Kronshtadt isa port city in Russia, located on Kotlin Island, its surrounding  smaller islands of the Gulf of Finland and the dam.

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Construction of the city-fortress of Kronshtadt began in 1703 with the laying in the shallows near the island of Fort Kronshlot (translation – Crown Castle).
The purpose of the construction of the fortress was to close waterway that lead to the mouth of the Neva. In June 1704 the Swedish squadron of ships tried to break past Kronshlot, but it had no success.
In 1709, by order of Peter I the construction of marinas, harbors and warehouses for the fleet was launched. The first harbor was completed in 1714. In 1723 the construction of the main fortress began. The city itself was built according to the plans of the most successful architects of that time who were also working on the architecture of St. Petersburg.
In 1990 the historical center of the city was included into the list of  UNESCO World Heritage objects. In 2009 the city got the title of Hero-City (City of Military glory) as it’s citizens contributed a lot during the the National War 1941-1945.

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I hope the information above and the nice photos below will be a good reason to check all the places on your own.

Important information

Be aware that the city is surrounded by water, so it may be cold and windy during your walk. Take warm clothes and boots. Also, keep in mind that it is hard to find a product shop with a big range of products in historical center, so in addition to hot tea in thermos take some food.


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    • Monument of admiral Makarov
    • Naval Cathedral
    • Chapel of the Epiphany
    • Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir
    • Museum of the history of Kronstadt
    • Museum of Kronstadt Fortress


    There you can find some historical notes about the places that you are going to visit, the photos, some plans of the places of interest and, of course, information about fees and schedules. All the information can be saved and/or printed.

    Kronshtadt: how to get there

    By regular bus

  • from subway station «Chornaya Rechka» russia-petersburg-subway-2-line № К-405.
  • from subway station «Prospect Prosvesheniya»russia-petersburg-subway-2-line № К-407.
  • 300 meters away from subway station “Staraya Derevnya” you can catch a bus № 101. You should exit at “Grazhdanskaya St”, it will be the 6th stop.

By tourist bus

  • You could buy the tour tickets to Kronstadt near the tourist stands which are located near the mall Gostiniy Dvor, on Nevsky prospect.


    You can see the photos of this wonderful place in Instagram by searching #kronstadt, #кронштадт


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