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The mission of the website Glad-to-meet-you.com is to motivate people to visit St. Petersburg, to make the necessary information known by locals available for the foreign guests of the city, to interest tourists by accurate and worth reading information about current and upcoming events. 

Agreement on website use

1. These rules define the conditions of access and use of information and other materials published on the website www.glad-to-meet-you.com (further – the Site). 
2. Under information and other materials for the purpose of these rules shall mean any information, messages, data, regardless of its format reference to results of intellectual activity, including but not limited, such as: articles, texts, headlines, images, video, soundtracks, illustrations, and also design of the Site (hereinafter – Materials). 
3. The owner of Materials, , i.e. the person who has independently created Materials or acquired on the lawful bases the right to resolve or limit access and use of the Materials published on the Website, is Yulia S (hereinafter – the Right Holder). 
4. These rules shall apply to all persons visiting and / or using the Site (hereinafter – Users). 
1. Users are entitled to free search and access to site content. Reproduction, distribution, transmission, display, translation and other possible ways of use of the Materials posted on the Website, are allowed to the Users in the following cases: 
1.1 Based on a contract or other agreement with Right Holder in writing; 
1.2. Individuals, without the consent of the Right Holder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory reference to the original source materials, provided that such use is made by an individual for personal purposes (without benefiting), including the use on the Internet (blogs on various pages, etc.); 
1.3. Individuals and legal entities, without the consent of the owner and without payment of remuneration, but with the mandatory compliance with the conditions set forth in Section 3 of these rules, in the form of: 
• citing text materials for scientific, debate, critical and other information purposes in an amount not exceeding 30% of the original text; 
• use of text or parts thereof in publications, radio and television broadcasts or sound or visual recordings of educational character in an amount not exceeding 30% of the starting material; 
• reproduction of any text or parts thereof by bringing to the public via the Internet, so that anyone can access from any place and at any time of their choice – in an amount not exceeding 300 characters (without gaps). 
• Any use of photos and / or graphics on this Website should be carried out with the approval of the Right Holder of such material. 
2. Reproduction in print, on air or cable, including through the RSS distribution, as well as making Materials or their parts available for public in the amount greater than required by paragraph 2.1.3 of this section without the consent of the Right Holder is prohibited. 
3. Materials which are specified that their source or the owner is other than the Right Holder of the Site, are used on the bases provided by the present section, taking into account requirements of the person referred to as the source or owner of the information.
1. Use of Materials by Users is allowed only according to these rules.
2. When using the Materials User it is obliged to make a reference to the Owner as to a source of Materials as follows: 
• When using the text Material on any physical carrier (paper, film, etc.), in each case, write the following “Source: www.glad-to-meet-you.com“; 
• when using Materials in electronic form (an Internet site, the electronic file, etc.), in each case of use to insert an active hyperlink to the main page of a Site www.glad-to-meet-you.com and to the page of placement of the corresponding Material;
• when using Materials during radio, television, video to mention www.glad-to-meet-you.com
3. Using materials from secondary sources, in which there is reference to the Right Holder as a source of materials is possible only with reference to the Right Holder, made in accordance with paragraph 3.2 of this section. 
4. Links or the hyperlinks provided by the present section, have to be located:
• When using the text Materials – at the beginning of the information used; 
• When using graphic Materials – directly under the materials used. 
5. Text material can be abbreviated for a use, but only to the extent that it does not distort its meaning. 
6. Any other processing of Materials at their use isn’t allowed without permission. 
All materials posted on the site, or created by the author (Yulia S), or taken with the consent of the copyright holder (if co-consent for the use of materials required), or taken from the open (public) sources using the active hyperlink to the information source. 
If you are the copyright owner and the link to your material is published on this website against your will, please, contact the author of a site by mail www.gladtomeetyou@gmail.com.
The author of a Site www.glad-to-meet-you.com does everything possible to keep the information on the Site corresponding to reality. However, the author does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of information contained on the Site, is not responsible for any inaccuracies, possible mistakes or other deficiencies of the information posted, for its inopportuneness, and also doesn’t guarantee continuous work of the Site. 
The author of a site doesn’t bear responsibility for any adverse consequences as well as for any damages caused due to access restrictions, or /and use of the information published on the Website, including but not limited to damages for loss of data or profit as well as for damages caused by viruses, causing damage to the computer equipment. 
Under no circumstances and conditions responsible for the consequences that directly or indirectly led to the use of the information or links contained on this website cannot be attributed to the Author’s website and be the basis for their prosecution. 
The author of a site follows provisions of the applicable legislation on protection of personal information. Any information provided by you when using this website relating to personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) will not be given to the 3rd parties (it is a question of use of “donation” button of Paypal). 

The creator of the website (Yulia S) reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time. 

If you agree with these terms, you can start viewing the materials. Otherwise it is recommended to leave immediately a site and look for information on other Internet resources.

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