Dining out

There you will see the lists of different food places. Hope, with these ratings you will find a perfect place to get acquainted with Russian food culture.

You can see the links of restaurant search engines below, through which you can find good cafes/restaurants with food matching your preferences.

The following website is ideal for a restaurant search on the map. It is very convenient to see the names of the places, ratings, average check.


 Also you can use the following links: http://www.afisha.ru/spb/restaurants/,  http://spb.menu.ru,  http://allcafe.ru.

I would recommend you downloading a free Apple app Word Lens that works well with offline quick and correct translations of words and phrases.

Folklore restaurants of St. Petersburg

Entering these restaurants be ready to explore Russian folk-shows, the traditional interiors of different  and, of course, to eat tasty traditional food and try Russian drinks. Some of the places are considered to be the “tourist ones” due to a big number of tourists sitting there and eating obligatory sets of non-extraordinary food. I would […]

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Enjoy your meals!


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