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General information

The subway hub consists of 5 lines. Most of the stations work from 5:45 until the midnight (you can check the schedule here). The Petersburg subway is the second-large underground transport system in Russia. The subway, especially in rush hours, is the fastest mean of transport and has the biggest passenger capacity in comparison to other means of transport . Its departures are more regular. In addition to being a good mean of transport the underground has an aesthetic effect – one of the subway lines can be called the line of underground palaces.

You can see the map of the subway below (it was taken from the map of


In the 2014 the fare for the ride is 28 rubles. You can see the variety of cards here (! if you are not using the google translator for this page, you will need to click on google translation and after that to click on the link).

The waiting time for trains in the subway depends on the part of the week (workdays, weekends or holidays). On the average, the time of wait during the rush hours of work days is about 3-4 minutes, and on the days off and in the evenings are about 8-12 minutes.

The entrance to the subway is always marked by a letter “M” (the same letter is on the tokens).

In the subway there are information stands: maps of the city, electronic information points.

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The main rules of behavior in the subway are the following:

  1. You may be asked to show the documents and the baggage. If  you refuse inspection, you will have to leave the subway. You have the right to take a child under 7 years free of charge, and  to photograph without flash.
  2. On the elevator, you should stand on the right side (as people are passing by the passengers going down), hold the handrails and the baggage. On the platform you should leave space for an exit of passengers from cars. In the cars you should give way to disabled people, elderly people, pregnant women and passengers with children.
  3. It is forbidden to be barefoot at the stations (!), to drink alcoholic drinks in the subway, to eat food, to run on a platform, not to follow the traffic rules (usually there is right-hand movement, in some places there are restrictions on an entrance the underpass).

Advice – As you have already read above, you should stand on the right side of the elevator. The same rule works for going upwards on the escalators.

If you are interested in detailed information about the rules of behavior in the subway, specific schedule of work of stations, information desks, the streets which are in the route of night buses, the “commuter intercepting  parking” (these are the stations which have a paid parking lot nearby. Leaving a car here, you can avoid traffic jams of land transport in rush hours by continuing underground route), movement of handicapped groups, the list of stations with automatic machines for sale and replenishment of travel cards, check a subway site (! unfortunately, it is only in Russian, so, please, click on the google translator on the top of this page and click after that on the link).

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Attention  – before going somewhere by the subway, check the information about the stations with a changed schedule of work:

Station lobby The changes of work The days of changes
M2“Черная речка”= “Chernaya rechka”

The entrance is restricted from 16.05.2014 to  14.07.2014 from 17-00 to 19-00

M2“Невский проспект” = “Nevsky Prospect” (exit to the Griboyedova Channel*) from 7-30 to 10-00 and from 16-00 to 18-30 the entrance is closed workdays
M1“Технологический институт-1″= “Tekhnologicheskiy institute 1″ the entrance and the exit door are closed Sundays, the holidays
M1“Достоевская” = “Dostoyevskaya” the entrance and the exit door are closed the weekends, the holidays
M2“Площадь Александра Невского-2″ = “Ploshad’ Aleksandra Nevskogo-2″ the entrance and the exit door are closed the weekends, the holidays
M1“Пушкинская” = “Pushkinskaya” The upper station lobby is closed from 01.12.2013 to  30.06.2015 year. The entrance and exit should be done through the lobby «Звенигородская»
russia-petersburg-subway-1-line“Выборгская” = “Vyborgskaya” The station is closed for the capital repair from 07.02.2015 to 07.01.2016.

*The station  M2Невский проспект” = “Nevsky Prospect” has a second exit.

Attention:  some of the stations are very specific:

 M3 “Василеостровская”=”Vasileostrovskaya” – the first 2 doors of the train (counting from the 1st car) don’t open, the exit from the 1st car is possible through the 3rd and 4th door.

The subway station M1 “Технологический институт”= “Tekhnologicheskiy institute” combines 2 trains of different lines. When moving from station M1 «Пушкинская»   to M2  «Фрунзенская»  (and vica versa), you should cross the platform to the train, if you are going from M2 «Сенная»  до M1 «Балтийская»  (and vice versa),   you have the same situation. If you need other stations, you will need to climb the stairs of the underpass.

The subway stations  M1 “Технологический институт 1″ = “Tekhnologicheskiy institute 1“,  M1 “Пушкинская”= “Pushkinskaya”, M1 “Владимирская” = “Vladimirskaya” – the last door of the last car doesn’t open.

The exit from the car to the platform is usually made from the left side of the train. These are the exceptions: “Технологический институт” = “Tekhnologicheskiy institute“, M1 “Девяткино” = “Devyatkino”, M2 “Купчино”= “Kupchino”,  M2 “Парнас” = “Parnas”, M5 “Спортивная” = “Sportivnaya”. At the stop you may be surprised that you are standing backward to the opened doors. The information about exit is announced in advance but it is in Russian language only.

 Attention: here is the list of the most crowded stations during the rush hours (from 8 to 9.30 am, from 5 to 7 pm):

M3 Василеостровская, M1 Проспект Ветеранов, M1 Ленинский проспект, M1 Автово, M1 Балтийская, Пионерская, M2 Проспект Просвещения,  M1 Чернышевская, M1 Площадь Восстания .

Attention: it may be overcrowded on Sundays after 4pm near the subway station  M5 “Спортивная” = “Sportivnaya” as the football games are held nearby. If the subway is not working people need to go to other stations or use land transport. The subway station  «Проспект Большевиков» hosts the hockey games. In comparison with «Спортивная» station, it is not closed after the game so it is overcrowded by the fans of the game.

The note – the deepest stations of St. Petersburg are the following: M5“Адмиралтейская”,M1 “Чернышевская”,M1 “Площадь Ленина”. The way from the lobby to the train can take about 3-5 minutes if there is no crowd in the subway. The average time of ride between the stations is not 1-1.5 minute as in other cities of the world but about 2,5-4 minutes. If you are planning to be somewhere at the exact time you should leave about 10 minutes to be on time.

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The night bus

The night buses work from 0:00 to 06:00 am on weekends (in the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday) and holidays

(January 1 and 7, the day of Orthodox Easter holiday).

Passengers can use the stops of public transport. The buses have obligatory stops near the subway stations,. Other stops are made upon request of passengers.

The fare is 25 rubles. Existing traffic interval is 30 minutes.

The routs:

  • № «1М» – the parallel to a red lineM1 ;
  • № «2М» – the parallel to a blue line M2;
  • № «3М» – the parallel to a green lineM3 ;
  • № «4М» – the parallel to an orange line M4;
  • № «5М» – the parallel to a violet line M5.

You can find the information about the routes  here (! unfortunately, it is only in Russian, so, please, click on the google translator on the top of this page and click after that on the link). To the top

Night subway

2 subway stations work during the navigation time (from the 30th of April to the 15th of November) at nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. The stations are M5«Адмиралтейская» –  M5«Спортивная», they are operating from 1am to 3am. The entrance is  token-only. The interval between trains is 20 minutes.

Station lobby M5«Адмиралтейская»= “Admiralteiskaya”

Entrance Exit
During the even days On the odd days
from 0.48 am till 2.28am from 1.13 am till 3.10am from 1.15 am till 3.12am

Station lobby M5«Спортивная»= “Sportivnaya”

Entrance Exit
During the even days  On the odd days
from 1.00am till 2.40am from 1-05 till 2-56 from 1-03 till 2-56

The subways are also working from 1am to 5 am during the holidays mentioned below.

The 7th of January – Christmas, Easter, from the 1st to the 2nd of May, from the 9th to the 10th of May, “The night of museums”,  The day of the city (the 27th of May or plus\menus day), The Scarlet Sails.

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