Subway tour

There you will learn more about subway not as a mean of transport but as a great attraction for citizens and the foreigners.

  1. Some basic info about the subway, lines, peculiarities
  2. A recommended tourist route
  3. Top 16 stations to visit and to capture on the photos
  4. The must-see stations of the 1st line
  5. The must-see stations of the 2st, 3rd and 4th lines
  6. The must-see stations of the 5st line
  7. Special stations. Nota Bene

To get inspired, please, have a look at the photos below. I hope you have a great time exploring amazing underground of an incredible city.

mosaics of Sportivnaya station Avtovo station and a train avtovo-stationStation

Unusual stations of St. Petersburg subway

May be you have already noticed while reading about the subway lines of St. Petersburg that some of the subway stations differ from others. It seems rational for me to notify about critical features of some stations, so your subway ride will be full of joy. Check the map of the subway there, note the stations, if […]

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Interesting stations of the 5th subway line

The 5th subway line Komendantsky Prospect “Komendantsky Prospect” is a column-wall station of deep foundation. The station is the last in the line. One of the deepest stations in the St. Petersburg subway. For the first time in the history of the St. Petersburg metro they used cermet plates for the walls and ceiling of the station […]

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Interesting stations of the 2st, 3rd and 4th subway lines

The 2nd subway line The second line of the St. Petersburg metro  was opened in 1961. Concerning  architectural beauty, the second line of the subway has nothing outstanding to show. Most of its stations was built in Khrushchev’s time to reduce the cost of construction and architectural expenses, so typical plan  of those stations  was […]

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Petersburg subway. The 1-st line

The first 8 stations are officially listed in the state register of cultural heritage objects of regional significance. The stations are listed below according to the  advised order of viewing. Avtovo Kirovskiy zavod Narvskaya Baltiyskaya Technologeskiy Institute Pushkinskaya Vladimirskaya Ploshad’ Vosstaniya Avtovo “Avtovo” is located between the stations “”Leninsky Prospekt” and “Kirovskiy zavod “. The station […]

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Top 16 subway stations

There you can see a number of stations that differ from others by their beauty and meaning. If you are limited in time, you are highly recommended to see the earliest stations of the 1st line – they are marked by the sign *. Автово* Адмиралтейская Балтийская* Владимирская* Волковская Звенигородская Крестовский остров Кировский завод* Маяковская* (you should […]

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St. Petersburg. Basic info about the subway, lines, peculiarities

Description and peculiarities of subway and the underground stations of St Petersburg It is the most northern subway in Russia. It’s most northern station is – Parnas (Парнас), the most western- Primorskaya (Приморская). St. Petersburg has the deepest subway in the world. It’s average depth is 57 meters. Admiralteyskaya station is the deepest station in […]

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Subway. A recommended tourist route

If you are thinking about subway of St. Petersburg only as a mean of transport, you are a little bit wrong – that the space is created to be a true work of art that could show the beauty and greatness of the country. Going from station to station you can see marble of different […]

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The ways to pay for the subway ride

The types of subway passes Refilling the card/ buying the token             It is possible to ride the subway in two ways: using the tokens or putting a contactless smart card to a turnstile. The tokens are good for infrequent travel in the subway, and also for night travel (according […]

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