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Interesting stations of the 5th subway line

The 5th subway line

Komendantsky Prospect

“Komendantsky Prospect” is a column-wall station of deep foundation. The station is the last in the line. One of the deepest stations in the St. Petersburg subway. For the first time in the history of the St. Petersburg metro they used cermet plates for the walls and ceiling of the station .

The theme of the decoration station – sky and aeronautics. Station has a sky blue color. The lobby and the underground hall are decorated with panels of blue mosaic, related to aviation. At the end of the underground hall there is a bright mosaic “Flying by a balloon.”komendantskiy-3

On a panel placed above the escalator way, there are gray figures of aviators against the blue sky and planes. Valery Chkalov stands  nekomendantskiy-1ar the aviator Rogozin, the hero of the First World War. The lower part has the inscription ” Glory for centuries to the first Russian aviators.” The plot of this heroic and historic mosaic can be explained due the district in which the station is located. The panel reminds that in vicinities there was a Komendantsky  (Commandant’s) airfield associated with the first steps of Russian aviation and its military history.

Short walls, interrupted by rows of columns, are deckomendantskiy-2orated with eighteen mosaic medallions. There are fourportraits of pilots and constructors, whose names were given to surrounding streets: Utochkin, Polikarpov, Ilyushin, Kotelnikov. On twelve mosaics there are images of air combat, on two other mosaics-  commemorative inscriptions.

Krestovsky Ostrov

“Krestovsky Ostrov”  is a column-wall station of deep foundation (≈ 49 m depth), it was named for its location on Krestovsky Island. It was the first station in Russia made in precast concrete.

The end wall is decorated by mirrors that visually lengthens the platform (that was made for the first time in Russia). Also for the first time the Roman designation of opening year of station was used. That is located in the end, on the frieze of the pediment, that is separated from the arch. The floors are made of polished granite decorated by dark red squares on a gray background.krestovsky3

Each wall connecting the two columns, is decorated with mosaics. the rivers (in the central tunnel) and islands (in the opposite sides) krestovsky4are allegorically represented on them. Overall there are twelve round mosaic medallions on the station. On the wall near the escalator there is a memorial plaque.  It says that artistic decoration of the station is a gift of “Pulkovo” airport in honor of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.


“Sportivnaya” was opened on the 15th of September 1997. Was named due to the proximity of two major sports objects- the

Ground floor station. There are no rails!
Ground floor station. There are no rails!

stadium “Petrovskiy” and the Palace of Sports “Yubileiniy.” This is the only two-storied station with four ways in the former Soviet Union. Trains of one line come to different floors. The second way of each floor is still empty (there are even no rails). In the future it will be an interchange node (as far as I know, I may be mistaken).

The second feature of ” Sportivnaya ” the part of the station lies under the Neva River. In the future, there will be the second exit from the station (it will be extended from the lower hall to Vasilevsky Island).

Architecture and design

“Sportivnaya” -architecture of station continues the tradition of the first phase of the metro, representing a synthesis of monumental painting, sculpture and architecture.sportivnaya2

The lobby is decorated in a sports theme. There is a mosaic “Olympic flame” located above an inclined course, it echoes the compositional medallions on the walls. Mosaics are supplemented by “Greek” lamps thatsportivnaya4 illuminate the ceiling asportivnaya5bove the escalators.

In the end wall of the upper tier station there are seen the lyrics “Ode to Sport” by Pierre de Coubertin, every line of this work begins with the words “Oh sport, you are …” and ends with the words “pleasure”, “architect”, “justice”, “challenge” “nobility”, “joy”, “fruitfulness”, sportivnaya6“progress”, “peace.” There are also the inserts on the track walls of the lower tier, reflecting the Olympic theme of antiquity.

There is one more mosaic panel on the ground floor of station.mosaics4


“Admiralteyskaya” – is the 65th St. Petersburg subway station. Located between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Sportivnaya”. Was opened on the 28th of December 2011. During navigation time it was one of two stations open at night for the passage of passengers from one central island to another.

Land constructions

The lobby is decorated in a style that echoes the design of underground station. The walls of the lobby are lined with “Gazgan” marble. Ceiling, based on a series of massive black fluted columns, is decorated with illuminated composition “wind rose”, oriented on parts of the world; the inclined course of escalators is decorated above with the mosaic panel “Admiralty”.

Underground constructions

Decoration of the station is devoted to the sea theme. The floors are paved with gray and red granite, with three inlaid wind roses fringed by golden navy chevron made of granite “ochre” tone. The track walls are lined with blue-gray marble. admiralteyskaya-stationDoors on track walls are decorated with lattices with anchors. The arcade of station is trimmed by marble of cream-golden tones.admiralteyskaya12Arches are supplemented with the black semi-columns made of  aluminum alloy with plinths and capitals of polished brass.

Eadmiralteyskaya18nd of the central hall of the station is decorated with mosaic “The admiralteyskaya17base of the Admiralty.” End of the pedestrian corridor between large and small sloping passages is decorated with a mosaic panel “Neva”, further you can see a set mosaic “Neptune”.admiralteyskaya16

The spaces between the columns are decorated with medallions admiralteyskaya8with bas-reliefs Russian admirals and admirals: Ushakov, Nakhimov, Makarov, Apraksin, Bellingshausen and Grigorovich.

Additional information:
  • “Admiralteyskaya” is the nearest station to the following squares: Palace, St. Isaac’s and Senate.
  • This is the deepest Petersburg subway station (86 m), earlier it was ” Komendantsky Prospect” (75 m). Also it is the deepest subway station in Russia.
  • At the time of opening of the station it was the third deepest in the CIS, after the station “Arsenalnaya” and “Pecherskaya” in Kiev.
  • The station could become the 500th in the CIS, if it was opened 2 days earlier. But the Kiev station “Vystavochniy center” was the 500th (and 50th metro station in Kiev) and ” Admiralteyskaya” became the 501th.


“Zvenigorodskaya”station  is called so due to its location on Zvenigorodskaya street named for the city of Zvenigorod. It is located between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Obvodniy Сanal”.

Decoration of the station is devoted to Semenovsk Infantry MosaicsRegiment of the Guards- earlier on the site of station hall there were the caserns, where soldiers and commanders used to live. Major artistic decoration materials that were applied at the station were smalt and gold. There is a mosaic panel  at the station made of  smalt with the image of the very first soldiers of Peter the Great, executed in workshop of  Russian academy of Arts.

M1There is transition to the 1st line, “Pushkinskaya” station.

Obvodny Canal

“Obvodny Canal”  is the 64th St. Petersburg subway station. It is located between the stations “Zvenigorodskaya” and “Volkovskaya.”obvodniy

Underground hall is performed in the industrial architecture style. The track walls are decorated with glass-ceramic panels with the view of Obvodniy channel – it is showing the sights of the end of XIX century.obvodniy canal On one side of the platform there is a right bank of the embankment, on the other – the left. The total length of the comobvodniy canal2position is 360 meters. After opening of the station, passengers noticed the discrepancy in the design of the panel and it was slightly altered.


“Volkovskaya” is a pylon station of deep location (depth is 61 m). It is located between the stations ” Obvodny Canal” and “Bukharestskaya”.

Taken from
Taken from

The name is explained by the location of lobby near Volkovskoye Avenue, River Volkovka, historical district Volkovo, Volkovkoe cemetery and freight railway station Volkovskaya.

Taken from
Taken from

The walls of the stationare of  lilac color (the color of the 5th line), granite floor is gray with black and white tracks.

The station is adorned with two artistic and decorative panels made of marble of various colors in the art of Florentine mosaic (the one that is located next to the escalator, is called “Volkovo village”).

Taken from
Taken from
Additional information:

That is the first station in St. Petersburg subway, where all information signs and labels are duplicated in English (for the convenience of tourists).


“Bukharestskaya” is the 66th St. Petersburg subway station, located between stations “Volkovskaya” and “Mezhdynarodnaya”. “Bukharestskaya” is a pylon station of deep location.

The walls of the lobby are partially covered with gray marble; ceiling is based on two rows of columns of the original form, decorated with red marble. The space above the escalator is decorated by mosaic panel with a stylized image of the Romanian landscape.byharestskaya2

The central hall of the station is illuminated by a group of chandeliers of original form.  Along the eaves of the station there runs a frieze with variegated yellow floral pattern mosaic.byharestskaya

Additional information:

There is a tit hidden in one of the striking mosaic strips in the central hall of the station.

Taken from
Taken from


“Mezhdynarodnaya” is a column – wall station of deep location. It is the 67th in St. Petersburg subway, the terminal station of the 5th line, located behind the station “Bukharestskaya”.mezhdynarodnaya

The station is named due to its location in the area where the names of many streets which are assigned after cities and public figures in Eastern Europe, that were part of the Warsaw Pact and Finland. For instance, Bucharestskaya, Budapeshtskaya, Turku and others.mezhdynarodnaya2mezhdynarodnaya3

Floor is trimmed with gray granite, columns are covered with golden brass sheets with railings of the same color. Southern end of the central nave is decorated with mosaic panel depicting Atlanta, holding the Earth. To the left of the panel there is a place for a future transition to the station of a circle line.mezhdynarodnaya4

Additional information:

The original panel with Atlas was changed: the part of the cloth was prolonged, covering some parts of the Atlas body as the initial image was considered to be unacceptable.

Please, check out the article about special stations that differ from others.

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