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 Many thanks to all who have inspired me and my project, especially to my family and friends. During my work on the project I have been glad to work with clever, enthusiastic people who help me to expand the horizons of knowledge, to explore the world of amazing places and events for myself and for others.

I appreciate everyone who visited the website and I hope that all information listed here is accurate and useful.

        YOU can be my friend and partner

  •        If you liked this project, and you also like to travel worldwide to experience culture and fine arts  and if you are a optimistic energetic person, an enthusiastic photographer, a person who likes to write about your experiences, you can speak about favorite cities infinitely, I would be glad to get acquainted! I will be especially thankful  to the people who are the perfect guides in the following cities: Moscow, Tallinn, Vienna, Munich, Rome, Florence.
  •          If you appreciate information on the website and \or think that you can help the project grow, please refer others to the website and \or   show your financial appreciation as a reflection of your enjoyment of the city by clicking the button below!

    Here is the list of websites-friends and information partners (listed in a historical order of our agreements):

    Blog-fiesta blog-fiesta

    Time out time-out 

Городское туристско-информационное бюро Санкт-Петербурга

Petersburg Card



  • It is an online shop of clothes, shoes and accessMadeWishories, the handmade items made by Russian designers and stylists. Also Madewish offers visitors to be aware of fashion world events: exhibitions, markets, concerts, performances, film shows. Catalogue of other places will tell you about museums, galleries, theaters and concert venues of St. Petersburg.
Glad to have Russian blogger-friends

Открытая Кухня – there you will find tasty recipes of Russian and International cuisine!открытая кухня  – группа Петербургской конкурсмастерицы по созданию тортиков. Иногда разыгрываются вкуснейшие торты, следите за новостями группы

That is a group of delicious Petersburg cakes creator who is offering to win a cake from time to time! Keep an eye over the group news! =)

Glad to have international blogger-friends

Migrationology – a website about traveling migrationologyand finding the best food to try =)





borntotravel – a blog of Mark and Stefy, two interesting Italian backpackers around the globe. Mark e Stefy, due backpackers italiani in giro per il mondo in libertà.

DreamIntuition-picture-Jaclyn-Bousquet-artGlad to have a talented friend Jaclyn Bousquet, who makes amazing works of art.  You can see those on the pages of her personal art blog and, of course, you can purchase the available ones at her etsy store!

rushtrip blogGlad to have a Russian friend who is into traveling abroad with a minimum budget RushTrip – это увлекательный рассказ от первого лица о самостоятельных путешествиях по Европе в условиях крайне ограниченного времени.


If you think you can help the world to be healthier and happier, you can support The amFarFoundation for AIDS research, which unites celebrities and usual people all over the world. There is the link for donations

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