Top 16 subway stations

There you can see a number of stations that differ from others by their beauty and meaning. If you are limited in time, you are highly recommended to see the earliest stations of the 1st line – they are marked by the sign *.

  1. Автово*
  2. Адмиралтейская
  3. Балтийская*
  4. Владимирская*
  5. Волковская
  6. Звенигородская
  7. Крестовский остров
  8. Кировский завод*
  9. Маяковская* (you should see at least one station -“horizontal lift”)
  10. Нарвская*
  11. Обводный канал
  12. Площадь Александра Невского
  13. Площадь Восстания*
  14. Пушкинская* (I would also recomend to see the railway station. Unfortunately, right now the exit from this station is currently closed)
  15. Спортивная
  16. Технологический институт* (try to see two halls of the station, if you have time).

If you want to know, what to expect from the stations, follow the active links.

In order to keep the track of these stations, you can print the map of subway.

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