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My list of “must do’s” in the city.

If you have more than one day in the city, the recommended activities are the following:
1) Walk through the main avenue, Nevsky Prospect, and see all the historical and intriguing sites from the both sides of the avenue. See the main squares of the city and the most famous islands.
2) Visit at least 5 cathedrals or churches or museums, including the church “Savior on the Blood” and “Hermitage”.
3) Take the photos with at least 25 tourist attractions.
4) Visit the amazing underground world and see the stations mentioned in the regional heritage list.
5) See the totems of happiness and make the wishes near each of them.
6) Dine out in the restaurant of any Soviet cuisine and / or see a folk show in the restaurant or somewhere else.
7) Visit the Amber room in the nearest suburb “Pushkin”.
8) Choose wonderful souvenirs for your friends and colleagues from among the huge variety of Russian folk art.
9) See the city with the evening lights. Seasonal: see the drawbridges, see the city from the boat and to go to the amazing suburb “Peterhof” during the fountain season (May to September), see the golden autumn in the suburbs of the city.
10) Be flexible about any weather conditions and know that there are amazing activities to choose from, both outdoors or indoors.
11) Whimsically, make a wish to come to Russia again. Do not forget to throw to coins into the fountains. Frankly speaking, I would advise that you throw Russian coins, not dollars and Euros – it will be less expensive!

Do you want to get the information in details? Check the website.