Magic places of St. Petersburg

You can see a map of these places in the end of the article. Check it out! =)

1. Malaya Sadovaya street

As you may have noticed, you can make wishes for the whole family on Malaya Sadovaya street: the smallest of Petersburg’s streets has 5 lucky monuments: 2 cats, a photographer with a bulldog and ball-fountain.Magic-fountain-petersburg-on-Konushennaya-street

Ball fountain is a composition of a large heavy granite ball, weighing more than 700kg, rotating due to water pressure, and 12 granite steps for the water flows (of course, these things happen during the working period of the fountains). If you want your wish to come true, you just need to think about it and touch the ball (I do not advise to turn the ball or stop its rotation by force, it may damage the mechanism design). They say there is a kind of a “pore from the door into a dream”, located directly on the ball and which can be seen at good light composition. I have never seen that (as I have never tried), so I do not know whether it is true or not.

2. Palace Square – Alexander Column Hermitage-in-the-evening

It is said that every wish will be granted if a person walks three times around the column (clockwise), mentally focusing on his dream.


3. Fountain near the Admiralty petersburg-wish-place-fountain-Admiralty


It is located in the Alexander Garden, near Palace Square.

You can make a wish and throw a coin over your head back to the fountain, if you are facing the Admiralty. Then, without turning around, you should go ahead, so that the desire will be fulfilled in the future. If you are already tired of making wishes, you can  throw a coin into the fountain in order to visit St. Petersburg one day and to attend this particular place.


4. Potzeluyev Bridge petersburg-wish-place-potselyev-bridge


Glinka Street, 1, not far from Yusupovskiy palace.

Potzeluyev Bridge (the name is translated “the bridge of kisses”) has never been a drawbridge, so that lead to several signs. If lovers were kissing before parting, it would become a guarantee of a short separation. Also it was said that long kiss of loved ones on the bridge would be the key to a happy life together.

Here is the map of all the places. You can see the routes to each particular place by clicking on the car symbol.

Map of magic places of St. Petersburg

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Malaya Sadovaya street: 59.934366, 30.337565
Palace square (Дворцовая площадь): 59.939020, 30.316172
Fountain near the Admiralty (Фонтан у Адмиралтейства): 59.937085, 30.309134
Potselyev bridge (Поцелуев мост): 59.928066, 30.295122
Часовня на могиле Ксении Блаженной : 59.944319, 30.251391
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Malaya Sadovaya street
There you can find 5 magic statues and make wishes for the whole family!
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Palace square (Дворцовая площадь)
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Fountain near the Admiralty (Фонтан у Адмиралтейства)
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Potselyev bridge (Поцелуев мост)
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Часовня на могиле Ксении Блаженной
Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, Санкт-Петербург, Камская улица 24

You can also click on the QR sign (of a scanner), so that you will get a special code, which you can print and take with you without getting the addresses with directions. With a free app Scanvi your mobile device (ipod, any smart phone) will show you that real map, which you can zoom and do whatever you like =) Enjoy it! =)

Here is a self-made code

petersburg-Map of magic placesMap of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker through skanvi

And the scanned picture will appear like that (after showing you a 2 sec ad)

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