Hermitage. Giveaway

Dear readers of the website! I hope you remember the passed events of the previous year: an exciting Petersburg Card contest and a tasty competition =) this year is going to offer more entertaining and unbelievable options to you!petersburg-museum-Hermitage-statue

Now you are offered an opportunity to win the Hermitage tickets which also provide the permission for photographing and option of bypassing the line to the museum.  In order to understand the greatness of this offer, you should probably get acquainted with an Hermitage section of the website!

The rules of the Hermitage tickets giveaway are stated there.

While you are waiting for the results of the contest, you can find out the reasons of visiting Russia there,  of St. Petersburg here, know more about the beauty of St. Petersburg.

Keep track of the news, share this information to remember!

*read the main information about St. Petersburg in the language that you prefer!

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