Military and soviet styled things

Clothing, headgear

Telnyashka (Тельняшка)russian-traditional-telnyashka

- the naval underclothes sweatshirt. Made of knitted fabric with alternating horizontal blue and white stripes.

Budenovka (Будёновка)russian-traditional-bydenovka

— a distinctive type of hat and an essential part of the  uniform of the Russian Civil War.

It is a soft, woolen hat that covers the ears and neck. The cap has a peak and folded earflaps that can be buttoned under the chin.

Shapka-ushanka (Шапка-ушанка)russian-traditional-shapka-ushanka

 – is sold as with faux fur as well as with real fur (which is more expensive, of course). Due to its popularity among tourists, you can see a huge variety of colors, even pink!

Peaked hat (Furazhka=Фуражка)russian-militsia-furajka

Forage-cap (Pilotka=Пилотка)

Everyday objects

Leather flask

Hiking glasses

Cigarette case

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