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The best Russian chocolate

As for the author of this article, she is a sweet tooth, loves chocolates, tasty (!) cakes, candies and etc. that is why she knows everything about this theme.

Concerning the topics on the website I can proudly say that Russian chocolate is one of the Russian well-recognized brand, loved not only by the natives but also by the foreigners. Russian sweets are not less popular among travelers, but not very discussed in a non-Russian speaking social community.

That is why I decided to share some information for those who want to have a great gastronomic impression while being in Russia and also to bring a great tasty souvenir and present to their nearest and dearest.

This article contains personal advice, it is your decision what to buy/try.

I do have a lot of foreign friends so while buying them chocolate as a Russian present, I always choose these 3 brands:

• «Фабрика им. Н.К. Крупской» – is the leader of confectionery market in the North-West region. Also it is a famous brand brand-griffon-Krypskaya-russian-chocolate-factoryof St. Petersburg (its logo shows Griffin of St. Petersburg Bank Bridge proudly looking forward). In addition to amazing taste of the merits of these confections you can include a great number of gift packages and exclusive art decorations of the products;

• «Вдохновение» –  famous Russian chocolate brand, which recipe was created in 1976. The new product quickly gained the love and acceptance of millions of consumers not only for its high quality and special taste, but also for the original format – within a 100-gram package there were are ten chocolate sticks, each of which was wrapped in foil;

• “Бабаевский” - the company offers a high-quality dark chocolate made of selected cocoa beans and cocoa butter. The history of the “Babaev” brand began over 200 years ago with a small confectionery shop founded in 1804. The factory received its formal status with a management of Alexei Ivanovich Abrikosov – Moscow merchant of the first guild (a summary of the chocolate is taken from the official site http://www.uniconf.ru/assortment/catalog/).

Russia is well known for its bitter chocolate – well, it is really tasty there! For the bitter chocolate I prefer buying “Бабаевский” brand (attention, the first two chocolates are really bitter, others contain about 50-55% of cocoa – you can read it from the label): the-best-russian-babayevskiy-chocolate

  • Бабаевский горький (Classic dark chocolate)
  • Бабаевский Элитный 75% (Elite sort of dark chocolate, contains 75% cocoa. It received the diploma of the 1st degree and a gold medal “For high quality products”, it was the winner of the contest “The Best 100 Goods of Russia 2011″, also it was a best-seller, as it was mentioned on the official website)
  • Бабаевский фирменный (Branded  dessert chocolate made according to a special recipe with the addition of brandy, grated almonds and tea extract, according to the description on the official site)
  • Бабаевский Люкс (Dark chocolate. Produced according to the original recipe 1939.)
  • Бабаевский с цельным миндалём (Dark chocolate with whole almonds. Was the winner of the “Best 100 Goods of Russia 2011″)
  • Бабаевский с цельным фундуком (Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.)

Concerning chocolate and sweets of «Вдохновение» factory – I like everything they produce. Their classic chocolate bar is called “Классический”, contains crushed roasted hazelnuts. It is produced according to the original recipe since 1976. the-best-russian-chocolate-vdokhnoveniye

You can see the whole variety of flavors on the official website of a holding http://www.uniconf.ru/assortment/catalog/ by clicking on the 5th brand picture of the slide show (it has a blue color). You can translate the page with Google translator or Word Lens app that is mentioned everywhere on my website ;-)

Another favorite brand is “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” – I love practically all their products and buy those for my friends (as you have already read above, in addition to great taste the production has attractive wrapping).
They have the following categories of chocolate:

Вернисаж” – chocolate, decorated with well-known Russian pictures – there you can find bitter chocolate, aerated bitter chocolate and aerated milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and raisins. The wrapping of the bars have different background color with a picture of a person in the middle – you will not miss such a chocolate! I do not include the photos there, because the wrappings of it are always different (to my mind).

Особый” – dark chocolate with salt. The wrapping has brown and red color and a lot of dots. I prefer the chocolate with a wrap of dark brown color (plain chocolate with salt) and of red color (with salt and crushed hazelnuts) russian-best-chocolate-osobiy

Тройка” – they have bitter (горький= gor’kiy) best-russian-chocolate-troykaand milk (молочный=molochniy) chocolate. Everything is very tasty.

Классический” (classic) – I like these three types:

  1. “Горький 70%” – bitter 70% russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Premium_Gorky
  2. “Летний сад” (горький) – also bitter russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Letny-sad
  3. “Санкт-Петербург” –  Dark chocolate with crushed almonds russian-best-chocolate-krypskaya-Sankt-Peterburgbest-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-mishka-na-severe-ris

Мишка на Севере” – a special type of milk chocolate with air rice, you can try it if it sounds interesting (although it is not a de lux type)

Boxes of Sweets of “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” are absolutely great – you can buy any and get the best quality and taste.

They also offer sweets sold by weightbest-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-Mishka_na_severe –praline sweets stand out among all. I recommend “Мишка на Севере”  and “Сказки Перро”- Конфеты, глазированные шоколадной глазурью, best-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-Skazki_Perroс начинкой между слоями вафель – those are the candies with chocolate coating, that have a filling between the layers of wafers – they are so tasty!

In the brand shops of “Фабрика им.Н.К.Крупской” you can buy the sweets decorated with St. Petersburg best-russian-chocolate-krypskaya-konfety-Leningadskieviews – they are called “Ленинградские”= “Leningradskiye” (of Leningrad)  – Candies with chocolate coating. They have whipped egg-white mass with the addition of milk grated nuts, alcohol and with the scent of punch (if they say the truth on the official website).

If you like chocolate wafer cakes – you chocolate_princeshould definitely try “Шоколадный принц”(“Chocolate prince”) or “Балтийский” (“Baltiyskiy”)chocolate-wafer-cake-baltiyskiy of “ПЕКАРЬ” brand. They are the best in their category.

To my mind Russian aerated chocolate of “Русский шоколад” brand it is not better than the ones mentioned above or the foreign analogues. russian-aerated-chocolate

As far as I know, there is a variety of Russian-stylized chocolates and sweets which seem to be a good present. tasty-russian-stylized-chocolate4 I haven’t tried them all, so I can recommend you to read the wrapping carefully. tasty-russian-stylized-chocolate DO NOT buy the chocolates where you see the phrasestasty-russian-stylized-chocolate3  “пальмовое масло” (it means palm butter, I think you know that it is not very good for your health) or “шоколадная глазурь” instead of “шоколад”(chocolate) “какао-бобов” (cocoa) – it will mean that you get not chocolate but simply chocolate glaze, which has nothing in common with famous Russian chocolate (I haven’t checked any of the chocolates on the 3 photos above).

Enjoy your trip, enjoy your purchases!

Magic places of St. Petersburg

You can see a map of these places in the end of the article. Check it out! =)

1. Malaya Sadovaya street

As you may have noticed, you can make wishes for the whole family on Malaya Sadovaya street: the smallest of Petersburg’s streets has 5 lucky monuments: 2 cats, a photographer with a bulldog and ball-fountain.Magic-fountain-petersburg-on-Konushennaya-street

Ball fountain is a composition of a large heavy granite ball, weighing more than 700kg, rotating due to water pressure, and 12 granite steps for the water flows (of course, these things happen during the working period of the fountains). If you want your wish to come true, you just need to think about it and touch the ball (I do not advise to turn the ball or stop its rotation by force, it may damage the mechanism design). They say there is a kind of a “pore from the door into a dream”, located directly on the ball and which can be seen at good light composition. I have never seen that (as I have never tried), so I do not know whether it is true or not.

2. Palace Square – Alexander Column Hermitage-in-the-evening

It is said that every wish will be granted if a person walks three times around the column (clockwise), mentally focusing on his dream.


3. Fountain near the Admiralty petersburg-wish-place-fountain-Admiralty


It is located in the Alexander Garden, near Palace Square.

You can make a wish and throw a coin over your head back to the fountain, if you are facing the Admiralty. Then, without turning around, you should go ahead, so that the desire will be fulfilled in the future. If you are already tired of making wishes, you can  throw a coin into the fountain in order to visit St. Petersburg one day and to attend this particular place.


4. Potzeluyev Bridge petersburg-wish-place-potselyev-bridge


Glinka Street, 1, not far from Yusupovskiy palace.

Potzeluyev Bridge (the name is translated “the bridge of kisses”) has never been a drawbridge, so that lead to several signs. If lovers were kissing before parting, it would become a guarantee of a short separation. Also it was said that long kiss of loved ones on the bridge would be the key to a happy life together.

Here is the map of all the places. You can see the routes to each particular place by clicking on the car symbol.

Map of magic places of St. Petersburg

loading map - please wait...

Malaya Sadovaya street: 59.934366, 30.337565
Palace square (Дворцовая площадь): 59.939020, 30.316172
Fountain near the Admiralty (Фонтан у Адмиралтейства): 59.937085, 30.309134
Potselyev bridge (Поцелуев мост): 59.928066, 30.295122
Часовня на могиле Ксении Блаженной : 59.944319, 30.251391
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Malaya Sadovaya street
There you can find 5 magic statues and make wishes for the whole family!
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Palace square (Дворцовая площадь)
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Fountain near the Admiralty (Фонтан у Адмиралтейства)
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Potselyev bridge (Поцелуев мост)
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Часовня на могиле Ксении Блаженной
Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, Санкт-Петербург, Камская улица 24

You can also click on the QR sign (of a scanner), so that you will get a special code, which you can print and take with you without getting the addresses with directions. With a free app Scanvi your mobile device (ipod, any smart phone) will show you that real map, which you can zoom and do whatever you like =) Enjoy it! =)

Here is a self-made code

petersburg-Map of magic placesMap of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker through skanvi

And the scanned picture will appear like that (after showing you a 2 sec ad)

Wish-fulfilling animals of St. Petersburg

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You can also click on the QR sign (it is the 3rd above the map), so that you will get a special code, which you can print and take with you without printing all the addresses with directions. With a free app Scanvi your mobile device (ipod, any smart phone) will show you that real map, which you can zoom and do whatever you like =) Enjoy it! =)

Here is the self-made code

 Map of magic animal statuesMap of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker through skanvi

And the scanned picture will appear like the one you had in the previous post but with other marks  (after showing you a 2 sec ad)

Wish-fulfilling people and creatures with human faces in St. Petersburg

You can see a map of these places in the end of the article.  Check it out! =)

1.Peter the Great in the Peter and Paul Fortress Petersburg-statue-of-Peter-fortress

 If you rub the knees of Peter the 1st, located in the territory of the fortress (Shemyakin is author of that unusual sculpture), the pain in your own feet will pass (although nowadays the execution of this ritual is interfered by fence that surrounds the sculpture). If you hold the little finger of an emperor, any dream will come true.

  1. Peter I – the carpenterpetersburg-Peter-carpenter

This monument is located to the right of the palace bridge. The energy of the person, who was fluent in different handicrafts  will add you mastery to your profession, will help you with career growth, and  will help for job seeking in general.

* according to contemporaries, Peter 1 could perfectly master 15 crafts: joiner, turner, painter, armorer ,blacksmith, plumber, watchmaker, typographer, shipbuilder, architect, carpenter, mechanic, cartographer, navigator, artillery.

  1. Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle Peter-the-great-bas-relief-Gangut

Directly in front of the main entrance to the Mikhailovsky (Engineer) castle there is Klenovaya Street, on which you can see a monument to Peter the 1st. You should make a wish with the help of an image on the bas-relief where a person gets into a boat (“Gangut Battle”). You should grasp the heel and make a wish. It will come true and you will become more successful, you will be able to find a way out of any, even the hopeless situation.


Also, you can see another shining bas-relief from another side of the monument. I do not know the legend, but am sure, that grasping the horseshoe can lead to happiness and luck =)

  1. Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) Mikhailovskiy-castle-Lieutenant-Kije

Figure of Lieutenant Kizhe (the character of  historic anecdotes of Paul the Ist time) is small in size, it can be missed by an uninformed person. It is installed at the bottom of the main facade of the Mikhailovsky Castle in a small niche.

Lieutenant Kizhe will bring you luck, if you manage to throw the coin to him.

  1. Photographer with a Bulldog  magic-photographer-on-Malaya-Sadovaya-street

Sculptural group in the street Small Garden depicts the famous photographer of the XIX century Karl Bulla. By taking picture underneath the right hand, you can be photographed for happiness, for financial well-being you should hold the little finger of the photographer. You can find information about a dog in the section about wish-fulfilling animals.

  1. Atlantes of the Hermitage magic-atlantes-of-Hermitage

The most famous Russian Atlantes prop part of the museum overlooking the Millionnaya Street. Some claim that it is necessary to hold out the thumb of the left leg of the second Atlanta (counting from the Field of Mars), that will make the dreams come true, but it seems to me that this role is suitable for any finger of any Atlanta. It is recommended to hold the finger while making a wish.

  1. Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square magic-dustman-and-yulia-gladtomeetyou

How to get there

You should go to the right from the metro station russia-petersburg-subway-3-line“Gostiniy Dvor” (exit on Nevsky Prospect), cross the Sadovaya Street, turn onto Ostrovsky Square, pass it to the Alexandrinsky Theatre, go around Alexandrinsky Theatre from the right side. When you look to the right you will see a statue of a janitor on the diagonal away.

Historical background

The monument was erected on March 16, 2007 in front of the Housing Committee of Saint Petersburg. The figure was a collective image of the janitor of the XIX century. Face and a shape of the Russian peasant figure could show force, diligence and accuracy of people of this occupation.

At that time the responsibility of the dustman included not only cleaning the territory entrusted to him, but also following the general procedures, issuance of passports, first aid, etc. Such a wide range of duties could be explained by subordination of the dustman to the Ministry of the Interior.

The procedure of making wishes

It is believed that if you put a coin at the feet of a granite statue, it will help “to rake money with a shovel, as he has.”

  1. Ostap Bender magic-statue-of-Ostap-Bender

How to get there

At the Italian street, 4, near the restaurant “Golden Ostap”, stands a bronze Ostap (literary character of the novel “12 Chairs”)

Historical background

Monument to the great strategist Ostap Bender was set on July 25, 2000 in St. Petersburg at his “birthday” at the entrance to the restaurant “Golden Ostap”.

The sculpture represents a figure of Ostap (sculptural portrait of Ostap Bender embodies features of the actor who played him -Sergei Yursky), his left hand is resting on a chair made by Gambs, and his right hand holds a folder with collected material about subterranean millionaire A. Koreiko.

The procedure of making wishes

It is said that you should to rub his nose for execution of the planned actions! Ostap also helps in adventurous projects. Instead of grasping the nose, you can sit on a chair, if you wish.

  1. The first Lamplighter magic-first-lightman-of-petersburg

How to get there

The address is Odesskaya Street., 1. You should go there from the subway station russia-petersburg-subway-1-line“Ploshad’ Vosstaniya”, if you are going to use public ground transport or go by foot from russia-petersburg-subway-1-line“Chernishevskaya” station.

Historical background

In 1873, for the first time in the world flashlight created by inventor Alexander Lodygin was lit. Now on that exact street there is a monument to the lamplighter, who helps with money and family well-being.

The procedure of making wishes

It is believed that wealth will come to the house, if you rub his feet. Left boot should be rubbed to the growth of the “left” income, the right – to the increase of official salary.

  1. The Good Soldier Schweik petersburg-soldier-shvejk

Location: russia-petersburg-subway-2-lineKupchino subway station, Balkan area, Shopping mall “Balkan”, between buildings #5 and 6. It is several meters away from the subway exit.

I do not advise going so far away from the city center if you do not have anything to do in the area, because you will not find sculpture and architecture masterpieces there, it will be a time-waste.

The procedure of making wishes

This positive character is a symbol of good luck and good mood. Buyers of shopping center are specially coming to the sculpture in order to rub the soldier’s nose and a tin cup (it is hidden behind his back) for “good luck“.

Here is the map of all the places. You can see the routes to each particular place by clicking on the car symbol.

Map of magic statues with human faces

loading map - please wait...

Peter the Great - a carpenter (Пётр - плотник): 59.939245, 30.307551
Peter the Great in Peter&Paul fortress (Пётр 1 в Петропавловской крепости): 59.950191, 30.317861
Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) (Поручик Киже): 59.939906, 30.338332
Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle (Петр 1 у Михайловского замка ): 59.939198, 30.338531
Photographer with a Bulldog (Фотограф с бульдогом): 59.934581, 30.337436
Atlantes of the Hermitage (Атланты Эрмитажа): 59.941057, 30.317599
Ostap Bender (Остап Бендер): 59.936381, 30.333810
Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square (Памятник Дворнику на площади Островского): 59.931697, 30.335151
The first Lamplighter (Фонарщик): 59.945976, 30.387379
The Good Soldier Schweik (Бравый солдат Швейк ): 59.830389, 30.377584
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Peter the Great - a carpenter (Пётр - плотник)
Peter the Great - a carpenter
59.939244650779294, 30.307551193982363
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Peter the Great in Peter&Paul fortress (Пётр 1 в Петропавловской крепости)
59.950304308085975, 30.31630039215088
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Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) (Поручик Киже)
Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije)

location 59.939905679091034, 30.33833222463727
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle (Петр 1 у Михайловского замка )
location 59.939198, 30.338531
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Photographer with a Bulldog (Фотограф с бульдогом)
Location 59.934581, 30.337436
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Atlantes of the Hermitage (Атланты Эрмитажа)
Location 59.941057, 30.317599
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Ostap Bender (Остап Бендер)
Location 59.936381, 30.333810
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square (Памятник Дворнику на площади Островского)
Location 59.931697, 30.33515372313559
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
The first Lamplighter (Фонарщик)
Location 59.945976, 30.387379
59.94565964597142, 30.38735780864954
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
The Good Soldier Schweik (Бравый солдат Швейк )
Location 59.830389,  30.377584
59.82968704325725, 30.37607626989484

You can also click on the QR sign (of a scanner), so that you will get a special code, which you can print and take with you without getting the adresses with directions. With a free app Scanvi your mobile device (ipod, any smart phone) will show you that real map, which you can zoom and do whatever you like =) Enjoy it! =)

The self-made code will look like this Map of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker

And the scanned picture will appear like that (after showing you a 2 sec ad) Map of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker through skanviEnjoy your walk!

Folklore restaurants of St. Petersburg

Entering these restaurants be ready to explore Russian folk-shows, the traditional interiors of different  and, of course, to eat tasty traditional food and try Russian drinks.

Some of the places are considered to be the “tourist ones” due to a big number of tourists sitting there and eating obligatory sets of non-extraordinary food. I would recommend you to look at the ratings of the restaurant- searching engines (including trip advisor and other good websites) and to try visiting the restaurants for enjoying the folk shows and eating a la cart (some restaurants accept exact bank cards and do not have shows on a daily basis, check that information while booking the seats).

This list of restaurants is made according to the Restoclub ratings, some places were verified by me.

 1. Тройка -Troika   (verified by me, I liked it!). Russian and European cuisine. Rating 9,4 out of 10. Located in Central district. Troika

This is the restaurant with the highest rating and… the highest prices, but everything that is inside worth paying for. If you want to see a folk performance, to eat more than starters and canape, to get acquainted with multinational guests and to dance afterwards – that place is ideally suited for you.

I was there once with several foreigners of different ages and preferences and everyone loved the show.

The booking is required in advance.  There is an extra fee for the show (a year ago it was 500r per person). Be sure to check that the show will be performed at the day of your visit.

The restaurant has a confectionery at the side of Razhiezhaya street, it is not expensive at all.

2) Ресторан-кабаре “Нэп” – restaurant-cabaret NEP.  Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 8,9 out of 10.   Located in Central district (not far away from Hermitage). neprestaurant

They have different exciting colorful shows and retro disco of NEP time  and years  later.

3) Хутор Водограй – Bowery Vodogray. Ukrainian cuisine. Rating   8,1 out of 10.  Located in Central district.

They offer a range of food options, the meals are considered to be tasty by people who know how the traditional food should taste. The interior amazes till the moment of receiving tasty food (the oven in the photo is real).

hutorvodograyThey have live music (and singing) on the daily basis, check it on the website or call the restaurant in advance.

2) Советское кафе “Квартирка”- Soviet cafe “Kvartirka” (means a flat) located on Nevsky Prospect (there are two more of the same chain but their rating is a little bit lower, you can check it). Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 8 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Central district.  sovietcafekvartirka

They do not have shows or live singing,but they have well arranged interiors transferring you to Soviet times, tasty meals, good deals and some Soviet table games as dominoes, chess to play.

 Мари Vanna – Mari Vanna (a Russian-styled restaurant of Ginza project).  Russian cuisine. Rating 8 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Petrogradskiy district. marivanna

Rather expensive restaurant. It is decorated stylistically. There are no shows and live music, but the restaurant offers table games to play: such as chess, backgammon, cards, dominoes.

Пузата Хата (no website).  Ukrainian cuisine. Rating   7,7 out of 10.  Located in Central district.   puzatahata

The interior reminds a Ukrainian cottage. There is live singing on Fridays and Saturdays. The place has a lot of good reviews.

3) Советское кафе “Дачники” – Soviet Cafe Dachniki (means cottagers).  Russian and Soviet cuisine. Rating 7,6 out of 10.  They have the certificate of Excellence on tripadvisor.  Located in Central district. cafedachniki

The cafe offers a good variety of options including fish made in the private smokehouse.

The cafe is well decorated in a Soviet way with cuckoo clock, guitar on the wall and the Soviet carpets. Their TV-set is showing soviet comedies, there is Soviet music of  60s-80s, a samovar with cookies, bingo, dominoes, checkers and chess.

2) арт-кафе Сундук – art-cafe Sunduk  (food and interior are verified by me, not the show).  Russian, European and vegetarian cuisine. Rating 7,5 out of 10. artcafesundukLocated in Central district.  If the English page doesn’t open, try translating Russian pages on your own.

The interior is full by rare vintage things, but not overwhelmed artcafesunduk2by that.

They have shows of jazz, blues, Latin, Spanish music on the daily basis, a nice place with a coloring interior.

 Корчма сало – Korchma salo (tavern lard)  (verified by me, I liked it!).  Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Rating 7,5 out of 10. A very folklore Ukrainian place, that has recently got a certificate of excellence. There is a wide number of food and beverages options. korchmasalo

They have evening performances of Ukrainian folk musicians.

На здоровье  (verified by me, I liked the interior but not the business lunch – it had nothing special in taste and was overpriced) Russian, Soviet cuisine. Rating 7,4 out of 10. Located in Petrogradskiy district. nazdorovie

As entertainment they have Russian and Gypsy romances; Russian folk music [balalaika, accordion].

According to the Restoclub reviews some portions can be small and the service slow and sometimes rude but the rating of the places seems to be ok, you can check other search engines if you wish.

Кабачок Одесса-Мама – Tavern Odessa-Mama (verified by me, I liked it!) Russian, Ukrainian, European and Jewish cuisine. Rating 6,9 out of 10. Located in Central district.

odessa-mamaThey have a good interior, tasty meals and live music performance.

A place that is  mentioned by Restoclub with 6,2 rating but has good reviews on that search engine and on tripadvisor is Трын-Трава. That is Fast food place-restaurant with a Russian spirit, offering traditional Russian food. the place is well-decorated.trintrava

There are folk dances on a daily base there. The best food deal for a foreigner is to try their business-lunch – a decorated cart with a good  variety of Russian starters, salads and side dishes – you can have a look at it before making an order.

And here is my favorite cafe from a chain that makes Russian food (especially, pies). They do not have a lot of interior things but offer traditional food. pirogoviydvorikПироговый Дворик – Pirogoviy Dvorik (a yard of Pies)- they are not mentioned in Restoclub, but have the certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor and that means  a lot. They offer kind of low-priced tasty pies with various stuffings  and their interior has elements of folklore. petersburg-viewThere are no shows there, just the tasty food and budgetary and tasty business-lunches. The best location of the cafe is on Griboyedova Canal – the view over Kazan Cathedral is fabulous. On the 1st floor you can make  to-go order, if you wish.

In order to revise in memory all the tasty Russian food, check the article about Russian and Ukrainian food.

petersburg-sportivnaya-station- mosaic-decorations-above-the-escalator

Interesting stations of the 5th subway line

The 5th subway line

Komendantsky Prospect

“Komendantsky Prospect” is a column-wall station of deep foundation. The station is the last in the line. One of the deepest stations in the St. Petersburg subway. For the first time in the history of the St. Petersburg metro they used cermet plates for the walls and ceiling of the station .

The theme of the decoration station – sky and aeronautics. Station has a sky blue color. The lobby and the underground hall are decorated with panels of blue mosaic, related to aviation. At the end of the underground hall there is a bright mosaic “Flying by a balloon.”komendantskiy-3

On a panel placed above the escalator way, there are gray figures of aviators against the blue sky and planes. Valery Chkalov stands  nekomendantskiy-1ar the aviator Rogozin, the hero of the First World War. The lower part has the inscription ” Glory for centuries to the first Russian aviators.” The plot of this heroic and historic mosaic can be explained due the district in which the station is located. The panel reminds that in vicinities there was a Komendantsky  (Commandant’s) airfield associated with the first steps of Russian aviation and its military history.

Short walls, interrupted by rows of columns, are deckomendantskiy-2orated with eighteen mosaic medallions. There are fourportraits of pilots and constructors, whose names were given to surrounding streets: Utochkin, Polikarpov, Ilyushin, Kotelnikov. On twelve mosaics there are images of air combat, on two other mosaics-  commemorative inscriptions.

Krestovsky Ostrov

“Krestovsky Ostrov”  is a column-wall station of deep foundation (≈ 49 m depth), it was named for its location on Krestovsky Island. It was the first station in Russia made in precast concrete.

The end wall is decorated by mirrors that visually lengthens the platform (that was made for the first time in Russia). Also for the first time the Roman designation of opening year of station was used. That is located in the end, on the frieze of the pediment, that is separated from the arch. The floors are made of polished granite decorated by dark red squares on a gray background.krestovsky3

Each wall connecting the two columns, is decorated with mosaics. the rivers (in the central tunnel) and islands (in the opposite sides) krestovsky4are allegorically represented on them. Overall there are twelve round mosaic medallions on the station. On the wall near the escalator there is a memorial plaque.  It says that artistic decoration of the station is a gift of “Pulkovo” airport in honor of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.


“Sportivnaya” was opened on the 15th of September 1997. Was named due to the proximity of two major sports objects- the

Ground floor station. There are no rails!
Ground floor station. There are no rails!

stadium “Petrovskiy” and the Palace of Sports “Yubileiniy.” This is the only two-storied station with four ways in the former Soviet Union. Trains of one line come to different floors. The second way of each floor is still empty (there are even no rails). In the future it will be an interchange node (as far as I know, I may be mistaken).

The second feature of ” Sportivnaya ” the part of the station lies under the Neva River. In the future, there will be the second exit from the station (it will be extended from the lower hall to Vasilevsky Island).

Architecture and design

“Sportivnaya” -architecture of station continues the tradition of the first phase of the metro, representing a synthesis of monumental painting, sculpture and architecture.sportivnaya2

The lobby is decorated in a sports theme. There is a mosaic “Olympic flame” located above an inclined course, it echoes the compositional medallions on the walls. Mosaics are supplemented by “Greek” lamps thatsportivnaya4 illuminate the ceiling asportivnaya5bove the escalators.

In the end wall of the upper tier station there are seen the lyrics “Ode to Sport” by Pierre de Coubertin, every line of this work begins with the words “Oh sport, you are …” and ends with the words “pleasure”, “architect”, “justice”, “challenge” “nobility”, “joy”, “fruitfulness”, sportivnaya6“progress”, “peace.” There are also the inserts on the track walls of the lower tier, reflecting the Olympic theme of antiquity.

There is one more mosaic panel on the ground floor of station.mosaics4


“Admiralteyskaya” – is the 65th St. Petersburg subway station. Located between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Sportivnaya”. Was opened on the 28th of December 2011. During navigation time it was one of two stations open at night for the passage of passengers from one central island to another.

Land constructions

The lobby is decorated in a style that echoes the design of underground station. The walls of the lobby are lined with “Gazgan” marble. Ceiling, based on a series of massive black fluted columns, is decorated with illuminated composition “wind rose”, oriented on parts of the world; the inclined course of escalators is decorated above with the mosaic panel “Admiralty”.

Underground constructions

Decoration of the station is devoted to the sea theme. The floors are paved with gray and red granite, with three inlaid wind roses fringed by golden navy chevron made of granite “ochre” tone. The track walls are lined with blue-gray marble. admiralteyskaya-stationDoors on track walls are decorated with lattices with anchors. The arcade of station is trimmed by marble of cream-golden tones.admiralteyskaya12Arches are supplemented with the black semi-columns made of  aluminum alloy with plinths and capitals of polished brass.

Eadmiralteyskaya18nd of the central hall of the station is decorated with mosaic “The admiralteyskaya17base of the Admiralty.” End of the pedestrian corridor between large and small sloping passages is decorated with a mosaic panel “Neva”, further you can see a set mosaic “Neptune”.admiralteyskaya16

The spaces between the columns are decorated with medallions admiralteyskaya8with bas-reliefs Russian admirals and admirals: Ushakov, Nakhimov, Makarov, Apraksin, Bellingshausen and Grigorovich.

Additional information:
  • “Admiralteyskaya” is the nearest station to the following squares: Palace, St. Isaac’s and Senate.
  • This is the deepest Petersburg subway station (86 m), earlier it was ” Komendantsky Prospect” (75 m). Also it is the deepest subway station in Russia.
  • At the time of opening of the station it was the third deepest in the CIS, after the station “Arsenalnaya” and “Pecherskaya” in Kiev.
  • The station could become the 500th in the CIS, if it was opened 2 days earlier. But the Kiev station “Vystavochniy center” was the 500th (and 50th metro station in Kiev) and ” Admiralteyskaya” became the 501th.


“Zvenigorodskaya”station  is called so due to its location on Zvenigorodskaya street named for the city of Zvenigorod. It is located between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Obvodniy Сanal”.

Decoration of the station is devoted to Semenovsk Infantry MosaicsRegiment of the Guards- earlier on the site of station hall there were the caserns, where soldiers and commanders used to live. Major artistic decoration materials that were applied at the station were smalt and gold. There is a mosaic panel  at the station made of  smalt with the image of the very first soldiers of Peter the Great, executed in workshop of  Russian academy of Arts.

M1There is transition to the 1st line, “Pushkinskaya” station.

Obvodny Canal

“Obvodny Canal”  is the 64th St. Petersburg subway station. It is located between the stations “Zvenigorodskaya” and “Volkovskaya.”obvodniy

Underground hall is performed in the industrial architecture style. The track walls are decorated with glass-ceramic panels with the view of Obvodniy channel – it is showing the sights of the end of XIX century.obvodniy canal On one side of the platform there is a right bank of the embankment, on the other – the left. The total length of the comobvodniy canal2position is 360 meters. After opening of the station, passengers noticed the discrepancy in the design of the panel and it was slightly altered.


“Volkovskaya” is a pylon station of deep location (depth is 61 m). It is located between the stations ” Obvodny Canal” and “Bukharestskaya”.

Taken from http://spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217
Taken from spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217

The name is explained by the location of lobby near Volkovskoye Avenue, River Volkovka, historical district Volkovo, Volkovkoe cemetery and freight railway station Volkovskaya.

Taken from http://spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217
Taken from http://spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217

The walls of the stationare of  lilac color (the color of the 5th line), granite floor is gray with black and white tracks.

The station is adorned with two artistic and decorative panels made of marble of various colors in the art of Florentine mosaic (the one that is located next to the escalator, is called “Volkovo village”).

Taken from http://spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217
Taken from spb-metro.livejournal.com/52721.html?thread=639217
Additional information:

That is the first station in St. Petersburg subway, where all information signs and labels are duplicated in English (for the convenience of tourists).


“Bukharestskaya” is the 66th St. Petersburg subway station, located between stations “Volkovskaya” and “Mezhdynarodnaya”. “Bukharestskaya” is a pylon station of deep location.

The walls of the lobby are partially covered with gray marble; ceiling is based on two rows of columns of the original form, decorated with red marble. The space above the escalator is decorated by mosaic panel with a stylized image of the Romanian landscape.byharestskaya2

The central hall of the station is illuminated by a group of chandeliers of original form.  Along the eaves of the station there runs a frieze with variegated yellow floral pattern mosaic.byharestskaya

Additional information:

There is a tit hidden in one of the striking mosaic strips in the central hall of the station.

Taken from https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C1%F3%F5%E0%F0%E5%F1%F2%F1%EA%E0%FF_(%F1%F2%E0%ED%F6%E8%FF_%EC%E5%F2%F0%EE)#mediaviewer/File:Metro_SPB_Line5_Bukharestskaya_a_parus.jpg
Taken from ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C1%F3%F5%E0%F0%E5%F1%F2%F1%EA%E0%FF_(%F1%F2%E0%ED%F6%E8%FF_%EC%E5%F2%F0%EE)#mediaviewer/File:Metro_SPB_Line5_Bukharestskaya_a_parus.jpg


“Mezhdynarodnaya” is a column – wall station of deep location. It is the 67th in St. Petersburg subway, the terminal station of the 5th line, located behind the station “Bukharestskaya”.mezhdynarodnaya

The station is named due to its location in the area where the names of many streets which are assigned after cities and public figures in Eastern Europe, that were part of the Warsaw Pact and Finland. For instance, Bucharestskaya, Budapeshtskaya, Turku and others.mezhdynarodnaya2mezhdynarodnaya3

Floor is trimmed with gray granite, columns are covered with golden brass sheets with railings of the same color. Southern end of the central nave is decorated with mosaic panel depicting Atlanta, holding the Earth. To the left of the panel there is a place for a future transition to the station of a circle line.mezhdynarodnaya4

Additional information:

The original panel with Atlas was changed: the part of the cloth was prolonged, covering some parts of the Atlas body as the initial image was considered to be unacceptable.

Please, check out the article about special stations that differ from others.

Petersburg subway. The 1-st line

The first 8 stations are officially listed in the state register of cultural heritage objects of regional significance. The stations are listed below according to the  advised order of viewing.

  1. Avtovo
  2. Kirovskiy zavod
  3. Narvskaya
  4. Baltiyskaya
  5. Technologeskiy Institute
  6. Pushkinskaya
  7. Vladimirskaya
  8. Ploshad’ Vosstaniya


“Avtovo” is located between the stations “”Leninsky Prospekt” and “Kirovskiy zavod “. The station was named due to the location in historic place called Avtovo.

Unbelievable subway station, mentioned in the list of regional heritage.
Unbelievable subway station, mentioned in the list of regional heritage.

It is famous  for its columns with decorative glass, a special cut of which, thanks to the refraction of the light beam, creates an unusual glow effect  of columns from inside.

The station was opened on the 15th of November1955 year as a part of the initial line of the subway “Avtovo” – “Ploshad Vosstaniya”, and  the first train that arrived to Leningrad subway came there.

Land constructions old-postcard-with-avtovo

Pavilion of station is decorated by twin six-columned portico and a dome.

The base of the dome has the following words: “Glory for centuries to brave defenders of Leningrad, who defend the city-hero in the battles”. The facades of pavilion are decorated by panels “Defense of Petrograd in 1919″ and “the defense of Leningrad in 1941-1943.”

There is also a panel “Defenders of Leningrad” in pavilion .

Underground constructions

“Avtovo” – Shallow column station, so-called “Moscow style” (the depth is just 12 m). It was the first shallow station in the line.

The defense of Leningrad is also a theme of underground part of Mosaics-avtovo-stationstation. Chandeliers, lamps, ornaments of lattices are decorated with laurel branches, gilded swords and other emblems of military valor. The face wall of the central underground hall is decorated by the mosaic panel “Victory”, depicting a woman with a baby, symbolizing peace.

Flat ceiling of the hall is held by 46 columns. Not all columnAvtovo with a trains are round: there are two square columns at the entrance to the station. 30 columns  are lined with marble, and 16 – with decorative plates of molded glass with a reflux relief (due to lack of funds not all the The glass of Avtovo stationcolumns were covered with glass). For prevention of cracking of glass at an immersion of concrete columns supporting structures, glass panels were fixed by a decorative metal strip wrapped around the column. The internal surface of glass panels had a cut relief, with a corner of sides of 80 degrees. Due to such a cutting the optical effect is created — light is reflected from sides before it reaches concrete, and transparent glass ceases to shine through. Therefore support structures are not visible under the glass and all columns appear to be glass monoliths.

Achieving that effect was quite difficult, since the faces had to be placed at a certain angle (80 degrees). Big help in creation of such a station was given by scientists, especially the famous connoisseur of art glass, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences N.N. Katchalov. The board of Avtovo

The station still keeps the board, which shows whether the train goes farther or leaves the depot.

 Features of the station:
  • Glass has long been used as a cladding material, but it was used for the first time for decoration of the subway station.
  • “Avtovo” became the first station of the Leningrad underground without escalators.To the top

Kirovskiy zavod

“Kirovskiy zavod” is a deep column station of St. Petersburg subway. Located between the stations “Narvskaya” and “Avtovo.”

The station was opened on the 15th of November1955 year as a part of the initial line of the subway “Avtovo” – “Ploshad Vosstaniya”. It was named due to the proximity of the territory of Kirov factory.

Land constructionsKirovsky-zavod-2

The pavilion is made in the typical for that time classic style, its shape is resembling an ancient Greek temple, which has a wide granite staircase. The rectangle of the building is formed by 44 Doric columns with flutes.

Underground constructions

Theme of station – the development of socialist industry.

Underground station hall is lined with smokirovsky-zavodky-gray Caucasian marble. 31 pairs of columns arranged in two long rows and connected  by flat arches, organize prospect of stati ons. The top of each column is decorated with cast aluminum with high- relikirovsky-zavod4efs with industrial emblems. Chasing and partial polishing of high-reliefs make impression of silver appearance. 32 pairs of cartouches (the first from an entrance on station is eskirovsky-zavod5tablished on the edge of a wall) are devoted to four bases of the heavy industry: electrification, coal, oil and metallurgical industry. Under high-reliefs it was planned to post marble boards with letters of Leningrad residents to “the father of nations” Stalin.


For the first time in the history of St. Petersburg subway they used “luverly lighting” for decoration of an underground station. The grummet represents the pass-through lattice consisting of strips of organic glass. Thekirovsky-zavod1re are the lamps of “daylight” behind it at a certain distance, and the light passing through square openings of a lattice, creates smooth, calm lighting. The soft, diffused light streams from above, from the square light plafonds which are cut through in a ceiling. That creates the illusion that there is an open sky above, behind the arches. kirovsky-zavod7kirovsky-zavod6

The ceiling of the central hall is decorated with a stucco molding. It has the letter “K” surrounded by wreaths of leaves and a star. In 2005 Lenin’s bust was opened after long restoration and placed kirovsky-zavod3at a face wall of the central hall.  There is “path” to the bust made of claret granite with the black-and-white edging conducts.

The station also has a door with the of opening the line-1955.To the top


” Narvskaya” is a deep pylon station of Petersburg subway. It is located between the stations “Baltiyskaya” and “Kirovskiy Zavod”.

The station was opened on the 15th of November 1955 as part of the initial line of the subway “Avtovo” – ” Ploshad Vosstaniya.” It was named due to the location in the historic district of Narva Gate. The pavilion is located on the Stachek (Strikes) Square (Narva are in the past) where the Narva Triumphal Gate stands.

Land constructions

Over the course of escalator there is an installed panel “Glory to labor!”. The group of workers, military, women and children that gathered for a rally on Lenin square looks into the empty center of high-relief. Most likely, the original figure in the center had to be Stalin.

Underground constructions

Theme of station – labor valor of the Soviet people. Station

On a face wall of the central underground hall originally there was a big mosaic panel “Stalin on a Tribune”. In 1961, after the XXII Congress of the CPSU, the panel was closed by a marble trim wall. In the fenced off area  there was hosted a conference room, later it was converted into linear point of drivers of “Avtovo” depot, which is still there. This mosaic was not exposed in the museum of Subway and with a lack of information no one knows if the panel still exists.

The side walls of the pylons of the central undergroundnarvskaya3 hall are decorated with high-relief depicting people of different occupations (48 panels with 12 recurring theme):

    1. “Artists';
    2. “Farmers”;
    3. “Shipbuilders”;
    4. “Students”;narvskaya5
    5. “Selectors”;
    6. “Subway-builders”;
    7. “The Weavers”;
    8. “Casters”;
    9. “Sailors”;
    10. “Doctors”;
    11. “The Soviet soldiers”;
    12. “Builders”.

To the top


 ” Baltiyskaya ” is a deep column station of St. Petersburg subway. It is located between the stations “Narvskaya” and “Technologeskiy Institute”. The station was  opened on the 15th of November 1955 as part of the initial line of the subway “Avtovo” – ” Ploshad Vosstaniya”. The name derives from the proximity to the train station. Baltiyskaya – is a station of two train stations. The  ground lobby hall is located near the Baltic station, and Warsaw railway station is not far away.

Land constructions

Between the columns of the portico ground pavilion, in a niche behind a colonnade above the doorways there are five bas-reliefs of outstanding Russian naval commanders:

  • Portrait of Admiral Ushakov.
  • Portrait of Admiral Lazarev.
  • Portrait of Admiral VA Kornilov.
  • Portrait of Admiral Nakhimov.
  • Portrait of Admiral Makarov.

Later I will make a page about all these people (track the news!)To the top

 Underground constructions

The decoration of the station shows power and glory of the Soviet Union as a great naval country. There is an illusion of marine space, which is created by gray-blue walls lined by Ural marbBaltiyskayale. Impression is reinforced when looking at the ceiling. The walls are swollen like a sail. No chandeliers or lamps are seen, light pours out of the eaves from 1200 hidden lamps.

The  props of arches are decorated by semi-columns. Ribbed vault ceiling is bordered by two zigzag blue ribbons, associated with swollen sail. On the door track walls there are installed decorative lattice, with images of the anchor.  baltiyskaya-mosaics

End wall of the central hall is decorated with mosaic underground “1917”, made by the sketch artists in Florentine mosaic technique – drawing was gathered from large pieces of marble and color stones. On the panels you can see the revolutionary sailors of the Baltic Sea, together with the workers and soldiers going to storm the Winter Palace and a silhouette of the cruiser “Aurora” on a background .

Features of the station:

Prior to the opening line they wanted to portray Stalin surrounded by seamen-Baltic Fleet sailors, but the project was abolished. Also the architects wanted to put a map of the area with the purpose of showing the part of the Baltic Sea in Leningrad, that was not implemented, too.To the top

Technologeskiy Institute

Description of station:

“Technological Institute” –was the first in the USSR (and the only in St. Petersburg) station with rewiring (commutating) ways: the trains of the two lines come in one room, for an interchange of lines the passanger should cross the platform to another side. For going in the opposite direction the passenger needs to go to another hall (you can see the examples of interchanging there).

The station is located between the stations “Baltiyskaya” and “Pushkinskaya”, as well as the 2nd line between the stations “Sennaya Ploshad’” and “Frunzenskaya”. This is the biggest station of the initial subway line. M2 M1

The station consists of two halls, the first of which was opened in the 15th of November 1955 as part of the first subway line “Avtovo” – “Ploshad’ Vosstaniya.” It was named due to the location of ground lobby is located in the vicinity of the Institute of Technology. The Office of St. Petersburg Underground is located in the same building.

 The first hall

The main material used for the decoration of the station was ural marble. Technogichesky_Institut

Initially, in the central space of platform hall, between the columns (in the “round room”), the walls were decorated with medallions of “luminaries of science” – Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. During the transition  construction the bas-reliefs of Friedrich Engels and Joseph Stalin were taken away  (now they are displayed  in the St. Petersburg Museum of subway) and two others  (of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin) remained there. Besides being decorated by the bas-reliefs, the station is ornamented with wreaths of laurel and palm branches which are considered to be symbols of science. In the center of the arch of the round hall there is a small multicolored stained glass window simulating the surface. The columns of the underground hall  have 24 bas-reliefs of outstanding  Russian and Soviet scientists.

The main theme of design is the achievements of Russian and Soviet science.

Here is a list of the most world-famous persons depicted in the bas-reliefs:

  • Michurin (1855-1935) – biologist
  • Bekhterev (1857-1927) – physician
  • Timiryazev (1843-1920) – scientist
  • Mechnikov (1845-1916) – biologist
  • Popov (1859-1905) – physicist
  • Yablochkov (1847-1894) – Electrical engineer
  • Maclay (1846-1888) – the ethnographer
  • Pirogov (1810-1881) – surgeon
  • Lobachevsky (1792-1856) – mathematician
  • Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765) – the first Russian scientist naturalist of world importance, the poet.
  • Przhevalsky (1839-1888) – Russian traveler and naturalist.
  • Kovalevskaya (1850-1891) – Russian mathematician and engineer.
  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) – Russian scientist theorist and researcher, founder of modern astronautics.
  • Mendeleev (1834-1907) – an outstanding Russian chemist.

When constructing transitions, along with reliefs Engels and Stalin, the following bas-reliefs were removed:

  • Favorsky (1860-1945) – Russian and Soviet chemist.
  • A.N.Krylov (1863-1945) – Russian and Soviet naval.

 P.s. Later I will make a page about all these people (track the news!)

 Second hall

The second hall in contrary to the first, has a simple, functional style (it was built in the years of lack of excesses). The platforms of stations are decorated simply, with marble walls of the pylons and the track walls – black and white tile with a strip of gray granite on the top.

The photo is taken from http://vadimboyarkin.ru/Metro/?id=4&idc=4. I recomend you to have a look at all the photos on that website!
The photo is taken from http://vadimboyarkin.ru/Metro/?id=4&idc=4. I recomend you to have a look at all the photos on that website!

Marble pylons are decorated with chronological inscriptions on the achievements of Soviet science and technology. The Chronicle is conducted from 1920 to 1979.

The list of accomplishments published on the station (I’ve added world famous ones)

  • 1934: The Soviet scientists first developed the theory of chain reactions.
  • 1937: There was first Soviet drifting station in the Arctic.
  • 1938: Exploration of the Great Northern Sea Route
  • 1953: High-speed electronic computers were created in the Soviet Union.
  • 1954: The first-ever nuclear power plant gave current.
  • 1955: jet passenger planes were created in the USSR.
  • 1957: Soviet Union launched the world’s first artificial earth satellite.
  • 1958: In the USSR the world’s largest synchrophasotron became operational. The first Soviet automatic factory was also built.
  • 1959: The Soviet space rocket reached the surface of the moon. the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin” was built. Soviet missil photographed an invisible side of the Moon.
  • 1960: In the USSR, the world’s first artificial diamonds were produced. The invention and the beginning of the technical development of optical quantum generators lasers. The first ships with hydrofoils were created In the USSR.
  • 1961: Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made a space flight In the 12th of April for the first time in the world.
  • 1965: Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made the first spacewalk ever.
  • 1969: the world’s first set of continuous steel casting was created and developed In the USSR.
  • 1970: For the first time in the history a Soviet self-propelled vehicle “Lunokhod-1″ was delivered to the moon. For the first time in the history the Soviet automatic station brought back to Earth the lunar soil.
  • 1971: The launch of the first Soviet scientific long-term orbital station “Salyut”.
  • 1977: The Soviet nuclear-powered icebreaker “Arktika” for the first time in the history of navigation reached the North Pole.To the top


“Pushkinskaya” – St. Petersburg metro station. It is situated  between the stations “Technologicheskiy Institute ” and “Vladimirskaya”.

It was named due to the proximity of the Vitebsky station (ex. Tsarskoye Selo), that was connecting St. Petersburg with city of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo), where the famous poet Aleksandr Pushkin lived and studied in the Lyceum from 1811 to 1817  (later Pushkin lived in Tsarskoye Selo in 1831). Originally the  clearance of a  station was planned to be devoted to  the construction of the Tsarskoye Selo Railway, the first in Russia In the final project the subject changed — the station became entirely devoted to the great Russian poet, and now it is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Petersburg subway.


On December 1, 2013 the station lobby Pushkinskaya-zvenigorodskayawas closed for repairs for a major overhaul of the oblique stroke and-swap escalators. For an entrance and exit of the station passengers should use a lobby of the 5th line station Zvenigorodskaya that is connected with “Pushkinskaya” by an interchange pedestrian tunnels. Opening of a Pushkinskaya station lobby after repair is planned on 30th of June 2015 year (keep track on the news).

Land constructions

The lobby includes:

  • The central circular room, the ceiling of which is decorated with a stucco molding.
  • There is a square hall, separated from the central circular hall big arch, located above the escalator rise. Above an inclined course There is a bas-relief medallion with a profile image of Pushkin on the wall of that hall.
Underground constructions pushkinskaya

Pylons are faced with white marble,  floor is lined with dark red granite. On the edge of the red granite there is a tiled pattern of black and white stone. The station is illuminated by black metal light fixtures with crystal bowls which are standing in the niches. Lamps are decorated with gilded stylized shields, spears and other finishing details.

At the end face of the central underground hall there is a statue of Pushkin made by Anikushin (the author of Pushkin monument placed on the Arts Square). Behind the statue there  is a panel of artist M. Engelke representing a part  of “Tsarskoye Selo” park. The panel is illuminated from below by fluorescent lamps. Thanks to soft, matte colors, illumination and an arrangement of separate parts of composition everyone has the feeling of standing not at the end of the station, but in front of attractive park.

The floor of passes on platforms is laid out by granite with the simple tile of light color around it. pushkinskaya-2

On the track walls of platforms there are seen tiles of two colors: the bottom – black, top – white; there are also the doors with decorative lattices marked as “1955” (the station was opened in 1956, but for the stations of the first line the same lattices were made in advance). Platforms are lit with small graceful chandeliers. Two chandeliers were removed from a ceiling over the platform in a place of underpass to “Zvenigorodskaya” station and put in underpass.To the top

Features of the station:
  • The station is considered to be the first memorial in the underground of the USSR. The first underground monument was installed here. Besides, this monument — not the only monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg subway (the second monument is located at the station “Chernaya Rechka”).
  • The length of “Pushkinskaya” – “Technologicheskiy institute” haul is about 780 meters. This is one of the shortest spans in St. Petersburg subway.
  • This is the only St. Petersburg subway station, which is not connected to the train station building that is located nearby. To get to Vitebskiy train station, you need to get out of the station hall (when it is open).
Transfer to another line

M5The station is an interchange node to trains of the 5th line (the station “Zvenigorodskaya”).


 Vladimirskaya is the station of pylon type. It is situated between the stations “Pushkinskaya” and ” Ploshad Vosstaniya”. The station was opened November 15, 1955 as part of the first subway line “Avtovo” – “Ploshad Vosstaniya”. The name is explained by Vladimirskaya Square and Vladimirsky Avenue located nearby.


 All underground hall is revetted with white Ural marble, harmonizes well with bronze decoration items. The dark granite floor and massive chandeliers contrast with a white smooth surface of walls. The track walls are also covered with marble.

Station lobby faced with golden-yellow marble. The bPlenitude-mosaicsuilding of a ground entrance closely adjoins walls of the Kuznetchniy market, that defined the subject of a bright mosaic panel “Plenitude”.

Features of the station:
  • The length of haul “Vladimirskaya” – “Ploshad’ Vosstaniya” is 720 meters. This is the shortest stage in Petersburg subway.
  • In 1991 for creating a transfer to another line the central hall was extended a little due to wrecking of the service premises occupying earlier part of lateral halls of station. As a result of reconstruction end faces of lateral halls look is absolutely unlike the main part of station: the main part of station is revetted with marble and lit with lamps with a yellowish range, and end faces of platforms are painted in a simple way and lit with luminescent tubes.
Transfer to another line

M4The station is an interchange node to trains of the 4th line (station “Dostoevsky”).To the top

 Ploshad’ Vosstaniya

Ploshad Vosstaniya – station of pylon type, was opened November 15, 1955 as part of the first subway line “Avtovo” – “Ploshad Vosstaniya”. It was named due to the location – the Uprising Square (in Russian “Площадь Восстания”).

Due to the fact that the first stations were planned to have  separate lobbies with domes, the appearance of the lobbyPloshad Vosstaniya of this station  resembles a temple (by the way, earlier there was Znamenskaya Church (of the Sign) located on the site of the vestibule, and the square was also known as Znamenskaya  (of the Sign). Later it was renamed Uprising Square in honor of the revolt of 1917). The building, which is considered to be one of the symbols of St. Petersburg subway has a rotunda with a spire that was crowned with a star in a laurel wreath since the construction. A month before the opening of a monument to the Uprising Square, also crowned by a star, a star on the steeple of the metro station was replaced by the letter “M” (meaning , “Metro”). Later, the letter disappeared.

Central Hall

The theme of underground hall – October armed Uprising in 1917.Central hall of Ploshad Vosstaniya

On the pylons of the central underground hall in interchange between the escalator and exit to the Moscow Railway Station there are four bas-reliefs:

  • “Speech of Lenin at the Tauride Palace”. Sculptor A.I. Dalinenko (contains the only remaining image of Stalin in St. PetDSC00167ersburg)
  • “V. Lenin at the shelter at Sestroretzkiy Razliv (the lake) “. Sculptor V.B. Pinchuk
  • “Shot of “Aurora””. Sculptor A. Razumovsky
  • “Storming of the Winter Palace”. Sculptor V.I. Tatarovich

 DSC00171 DSC00172DSC00168

The  platforms

The track walls are decorated with the same red maLooks greatrble and decorative plaster cornices, like the rest part of the station. In the lower part of the walls there is the black strip of tiles, the same as in the rest of the first stations of the line. On the doors of the track walls there were decorative lattice with the number “1955” (the year of opening the station). You will see the photo reading about another station. Ploshad Vosstaniya The platforms are illuminated by richly decorated chandeliers, which are covered by Soviet symbols: hammer and sickle, and five-pointed stars.

Features of the station:
  • The length of haul “Vladimirskaya” – “Ploshad’ Vosstaniya” is 720 meters. This is the shortest stage in Petersburg subway.
  • Ploshad’ Vosstaniya is the St. Petersburg’s first station with two exits. The second ground lobby is built in the building of the Moscow station (which is very convenient – if you are going to the station by subway, you can go underground practically to the entrance of the station. You can read more about changing the lines). So, if you Stairs to the exitare going to the part of the station where you see the elevator – that is an exit to Ploshad Vosstaniya Square and Nevsky prospect, if you are going to the stairs – there you will find the exit to Ligovskiy prospect, Moscow Station, a big shopping mall Galeria. See it on the map below.


Transfer to another line

M3The station is an interchange hub to trains of the green line to the station “Mayakovskaya”. I advise you to have a look at this station by using the transfer escalator in the center of the hall (you can read more about the station in the article of the 3rd line of the subway) To the top

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