St. Petersburg: the reasons to visit

      Saint-Petersburg – the young city with a rather large history and a mix of intriguing names: Venice of the North, the city of the white nights, the cultural capital, the city of three revolutions, the most European city of Russia and even “the window to Europe” (the original version of such a name was in French: “Pétersbourg est la fenêtre, par laquelle la Russie regarde en Europe”)! All names can be explained: the city is like a book made of stone, where moving to any new site can be compared to turning the interesting page.

St. Petersburg is the city which is famous for:

the white nights, drawbridges, the Bronze Horseman, the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theater of Opera and Ballet, Nevsky Avenue, the churches and cathedrals astonishing with their beauty and magnificence.
This is the city which raised and inspired world famous politicians, artists, writers, musicians, the city that can be described with the epithets “the most” and “the best”.

Advantages of the trip:

  • You will understand not only the Russian culture, but also European culture;
  • You will feel Russian hospitality;
  • You will feel as a tsar or an emperor while visiting the marvelous apartments of Russian royal family;
  • You will definitely have a lot of memories and photos!
  • You will be envied by those who have never been to the Hermitage, haven’t seen the Amber room in Pushkin, haven’t explored the happy routes around the city and done the magic actions for total happiness and wealth, haven’t gotten acquainted with griffins, lions and other fantastic creatures, who have never tried the Russian caviar in the country of it’s production, haven’t said famous words “spasibo” and “na zdorovie” without any accent and haven’t heard, seen or experienced other fascinating things.

        The prepared trip to this remarkable city will remain in your memories for a long time if you read the information on the website. Read the information about Russian visas and peculiarities by traveling by train. Especially check the links of the subsections “budget trip“, “no language barriers“, “FAQ“, “easy Petersburg“. Also print the author’s useful  list of top activities in the city.

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