In order to get acquainted with that amazing place online, you can check the panoramic view there.


Important information

The fountains are open from the middle of May to the beginning of October, keep that in mind if you want to visit the suburb at another time. Usually, the oficial ceremony of closing the fountains is held in the middle of September, it is announced in advance.

Below you can watch the video of closing the fountains


  • The central fountains, of course;
  • the trick fountains with secret (which pour the water under special circumstances);
  • the upper garden and the lower park.

I do not consider visiting the Grand Palace an essential thing as it always has huge crouds, the price for the tickets is high and it is not as impressing as Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin or Hermitage.

Official website

There you can find some historical notes about the places that you are going to visit, the photos and some virtual panoramic views.

Peterhof: how to get there

The State Peterhof Museum Complex is located at 2 Razvodnaya Street
You can travel to the museum by public transport:


From Metro “Avtovo” : Buses 200, 210

The buses and minibuses go from the place mentioned in the picture  Avtovo2

Usually it takes longer to go by bus than minibus. When you get to the bus or minibus, say “Avtovo” – that will help you to get at the needed stop (as it is not the last one on the route).


  • From Metro “Avtovo” Minibuses 224, 300, 424, 424-A
  • From Metro “Leninskiy Prospekt” Minibuses 103 (K-224), 420
  • From Metro“Prospekt Veteranov” : Minibuses 343, 639 –б
  • From Metro“Baltiyskaya” : Minibus 404

Hydrofoils (water transport):

The docks are situated from left and right side of Dvortsoviy bridge. Here is one of the companies that has an English version of the website  (English). Their price is not the cheapest, but at least you can know some peculiarities of such a trip. 

None of the mentioned above means of transport sell you the entrance ticket to the parks of Peterhof – that will be an additional expense.


You can see the photos of that amazing place in Instagram by searching #Peterhof, #Петергоф


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