Wish-fulfilling people and creatures with human faces in St. Petersburg

You can see a map of these places in the end of the article.  Check it out! =)

1.Peter the Great in the Peter and Paul Fortress Petersburg-statue-of-Peter-fortress

 If you rub the knees of Peter the 1st, located in the territory of the fortress (Shemyakin is author of that unusual sculpture), the pain in your own feet will pass (although nowadays the execution of this ritual is interfered by fence that surrounds the sculpture). If you hold the little finger of an emperor, any dream will come true.

  1. Peter I – the carpenterpetersburg-Peter-carpenter

This monument is located to the right of the palace bridge. The energy of the person, who was fluent in different handicrafts  will add you mastery to your profession, will help you with career growth, and  will help for job seeking in general.

* according to contemporaries, Peter 1 could perfectly master 15 crafts: joiner, turner, painter, armorer ,blacksmith, plumber, watchmaker, typographer, shipbuilder, architect, carpenter, mechanic, cartographer, navigator, artillery.

  1. Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle Peter-the-great-bas-relief-Gangut

Directly in front of the main entrance to the Mikhailovsky (Engineer) castle there is Klenovaya Street, on which you can see a monument to Peter the 1st. You should make a wish with the help of an image on the bas-relief where a person gets into a boat (“Gangut Battle”). You should grasp the heel and make a wish. It will come true and you will become more successful, you will be able to find a way out of any, even the hopeless situation.


Also, you can see another shining bas-relief from another side of the monument. I do not know the legend, but am sure, that grasping the horseshoe can lead to happiness and luck =)

  1. Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) Mikhailovskiy-castle-Lieutenant-Kije

Figure of Lieutenant Kizhe (the character of  historic anecdotes of Paul the Ist time) is small in size, it can be missed by an uninformed person. It is installed at the bottom of the main facade of the Mikhailovsky Castle in a small niche.

Lieutenant Kizhe will bring you luck, if you manage to throw the coin to him.

  1. Photographer with a Bulldog  magic-photographer-on-Malaya-Sadovaya-street

Sculptural group in the street Small Garden depicts the famous photographer of the XIX century Karl Bulla. By taking picture underneath the right hand, you can be photographed for happiness, for financial well-being you should hold the little finger of the photographer. You can find information about a dog in the section about wish-fulfilling animals.

  1. Atlantes of the Hermitage magic-atlantes-of-Hermitage

The most famous Russian Atlantes prop part of the museum overlooking the Millionnaya Street. Some claim that it is necessary to hold out the thumb of the left leg of the second Atlanta (counting from the Field of Mars), that will make the dreams come true, but it seems to me that this role is suitable for any finger of any Atlanta. It is recommended to hold the finger while making a wish.

  1. Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square magic-dustman-and-yulia-gladtomeetyou

How to get there

You should go to the right from the metro station russia-petersburg-subway-3-line“Gostiniy Dvor” (exit on Nevsky Prospect), cross the Sadovaya Street, turn onto Ostrovsky Square, pass it to the Alexandrinsky Theatre, go around Alexandrinsky Theatre from the right side. When you look to the right you will see a statue of a janitor on the diagonal away.

Historical background

The monument was erected on March 16, 2007 in front of the Housing Committee of Saint Petersburg. The figure was a collective image of the janitor of the XIX century. Face and a shape of the Russian peasant figure could show force, diligence and accuracy of people of this occupation.

At that time the responsibility of the dustman included not only cleaning the territory entrusted to him, but also following the general procedures, issuance of passports, first aid, etc. Such a wide range of duties could be explained by subordination of the dustman to the Ministry of the Interior.

The procedure of making wishes

It is believed that if you put a coin at the feet of a granite statue, it will help “to rake money with a shovel, as he has.”

  1. Ostap Bender magic-statue-of-Ostap-Bender

How to get there

At the Italian street, 4, near the restaurant “Golden Ostap”, stands a bronze Ostap (literary character of the novel “12 Chairs”)

Historical background

Monument to the great strategist Ostap Bender was set on July 25, 2000 in St. Petersburg at his “birthday” at the entrance to the restaurant “Golden Ostap”.

The sculpture represents a figure of Ostap (sculptural portrait of Ostap Bender embodies features of the actor who played him -Sergei Yursky), his left hand is resting on a chair made by Gambs, and his right hand holds a folder with collected material about subterranean millionaire A. Koreiko.

The procedure of making wishes

It is said that you should to rub his nose for execution of the planned actions! Ostap also helps in adventurous projects. Instead of grasping the nose, you can sit on a chair, if you wish.

  1. The first Lamplighter magic-first-lightman-of-petersburg

How to get there

The address is Odesskaya Street., 1. You should go there from the subway station russia-petersburg-subway-1-line“Ploshad’ Vosstaniya”, if you are going to use public ground transport or go by foot from russia-petersburg-subway-1-line“Chernishevskaya” station.

Historical background

In 1873, for the first time in the world flashlight created by inventor Alexander Lodygin was lit. Now on that exact street there is a monument to the lamplighter, who helps with money and family well-being.

The procedure of making wishes

It is believed that wealth will come to the house, if you rub his feet. Left boot should be rubbed to the growth of the “left” income, the right – to the increase of official salary.

  1. The Good Soldier Schweik petersburg-soldier-shvejk

Location: russia-petersburg-subway-2-lineKupchino subway station, Balkan area, Shopping mall “Balkan”, between buildings #5 and 6. It is several meters away from the subway exit.

I do not advise going so far away from the city center if you do not have anything to do in the area, because you will not find sculpture and architecture masterpieces there, it will be a time-waste.

The procedure of making wishes

This positive character is a symbol of good luck and good mood. Buyers of shopping center are specially coming to the sculpture in order to rub the soldier’s nose and a tin cup (it is hidden behind his back) for “good luck“.

Here is the map of all the places. You can see the routes to each particular place by clicking on the car symbol.

Map of magic statues with human faces

loading map - please wait...

Peter the Great - a carpenter (Пётр - плотник): 59.939245, 30.307551
Peter the Great in Peter&Paul fortress (Пётр 1 в Петропавловской крепости): 59.950191, 30.317861
Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) (Поручик Киже): 59.939906, 30.338332
Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle (Петр 1 у Михайловского замка ): 59.939198, 30.338531
Photographer with a Bulldog (Фотограф с бульдогом): 59.934581, 30.337436
Atlantes of the Hermitage (Атланты Эрмитажа): 59.941057, 30.317599
Ostap Bender (Остап Бендер): 59.936381, 30.333810
Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square (Памятник Дворнику на площади Островского): 59.931697, 30.335151
The first Lamplighter (Фонарщик): 59.945976, 30.387379
The Good Soldier Schweik (Бравый солдат Швейк ): 59.830389, 30.377584
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Peter the Great - a carpenter (Пётр - плотник)
Peter the Great - a carpenter
59.939244650779294, 30.307551193982363
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Peter the Great in Peter&Paul fortress (Пётр 1 в Петропавловской крепости)
59.950304308085975, 30.31630039215088
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije) (Поручик Киже)
Lieutenant Kizhe (Kije)

location 59.939905679091034, 30.33833222463727
marker icon
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Peter the Great near Mikhailovsky Castle (Петр 1 у Михайловского замка )
location 59.939198, 30.338531
marker icon
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Photographer with a Bulldog (Фотограф с бульдогом)
Location 59.934581, 30.337436
marker icon
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Atlantes of the Hermitage (Атланты Эрмитажа)
Location 59.941057, 30.317599
marker icon
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Ostap Bender (Остап Бендер)
Location 59.936381, 30.333810
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Janitor (dustman) on Ostrovsky Square (Памятник Дворнику на площади Островского)
Location 59.931697, 30.33515372313559
marker icon
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The first Lamplighter (Фонарщик)
Location 59.945976, 30.387379
59.94565964597142, 30.38735780864954
marker icon
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The Good Soldier Schweik (Бравый солдат Швейк )
Location 59.830389,  30.377584
59.82968704325725, 30.37607626989484

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The self-made code will look like this Map of magic statues with human faces made by mapsmajker

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