Busy time with 2-day Petersburg Card. Off season weekend

In this article I am offering you, my friends a very eventful 2-day vacation in St. Petersburg with the help of Petersburg Card.

I have already reviewed the combo-cards for the travelers which allow to save a lot of money during city exploration. If you buy the cards online and plan your vacation ahead this card will also save your time (when you buy Petersburg Card, you can choose your hotel as a delivery place. The card will be delivered there and given you upon arrival).

Here are the options for an amazing Saturday and Sunday. You can move between the sights with the help of your Petersburg card that works like e-purse.

During the National holidays the museums are likely to be closed.


 Church Savior on Blood 

– the jewel of the cathedrals.

Amazing Savior-on-Blood

You will be surprised to know that the mosaic exposition of the Savior on Spilled Blood is one of the largest collections in Europe, its area is 7065 square meters.

Breathtaking view from one of the most fabulous Churches!

Be sure to find time to go to the cathedral, explore it from the outside and see the stunning interior.

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You can visit  Isaak Cathedral+  colonnade.

This is the biggest Orthodox cathedral in St. Petersburg. petersburg-st-isaacs-cathedral

This is the handiwork of architect Montferrand, for whom creation of the cathedral became a matter of life and lasted for as much as 40 years! The cathedral is surrounded by 112 monolithic columns, each of which could be hoisted into place in less than 10 minutes by the engineers of the 19th century. How? You can find information about this in museum.

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Menshikov PalaceMenchikov-palace-interior

the first building in St.Petersburg made of Menchikov-palacestone by the friend- comrade of Peter the Great. You can find there a lot of historical information both in Russian and English as well as amazing interiors.

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(works till 10pm) – is situated not far away from Menshikov palace.

Erarta-display Erarta-picture

In this museum you can find a variety of works of contemporary art, unexpected exhibitions and displays.


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– good offer for seeing the city for the first time. The bus provides the headphones with a variety of language.

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Peter & Paul fortress


I recommend a morning visit, because if you manage to visit the museums on its territory before noon, you will experience the cannon shot at 12pm and keep exploring the city. petersburg-petropavlovskaya-birds-view

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 Cabin of Peter 1 Cabin-of-Peter-the-great

the wooden house made specially for Peter the Great during just 3 days! That was the first house  in the future city St. Petersburg.

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Russian museum yulia s russian museum

The building is located in a grand Mikhailovsky Palace,  opened to public as the Russian Museum  since 1898. It contains paintings and sculptures by the world-famous Russian artists, sculptors.   Be sure to visit it!


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 Museum of Faberge

You can read the following information about museum on the website: “Fabergé museum is located in an elegant Neo-classical palace with unique historical interiors and holds a fabulous collection of more than 4000 artworks, including world’s largest collection of Fabergé Easter Eggs. Museum collection covers all areas of Fabergé activities”.

The free entrance for Petersburg card holders is only from 6pm to 9pm.

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Aquatorium of Peter the Great

- an interactive scale model of Saint Petersburg in the XVIII century with real water space.

The interactive museum works daily till 10 pm.

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Be attentive, this schedule is made solely for Saturday and Sunday, if you want to use the card during other 2 consecutive days, you need to check the working hours of each museum.

Even though Hermitage is not included into the Petersburg Pass, I would highly recommend you to visit this amazing palace-museum.


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