) зал 
  10. 204 The Pavilion Hall Павильонный зал
  11. 207 The Hall of Renaissance Italy XIII -XV centuries. Зал искусства Италии эпохи Возрождения XIII -XVвв.
  12. 214 Hall of Leonardo da Vinci Зал Леонардо да Винчи 
  13. 227 Loggias of Raphael Лоджии Рафаэля 
  14. 229 Raphael hall Зал Рафаэля 
  15. 230 Hall of frescoes by Raphael Зал фресок Рафаэля 
  16. 237 Small Italian headroom Малый итальянский просвет 
  17. 238 Big Italian headroom Большой итальянский просвет 
  18. 239 Spanish headroom Испанский просвет 
  19. 241 Gallery History of Ancient Painting. The exhibit: European sculpture of the XIX century. Галерея истории древней живописи. Экспозиция: Европейская скульптура XIX в. 
  20. 242 Nicholas ladder  – there are stunning sculptures around the perimeter of the space above it Николаевская лестница 
  21. 243 Knights’ Hall Рыцарский зал 
  22.  245 Room of the  Flanders Art of XVII. There are the places for sitting (and contemplating the beauty)!!!! Зал искусства Фландрии XVII в.
  23. 247 Rubens hall Зал Рубенса 
  24. 248 Hall of Flemish and Dutch paintings Зал фламандской и голландской живописи 
  25. 254 The Rembrandt Room Зал Рембрандта 
  26. 282 Alexander Hall Александровский зал 
  27. 285 Hall of French Art of the XVIII century Зал искусства Франции XVIII века 
  28. 289 White hall Белый зал 
  29. 298 Room of British Art Зал искусства Великобритании 
  30. 304 Golden living room. The apartments of Empress Maria Alexandrovna Золотая гостиная. Апартаменты императрицы Марии Александровны 
  31. 306 Boudoir. The apartments of Empress Maria Alexandrovna Будуар. Апартаменты императрицы Марии Александровны 

I am, of course, happy to look at all the works of art during my walks in the museum, but my favorite route remains unchanged.

When you  visit the Hermitage for the first time, you shouldn’t dissipate attention to everything that is in the museum – you’ll quickly get tired and fed up with information and experiences; Always prepare to visit the museum, make a route that will suit your preferences, and it will remain in your memory for sure.

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