The ways to pay for the subway ride

            It is possible to ride the subway in two ways: using the tokens or putting a contactless smart card to a turnstile. The tokens are good for infrequent travel in the subway, and also for night travel (according to the schedule of the subway).
It is possible to buy a token at the subway ticket window, but the most convenient option is to use the special machine gun which issues the required number of tokens and the change for the banknote of 100 rubles. The ticket for a multi ride is coded on a smart card “Podorozhnik” (“Подорожник”). A smart card is of blue or violet color which can be purchased in the ticket booth or in the multifunctional device.
If you plan to use a smart card, be aware that in addition to the cost of the ticket itself you will need to pay a deposit (55 rubles) for the card, which can be returned to the cashier (you will be refunded the deposit there). In St. Petersburg, the metro ticket offices do not issue a receipt or document confirming the payment of travel; if you need to confirm travel expenses, ask the cashier to write a check. If the tourist plans to use the subway frequently, I would recommend the cards with a limit on them of  10, 20, 25, 40 or 50 rides.
Attention – there is a limit of the next time passage for the cards. It is specified in the table (the information is taken from the official website of the subway).

# Ticket name  Cost Number of rides Timeout existence*  Note
 1 Token subway-token  31 rub 1 no
2 Baggage payment. If you have the luggage, you need to buy a special white baggage token. With that token you can pass the special  turnstile near the cabin controllers. Simply say on cash desk ” Oplata Bagazha” (“Оплата багажа”= “payment for the luggage”). luggage-payment  31 rub - no token
3 Ticket for 10 trips and 7 days (can not be recorded on an electronic purse card).  295 rub 10 10 min
 4 Ticket for 20 trips and 15 days 560 rub 20 10 min
5 Ticket for 40 trips and 30 days 1070 rub 40 10 min
6 The electronic cards “Подорожник” and “Card of the guest” have an unlimited number of trips. The price for the rides reduces with the growing number of the rides. see below

*Timeout is the time of repeated pass under the same ticket.

Money for unused trips is not refundable, but you can return the card to the cash desk and get the collateral value.

There are the discounts for the trips in the underground in a calendar month (based on the rate per trip) – information is actual for June 2014 (the information is also taken from the official website of the subway)

The cost of one trip Number of trips per calendar month Timeout existence*
30 rub from 1 to 10 10 min
29 rub  from 11 to 20 10 min
28 rub from 21 to 30 10 min
27 rub from 31 to 40 10 min
26 rub from 41 and more 10 min

The types of the tickets (here you can find the basic information, you can read the detailed information on the official subway website

The most commonly used cards are the following:

  1. The contactless card МЕТРО is intended for the multi rides. It doesn’t have the functions of the electronic ticket, it can have the exact purchased amount of rides. It can be used after the refilling of the rides and next time it can be paid for is after the end of the purchased time.  regular-pass
  2. The contactless smart card “Подорожник. It is intended to be used as an electronic purse – it can have the money on it be which you can pay for the ride. Also it is possible to buy the multi ride tickets on it.podorozhnik
  3. The contactless smart card “Card of the guest”. You can use it as an electronic purse.petersburg-card

If you ride in public transport with baggage you need to pay for it separately.

Refilling the travel card

The maximum sum to refill the card is 15000 rubles. The minimum is the fare of the ride in public transport (for the year 2014 it is 25 rubles for trams, buses and trolleybuses).

The basic information

If you have the smart card you should put it in the special card receiver of the multipurpose machine. On the screen there will be information about the balance of your account and different options, you can choose English language for the operations. The machine accepts coins (1, 2, 5 rubles) and the banknotes (the banknotes should have the rating mentioned on the screen, otherwise the banknotes will be given back by the machine).


The step-by-step instruction:

1. Insert the card into the receiving slot, labeled as “Insert the card.” The screen will display the current status of the ticket on your card.

2. Click “Pay”. Display shows a list of  tickets types you can buy. If the valid travel ticket card is already written on the card and not used till the end, it does not allow the replenishment of trips. There will be a message on the screen “The payment of this card is impossible”

3. Choose the ticket you want to purchase from the list of options by clicking on it at the left. If you choose the type of ticket with an arbitrary number of  trips and validity of 90 days, set the resource for ticket corresponding buttons on the screen. The same procedure goes for refilling the card with the money for the electronic card.

4. Click “Pay”. The screen will display the chosen value of the ticket and the maximum value of the banknotes.

5. Enter the banknotes or coins into the respective receiver in the amount of the cost of the selected ticket (note – if you are refilling the electronic card and you want to refill it with more than one banknote,  put it into receiver one after another and when you are done, click the option “”to pay). The screen will display the resource of a purchased ticket and the message on completion of record of the ticket on the card.

6. Take delivery of the bowl return and the card with a recorded ticket.

Advice – insert money into the money machine without long delays, otherwise the machine will be locked and the screen will display “The automat is  locked, wait for the arrival of the cashier.” In this case, refer to the cashier station.

Advice – Do not remove the card inserted into the machine until the completion of the ticket recording. The cancel of purchase the ticket is only possible before inserting the money and is made by pressing the “Cancel” button  on the screen machine or removing the card from the machine.

 Automatic token-selling machine

You can get the tokens in automatic machines which are situated in the lobbies of the Petersburg subway; also you can use the multi functional device for this purpose.

Advice– perhaps, the subway can be the only public transport where it is possible to exchange the banknote of a big value (only if you come not late at night and not early in morning).

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