Museums with a free entrance

Have you heard anything about a free entrance to the museums of St. Petersburg? For the foreigners the list consists of 4 museums, you can check them out below.

Read more about this clocks in the proper section or check my review on Tripadvisor (Yulia_S_gtmy)
Hermitage. Read more about this clocks in the proper section or check my review on Tripadvisor (Yulia_S_gtmy)
  1. Hermitage – the 1st Thursday of each month (by the way, if you check, you can find information about monthly meetings of enthusiasts who want to explore the museum together). If you do not want to come to the opening of museum, to avoid lines you can take the free ticket in advance – on Wednesday’s evening.
  2. The State Museum of the History of Religion is free for all visitors for the first Monday of each month (except this November. The free entrance will be on the 10th of Novermber due to the pupil’s holidays). Here you can make a virtual tour for free.
  3. Zoological Museum -every last Thursday of each month (except the days of pupil’s holidays. this year the days are: autumn – 27.10- 05.11, winter – 29.12-12.01, spring – 23.03-01.04.) (Russian language only)
  4. Acad. F.N. Chernyshev Central Scientific Geological and Prospecting Museum – the entrance is free, if you are going without the tour guide. The museum works Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm (they are not working the last friday of the month) (choose the English version)

*The museums are listed according to the subjective author’s rating

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