Russian and Ukrainian cuisine

You chose if you want to know something particular about Russian cuisine or just some main things.

  1. Appetizers
  2. Salads
  3. First course
  4. Second course
  5. Side dishes and Sauces
  6. Desserts
  7. Soft drinks
  8. Alcohol drinks


      1. Буженина (transliteration Buzhenina)/Baked ham – a dish common in Russian cuisine: pork (or lamb, bear meat), baked by a large piece.
      2. Гренки домашние (Grenki domashniye)/ Homemade croutons – salted toasts which are made of any kind of bread  fried with salt and / or pepper. Can be used as a snack (eg, toast with garlic), and as an ingredient in soups, broths and salads.
      3. Грибы маринованные, солёные/ Mushrooms marinaded, salty.
      4. Дра́ники, дра́нки, деруны/ Potato fritters, can have various stuffings: with sour cream, with meat, with cottage cheese.
      5. Домашняя колбаса жареная с луком/ Home-made sausage.
      6. Завиванец из рыбы или мяса (рыбный или мясной рулет) (Zavivanets of fish or meat (fish or meat loaf))/  Jellied fish or a cold meat, bird, tongue, fish or the seafood filled with a transparent jelly concentrated broth with high glutin (natural animal glue released during cooking).
      7. Зразы с капустой (Zrazy with cabbage)/ Potato cutlets with a stuffing from the stewed cabbage, fried, with sour cream.
      8. Икра красная, чёрная/  Red, black caviar.
      9. Икра из баклажан/ Eggplant caviar (common dish which represents salad or puree on the basis of previously prepared eggplants.
      10. Кабачковая икра/ Marrow caviar (a type of vegetable caviar).
      11. Капуста квашеная/ Sauerkraut (a national dish, the food product received from cabbage at its lactic fermentation).
      12. Картопляники/ Kartoplyaniki (Potatocutlets).
      13. (Малосольное) филе сельди с горячим картофелем/ Salted herring fillets with hot potatoes.
      14. Налистники с мясом (Nalistniki with meat)/Pancakes with meat and mushroom sauce);
      15. Паштеты ассорти/ Pate platter (usually made from the liver, most commonly chicken).
      16. Рыба под маринадом/ Fish marinated
      17. Сало (or) шпик (соленое, копченое, с перцем) /Lard or salted pork fat (salty, smoked, with pepper).
      18. Свекольная икра/ Beetroot spread (Beet, stewed or boiled with spices, mayonnaise, fried onions)
      19. Соленья русские в ассортименте: огурцы солёные и малосольные, помидоры солёные и маринованные/ Russian pickles in assortment: salted, fresh-salted and pickled cucumbers, salted and pickled tomatoes.
      20. Холодец (or) студень/ Aspic or jelly (a dish of thickened to a gelatinous mass on cooling beef broth with chunks of meat). Usually served with horseradish and mustard.
      21. Тефтели/ Meatballs.
      22. Язык говяжий с хреном/ Beef tongue with horseradish.

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Mimosaherring-under-the coat

    1. Винегрет/ Vinaigrette (A classical mix from beet, cabbage, potatoes and onions).
    2. Оливье“/ Classic salad “Olivie” (Abroad also known as “Russian salad” or “potato salad.” Classic Ingredients: boiled potatoes, boiled sausage (named “Doctor”), hard boiled eggs, salted (pickled) cucumbers, green peas (canned), mayonnaise, fennel).
    3. Крабовый салат/ Crab salad (classic ingredients: crab  sticks, canned sweet corn, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and salt).
    4. Мимоза/ Mimosa (main ingredients are cheese, eggs, canned fish, onion, butter and mayonnaise).
    5. Сельдь (селёдка) под шубой/ “Herring under a fur coat”(Salad made of fillet of a salted herring, intercalated potatoes, eggs, onions and beetsand mayonnaise).

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First course


    1. Борщ/ Borsch  (main ingredients:  cabbage garden, potatoes, carrots, beet, onion, meat). Usually is served with a sour cream.
    2. Гороховый суп с копченостями      (с копчёным мясом)/ Pea soup with smoked meat.
    3. Окрошка/ Okroshka/ Hash (cold kvass or kefir soup with chopped vegetables, cucumbers, potatoes, spring onion, ham, egg, greens, sour cream).
    4. Рассольник/ Rassolnik   /Cucumber soup
    5. Солянка/ Solyanka (Solyankas are of three types: meat, fish and mushroom]. Basis of solyanka is sour – salty and hot because of addition of such components, as pickles, olives, capers, a lemon, kvass, salty or marinaded mushrooms.  Solyanka unites components of Russian cabbage soup (cabbage, sour cream) and of rassolnik (pickles, a cucumber brine). In meat solyankas there is a fried boiled meat of different types, smoked meat and sausage products.  In fish solyankas — boiled, salty, smoked red fish (sturgeon).  In all solyankas there are a lot of spices:  pepper, parsley and fennel).
    6. Суп с потрохами/ Soup with giblets.
    7. Уха/ Fish soup (Russian national liquid dish, kind of soup. Ingredients: fish, onion, carrots, potatoes).
    8. Щи/ Schi/ Russian cabbage soup (Main ingredients: cabbage, fresh or pickled, vegetable mass (sorrel, nettles, turnips), meat or fish, in rare cases, mushrooms, roots (eg, carrots, parsley), spices (onion, celery, garlic, dill,pepper, bay leaf). The soup is often served with sour cream.

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Second course

vareniki-1 Cherry dumplings with cherry sauce and mintbeef-Stroganoffroastzrazykiev-cutletsPozharskiye-cutletspelmeni

    1. Биточки/Bitochki/ meatballs (small round chopped meat cutlets. Also the dishes of a similar kind prepared of fish.
    2. Вареники/  Vareniki/ Russian dumplings of a special size  (fresh dough is rolled in a thin layer from which they cut round, oblique-angled or square pieces and they wrap  a stuffing in it, which can be a cooked meat, stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, or fresh berries: cherries, blueberries, strawberries.
    3. (Говядина) Бифстроганов or Бефстроганов/ Beef Stroganoff – the popular dish of the Russian cuisine prepared from small cut slices of beef, filled with hot cream sauce. There may also be the name “Beef Stroganoff”, “Boeuf a la Stroganoff”.
    4. Голубцы/ Golubtsy  – a dish of Middle Eastern and European cuisine, which consists of a minced meat with boiled rice and / or buckwheat wrapped in cabbage leaves. There are varieties with various fillings.
    5. Жаркое/ Roast (meat, stewed with potatoes, other vegetables and spices after preliminary roasting or without it.It is served with plenty of broth and without additional side dish (often – in a pot).
    6. Зразы/ Zrazy/ meat cutlets or meatloaf  with various stuffing (can be with mushrooms, potatoes, green onions, eggs, rice and vegetables).
    7. Котлета по-киевски/ Cutlet in a Kiev style (a kind of the cutlet, consisting of the beaten-off chicken fillet with a wrapped cold butter inside. This cutlet has an ellipsoidal form. Baked with pre-breaded egg and daubed. Additional ingredients can be the following: grated cheese, mushrooms, parsley, egg yolk etc.
    8. Котлеты Пожарские/ Pozharskiye’s cutlets (meat dish from forcemeat of a bird and covered with bread).
    9. Пельмени/ Pelmeni  (a dish of boiled products of unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat or fish. Different stuffings: veal, poultry, pork, fish. Usually are served with sour cream).
    10. Fish can be fried, boiled, baked. The most popular fish species are: карп, осетрина, белуга, судак, форель, щука, сёмга/ Carp, sturgeon, white sturgeon, walleye, trout, pike, salmon.

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Side dishes


  1. Вареная кукуруза/ boiled corn
  2. Гречневая каша/ buckwheat
  3. Капуста тушёная/ cabbage stew
  4. Картофель в мундире/ “jacket” potato (with the peel)
  5. Картофель жареный с грибами/ fried potatoes with mushrooms
  6. Картофельное пюре/ mashed potatoes
    1. Сметана/ sour cream
    2. Хрен (свекольный)/ (beet) Horseradish
    3. Горчичный соус/ Mustard sauce

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      1. Блин(ы)/ pancake(s) (can have various suffing)
      2. Вареники/ Vareniki (see above)
      3. Гурьевская каша/ Gurievskaya porridge (porridge prepared from semolina milk with nuts (filberts, walnuts, almonds), dried fruit)
      4. Киевский торт/ Kiev cake (consists of two air-nut meringue cakes with layers of cream. Surface of the cake is decorated with various creams, lateral surface is sprinkled with walnut crumbs of hazelnuts)
      5. Оладьи/ small pancakes=fritters (culinary product, fried cakes of batter that is mixed with water or milk, based on flour and eggs. They differ from pancakes by the use of soda or yeast in the dough, making pancakes more fluffy)
      6. Пирожное/ small cake. The most popular are the following: СЕВЕР (Sever),  Буше (Buche), Картошка (Kartoshka)
      7. Плюшка/ Bun (the sweet bun twisted by a bow. Usually stuffed by sugar, has cinnamon covering)
      8. Самовар чая с вареньем, пряниками, сухарями, сушками, бубликами*/Tea samovar with jam, gingerbreads (the flour confectionery baked of special gingerbread dough; for a rich taste the additional ingredients can be the following: honey, nuts, candied fruits, raisins, fruit or berry jam. Usually  gingerbreadis a slightly convex plate in the middle of a rectangular, round or oval form. On the top part you can usually find the inscription or simple drawing or the layer of confectionery sugar glaze), cookies, sykhari ((bakery, sliced ​​and dried)) and sushka, bagels (culinary product, wheat dough ring, boiled in water (or treated with hot steam) and then baked) * listed sweets can be easily found and bought in stores
      9. Сметанник/Smetannik (confectionery flour product. Could be a cake based on sour  or cottage cheese made ​​of thin dough stuffed with sour cream. Traditional recipe involves the use of fresh sour cream as toppings. In addition to the main ingredients the cake can include raisins, almonds, sweet spices, jam, condensed milk, lemon peel)
      10. Сырники/ Russian small cheesecakes (curd fritters which can be made with raisins and served with sour cream)
      11. Творожная запеканка/ Cottage cheese baked pudding
      12. Торт «Наполеон»/ Cake “Napoleon” (layer cake or a cream cake. Prepared from puff pastry with cream lining)
      13. Хворост/ Khvorost/ Brushwood (confection, thin and brittle cookies. Named for its similarity to the brushwood because of shape – fallen tree branches)

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Soft drinks
      1. Квас/ Kvass (Traditional Slavic sour drink that is prepared on the basis of fermentation of malt and flour (wheat, barley) or dry rye bread, sometimes with the addition of herbs, honey, honeycomb, and is made from beets, fruits and berries).
      2. Кефир/ Kefir (unique sour-milk product of the mixed fermentation).
      3. Компот/ Compote in assortment: from prunes; from dried apples and etc.
      4. Морс/ Morse (non-carbonated soft drink. Mors is prepared from native raw materials, mainly from lingonberry and cranberry).
      5. Сбитень/ Sbiten (Old East Slavic drink made of water, honey and spices, medicated herbals can be also added to the beverage).
      6. Узвар/ Uzvar-drink from pears, apples, cherries and plums
      7. Чай из самовара/ Tea from a samovar

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