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Pushkin (suburb)

 I hope these nice photos will be a good reason to check all the places on your own.


Pushkin-view2Girl with a pitcher fountain

 This city was named in a honour of a great russian poet and writer Aleksand Pushkin. The museum complex consists of 2 palaces, one of which is famous for an amber room (Catherine’s palace), and an amazing garden with picturesque views.

Important information

Be aware of the days off of the palaces (check the official website below), try to come to Catherine’s palace as early as possible to skip the huge lines which are always there.

If you want to see Catherine’s palace AND the park, you can buy a combo-ticket which costs less than 2 separate ones.


  • Catherine’s palace- Amber room
  • Cathrine’s park
  • Alexander palace
  • Alexander park
  • Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum which is now a part of a Russian Pushkin Museum (a good place to visit if you want to know more about a great poet Pushkin and Russian history of that time)

Official website


There you can find some historical notes about the places that you are going to visit, the photos, some plans of the places of interest and, of course, information about fees and schedule. All the information can be saved and/or printed.

Pushkin: how to get there

The Tsarskoye Selo State Museum
7 Sadovaya Street, Pushkin, St Petersburg, 196601
(25 kilometres south of St Petersburg downtown) –  if you are going there by a public transport (bus or a minibus), you will have a stop at “Оранжерейная улица” (Oranzhereinaya ulitza), there you will need to keep walking to an intersection with Садовая улица (Sadovaya ulitza). You will need to turn to the right. In the end of the street you will see a church – go straight and you will see ticket booths. When you are going back to the city, go the same route in the opposite direction, skip Оранжерейная улица, keep walking to a Конюшенная улица (it will be next). On the right side you will see the bus station.

going to Pushkin

The information below is taken from the official website  http://eng.tzar.ru

Getting here from Vitebsky Railway Terminal or Kupchino Railway Station of St Petersburg:
Suburban train to Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) railway station, then bus 371, 382 or minibus taxi 371, 377, 382 to the Catherine Palace and Park. If you want to go by train, you can also check information on this resourse.

Getting here from Moskovskaya Metro Station of St Petersburg:
Minibus taxi 342, 545 to the Catherine Palace and Park;
Or, bus 187 or minibus taxi 286, 287, 347 to Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) railway station, then bus 371, 382 or minibus taxi 371, 377, 382 to the Catherine Palace and Park

Getting here from Zvezdnaya and Kupchino Metro Stations of St Petersburg:
Bus 186 to the Catherine Palace and Park


You can see the photos of that amazing place in Instagram by searching #Pushkin, #Пушкин


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